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Chapter 760: Tit for Tat  

Hundreds of Yuan Gate disciples formed an orderly formation in the air. The majestic ripple that exuded from their bodies gathered together, causing a muffled thunder to resound in the sky. It was a sight that would cause eyebrows to be raised.

Three figures stood at the very front of all the Yuan Gate disciples. The auras from these three may not be as impressive when compared to the combined presence of the hundreds of people behind them, but they were as imposing as three large mountains that stood in front of the Yuan Gate disciples. No one dared to underestimate them.

Lin Dong’s eyes had also narrowed slightly due to the appearance of these three figures. He had once met the little Lightning King, Lei Qian, amongst them. Therefore, his gaze directly looked towards the latter’s left. There he saw a handsome white clothed man that was holding a foldable fan. The fan was flapped slightly, giving him a graceful and scholarly appearance. However, the waves of powerful fluctuations seeping out from him allowed one to understand that it would be extremely foolish to treat him as a helpless scholar,

“He is the little Spirit King, Ling Zhen…” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said. Her face was somewhat solemn as she stared at the white clothed man.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. His eyes had also become quite grave. He was able to sense that this little Spirit King, Ling Zhen, seemed to be even more dangerous than Lei Qian. Yuan Gate was indeed worthy of being the strongest sect within the Eastern Xuan Region. It was possible to see this just from the gap between the disciples from the various sects.

“However, the strongest of the Yuan Gate three little kings are not these two. Instead… it is little Yuan King Yuan Cang…” Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes were a little complicated. Her voice seemed slightly hoarse when she uttered this name. It was clear that the name gave her immense pressure.

Lin Dong nodded quietly. Soon after, his eyes looked towards the spot between Lei Qian and Ling Zhen. A blue clothed man with an ordinary appearance was standing there with a smile. His appearance was not as fearsome as what Lin Dong had imagined…

However, countless gazes were gathered on the blue clothed man while he smilingly stood in front of the Yuan Gate disciples. That ability to draw attention was not any weaker than Ling Qingzhu’s.

Lin Dong glanced at the other super sects. The monsters from the various sects would have a somewhat unnatural expression when they looked at Yuan Cang. Caution flashed across their eyes. Their demeanour clearly indicated that they were extremely fearful of him.

From this scene, even Lin Dong had no choice but to admit that the Yuan Cang’s presence was indeed powerful. The leader of the three little kings lived up to his reputation…

The blue clothed Yuan Cang turned his head under the focus of those uncountable gazes in the sky. After which, he threw his gaze towards the direction where the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was located. Of course, to be specific, it was towards Ling Qingzhu, who was standing on a green lotus.

“Ha ha, this time around, it is indeed Ling Qingzhu who is leading the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. If we end up meeting in Unique Devil Region, I hope that Ling Qingzhu will hold back a little.” Yuan Cang looked at Ling Qingzhu. That face, which was not handsome but still nevertheless attractive, involuntarily broke out into a smile. After which, he gently laughed.

It must be said that this Yuan Cang was a man with great charm. Although he was not really handsome, his demeanor when he spoke caused one to appear to be bathed in the winds of spring. Without realising it, the caution within one’s heart would gradually weaken.

“Martial brother Yuan Cang is joking. Qingzhu does not have that ability.” Ling Qingzhu lowered her long eyelashes in response to Yuan Cang’s words and softly replied.
After uttering those words, Ling Qingzhu’s eyes secretly glanced towards the distance without anyone noticing. It was the direction where Lin Dong currently was.

“Qingzhu is really humble. If you go all out, even I might not be able to easily obtain victory.” Yuan Cang laughed. After which, he withdrew his eyes a little. He turned his head and looked towards the direction where the disciples from the Dao Sect were located.

The moment that Yuan Cang’s eyes looked over, Lin Dong was able to sense that the bodies of all the Dao Sect disciples behind him momentarily tense up. Even the Yuan Power within Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan’s bodies involuntarily circulated in a more hurried manner.

“Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan… ha ha, all of you can be considered to be acquaintances…” Yuan Cang smilingly looked at Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest as he spoke.

The expressions of the Wang Yan duo sunk slightly. Although Yuan Chang’s voice was gentle, they could sense the surging dark and cold bloodthirstiness beneath the surface…

Yuan Cang once again smiled after seeing the expressions of the Ying Xiaoxiao duo. His eyes eventually paused on Lin Dong, as those long eyes of his narrowed a little.

“I have heard that the champion of this Hundred Empire War has rejected the invitation of my Yuan Gate and entered Dao Sect instead. Now that I look at it, your Dao Sect had indeed managed to gain quite a lot…

Yuan Cang smiled. His voice paused for a moment before continuing, “This may be good as well… rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a snake…”

Yuan Cang’s laughter immediately caused the eyes of quite a number of Dao Sect disciples to be furious. These words were saying that Lin Dong was only able to be a leader due to the weakness of their Dao Sect. If Lin Dong had went to their Yuan Gate instead, Lin Dong would only be ranked last.

This fellow might appear amiable but his words were like needles hidden within cotton, piercing one until even one’s bones would hurt.

The original clamour in the sky had also become silent at this moment. Those members of the various super sects were watching this scene. The grudge between Yuan Gate and Dao Sect was extremely deep. Everyone present was aware of it. However, they did not expect that hidden sparks and turmoil would appear the moment they met. However, from the looks of it, it seemed that Dao Sect was unable to beat Yuan Gate…

From the area where the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was located, Ling Qingzhu’s brows knitted together slightly. She glanced at Su Ruo beside her. The latter’s small face was covered with worry. Clearly, she was also aware of the gap between the disciples from Dao Sect and Yuan Gate.

“Chicken head or snake tail. It is too early to come to a conclusion now…”

Lin Dong’s expression did not contain the slightest fear in front of the many gathered gazes from all over the place. He laughed, “Back then, didn’t my Dao Sect’s senior Zhou Tong also beat your Yuan Gate’s three little kings till one was killed, one was injured and one had fled…”

Some uproar was stirred in the sky when these words were spoken. Quite a number of people had shock filled faces. Clearly, they did not expect that Lin Dong actually dared to clash against Yuan Cang.

“Arrogant fool that does not know your limits. Don’t tell me that you dare to compare yourself to Zhou Tong?” Lei Qian laughed coldly and mocked.

“Even Zhou Tong had difficulty escaping from being killed by my Yuan Gate.” The little Spirit King, Ling Zhen, who was holding a foldable fan, said with a smile.

“A sect master of Yuan Gate can lower himself to attack a disciple of Dao Sect. This has indeed caused others to be dumbfounded.” Lin Dong laughed.

Ling Zhen and Lei Qian frowned slightly when they heard these words. The smiles on their faces turned a little unnatural. The Zhou Tong from back then did indeed only possess the status of a disciple. However, he had ended up forcing the sect master of Yuan Gate to intervene. Only then was he killed. This matter had ended up attracting some hidden ridicule, causing the reputation of Yuan Gate to be damaged. It could be considered a sore point in the hearts of their disciples.

During the time that Lei Qian’s expression was gloomy and could not help but wish to say something, Yuan Cang in front of him waved his hand. His long narrow eyes contained a small smile as he stared at Lin Dong. However, the smile was filled with a dark and intense chillness.

“Looks like we have not put your Dao Sect disciples sufficiently in their place over these years…”

Yuan Cang curled his mouth and smiled. Immediately, he shook his head. His eyes were like that of a snake as they swept over all the members of Dao Sect. He softly said, “In that case… all of you should pray for yourselves during this Great Sect Competition.”

His voice did not reveal any overtly vicious words. However, the ill intent could be clearly heard by everyone.

“Some things should not be said till the end.”

The smile on Lin Dong’s face withdrew bit by bit. Both of his eyes vaguely contained a dark glow surging within them. Under his sleeves, his fists had also tightened.

He was aware that he would have to really go all out during this Great Sect Competition no matter what…

“You are bold. I like that. When the time comes, I will say these words to you once again. Hopefully, it will not be the last words that you hear in your life.”

Yuan Cang laughed faintly. After which, he slowly withdrew his eyes. His fingers were crossed and placed in front of him. Lei Qian and Ling Zhen, who were familiar with his character, revealed a cold smile on their lips when they saw this. They were aware that such a moment was when the murderous desire within Yuan Cang’s heart had reached its peak…

Clearly, Lin Dong had already provoked a murderous intent from Yuan Cang…

Dao Sect was truly unlucky.

Lin Dong also withdrew his gaze when Yuan Cang did so. He turned his head to glance at Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest. Their faces did not show even the slightest dissatisfaction because of his earlier provocations towards Yuan Cang. Instead, quite a number of them had icy cold stern expressions.

“Can that Yuan Cang be considered the strongest person amongst the youngest generation of the Eastern Xuan Region?” Lin Dong inquired softly.

Ying Xiaoxiao thought for a moment after hearing this. She immediately shook her head and said, “There is one person who is not weaker than him.”


“The first on the sect’s wanted list, Ghost Mask Chen Gui.” Ying Xiaoxiao said.

“Chen Gui?” Lin Dong frowned. It was clear that this was the first time he had heard this name.

“He is not a disciple of any sect. Moreover, he cannot even be considered someone from the Eastern Xuan Region. This person appears and disappears like a ghost. An ordinary person would have difficulty finding his traces. It is rumoured that he had once exchanged blows with Yuan Cang but Yuan Cang was unable to emerge victorious.” From the side, Wang Yan opened his mouth and explained.

“So it’s like this…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. It seemed that this Eastern Xuan Region was really filled with many hidden experts. He wondered whether Chen Gui would appear during this Great Sect Competition.

“The Unique Devil Region is about to be opened…”

Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly said while Lin Dong was deep in thought.

Lin Dong raised his head when he heard this. He saw some ripples start to appear on the spatial barrier in the distance. This Unique Devil Region was about to open…


While the Unique Devil Region was in a state where it was about to open, two rays of light flashed passed the sky five hundred kilometres away at lightning speed.

“Junior sister disciple, there is no need to be too anxious. We will make it in time for the Great Sect Competition.” The two rays of light were positioned one behind the other. The light figure behind suddenly paused for a moment, before speaking somewhat helplessly.

That light figure was revealed the moment it paused. There was half a ghost mask on his face, giving him a somewhat eerie ghost-like appearance.

“Who is as slow as you. There is no need to follow me if you do not wish to go. I can go by myself.”

However, that light figure at the front did not slow down because of this. Soon after, a clear young lady’s voice was emitted. Immediately, her speed suddenly quickened as she rushed towards the horizon.

That ghost mask person involuntarily laughed bitterly and shook his head when he saw this. He could only follow behind quickly. The conversation of these two echoed in a faint manner.

“Is junior sister disciple looking for someone? Who is it? Is that person… very important?”

“Uh uh. However, you will know just who that person is after he is found… ah but I will likely end up being scolded once I find him. You should be a little smarter when the time comes. Otherwise, I will tell teacher that you failed to protect me adequately when we return!”

“Even teacher is reluctant to scold you, he… ugh, alright…”

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