~WDQK / Martial Universe Chapter 1075~

*Edit* Thanks for the overwhelming response, all Proof Reader spots have been filled

We’re looking for 2~3 proof readers for WDQK/Martial Universe to catch and correct
1. typos
2. punctuation mistakes
3. inconsistencies in the story or suspected translation errors (optional)

Other Requirements:-
1. Loves WDQK/Martial Universe like us and want to do it justice as best as we can
2. Has a google drive account because that’s practically our workplace

– Honestly, there are no real perks, it’s pretty tiring, unrewarding and hard work.
– I’ll credit you on posts

If you’re interested, DM @yeow#6644 on Discord


We hope that this will help us bring better quality chapters to all our dear readers <3

~Chapter 1075~

Translated by Arron
Edited & TLCed by Law

Chapter 2/15 for the week

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