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Chapter 740: The Power of a Celestial Demon Marten

Purple-black light that appeared to be like a thick cloud layer covered the sky. Even the sun was being blocked by it. An exceptionally frightening pressure spread across the sky.

This mountain range was not lacking in Demonic Beasts. However, those Demonic Beast’s bunched up bodies were repeatedly trembling. The pressure that originated from someone from a higher status caused their souls to quiver.

That was an existence at the top of the food chain. It possessed the might to suppress all living creatures!

The Celestial Demon Marten was an elite Demonic Beast at the top of the Demonic Beast World. In fact, even when faced with the ancient and powerful dragon tribes, they were not afraid at all. They truly stood at the peak and there were no tribes that could become their natural enemy.

Such an elite existence in the Demonic Beast World would seldom appear in Eastern Xuan Region. However, this did not stop the experts and Demonic Beasts in this place to feel fearful of them.

Even a dominating super sect as strong as Yuan Gate did not dare to act overly arrogant when facing the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. This was because they clearly understood that despite the strong foundation their Yuan Gate had, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was even more terrifying than them.

The Yuan Gate had gathered some super sects and fought with the Celestial Demon Martens in the past. However, they were ultimately unable to obtain any obvious victories. Both parties had peak level experts dying and this resulted in a deep grudge between both parties…

However, on the whole, there were seldom any Celestial Demon Martens appearing alone in this place owing to Yuan Gate’s massive influence in Eastern Xuan Region. Similarly, the members from the Yuan Gate would conceal themselves and keep a low profile when they went to the Demon Region. This was because they clearly understood what great troubles they would attract should their identities be exposed…

It was precisely because it was so rare to see a Celestial Demon Marten in Eastern Region, that Elder Jiang and the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl would feel so shocked when they saw his enormous purple-black bat wings spreading in the sky. The shock in their hearts involuntarily broke through their sense of reasoning and surfaced on their faces.

“Damnit… this fellow is actually a Celestial Demon Marten!”

The shock on Elder Jiang’s face lasted for a moment before his expression turned extremely dark and solemn. His flickering eyes vaguely contained some uneasiness. Little Marten’s strength was likely only similar to his. However, he clearly understood just how frightening the strength of a Celestial Demon Marten was, once it used its actual body to fight,

Elder Jiang’s eyes flickered. Immediately, he glanced at the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl beside him. At this moment, the latter’s expression was completely ashen while his body was continuously trembling. As a Demonic Beast, the pressure placed by a Celestial Demon Marten on him was magnified several times. If it was not because he was forcefully suppressing it, it was likely that this Yellow Golden Ghost Owl would have involuntarily turned around and fled a long time ago.

“What is there to be afraid of. Even if he is a Celestial Demon Marten, he will not be able to do anything to us if we join forces. However, if we fight separately, we will definitely die!” Elder Jiang cried out with a dark and stern expression.

That Yellow Golden Ghost Owl’s expression recovered a little upon hearing his cry. He nodded with bitterness filling his mouth. He had never imagined that he would actually meet a fearsome being like the Celestial Demon Marten in Eastern Xuan Region. These fellows were beings that even caused headaches to those high ranking dragon tribe members…

“We will attack together and it will definitely stir quite a huge commotion. As long as we alarm others, these fellows will definitely refrain from doing things that could harm the innocent. Does he really think that the Eastern Xuan Region is the Demon Region? If news of this matter spread, the experts from my Yuan Gate will not allow him to return alive!” Elder Jiang spoke coldly.


That Yellow Golden Ghost Owl nodded violently upon hearing this. His Demon Sound Mountain had lost everything today. Moreover, this Demon Sound Mountain still had the “Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva”. Hence, he was naturally unwilling to easily give up.


Elder Jiang and the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl exchanged glances with each other. Their eyes turned cold as vast and mighty Yuan Power immediately whistled out. They transformed into two thousand feet large Yuan Power pillars that swept across the sky and ruthlessly swept towards Little Marten.

“A futile attempt!”

Little Marten was hovering in the sky. His thousand feet large purple-black bat wings were flapped. That handsome demonic face had a mocking expression at this moment. After which, his long white hand was extended. Immediately, that monstrous purple-black cloud layer surged and directly transformed into a purple-black cloud palm. It carried an indescribable wild and violent ripple that smashed down furiously like a demonic god’s hand.


The enormous palm whizzed down and the natural Yuan Power exploded at this moment. The sea of trees below directly collapsed. A thousands of feet large palm was embedded deep into the ground.

“Bang bang!”

The two Yuan Power pillars that seemed to have penetrated through the sky also collapsed instantly due to that massive palm attack. The combination of Elder Jiang and the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl was actually unable to block Little Marten’s attack at all!

The expressions of Elder Jiang and the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl changed drastically after their Yuan Power pillars, which were formed with all their might, were shattered. The former’s eyes were flickering wildly. In the next instant, his forward moving body suddenly stilled. Before the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl could recover, he had already turned into a light figure as he fled the mountain range.


Elder Jiang, who had suddenly retreated, caused the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl to be momentarily stunned. Immediately, he was angered until he cursed out loud. He was just about to withdraw when Little Marten let out a cold smile. His palm violently clawed downwards.

“Celestial Demon Claw!”

A crack line appeared in the sky at this moment, looking just like a demon’s mouth. After which, a purple-black ancient large claw directly whizzed out from the crack line and grabbed the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl.

The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl’s expression was pale when he saw this. He did not hesitate as he turned around and fled immediately. He was weaker than Little Marten to begin with. Currently, with the latter using the real body of a Celestial Demon Marten, there was no way for him to fight. He did not know what else he could do besides flee for his life…

However, after Little Marten had used his Celestial Demon Marten’s Body, it was obvious that he was planning to get rid of everyone. Naturally, it was impossible for him to allow anyone escape. His large claw tore through the sky and covered the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl. After which, the space became distorted, appearing just like a prison, capturing the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl within.


The wind from the claw attacked, but the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl was unable to put up even the slightest resistance. The latter’s body exploded into a cluster of bloody fog while a miserable cry resounded over the entire place.

The blood fog spread. Suddenly, a bright light rushed out from within. The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl had already formed a Demonic Spirit. Hence, he did not die immediately after his physical body was destroyed.

“Trying to flee?”

However, that bright light had just rushed out when it was covered by a purple-black ray. Finally, it was grabbed by Little Marten.

“Lord Celestial Demon Marten, please let me off. I am willing to surrender the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva!” That bright light struggled within Little Marten’s hand with all its might. Miserable cries continued to be emitted.

“It is too late to say this now!”

Little Marten laughed coldly before he clenched his palm. The purple-black light transformed into a symbol that sealed the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl.

The Yellow Golden Ghost Owl was basically captured within a split second. The unusually overbearing strength of a Celestial Demon Marten caused Lin Dong’s group to be speechless. A Celestial Demon Marten was indeed worthy of being an elite existence within the Demonic Beast World. Their ability far exceeds that of a normal Demonic Beast.

“Second brother, don’t forget about that old fart!”

Little Flame spoke in a mighty voice before his eyes turned towards another spot. Elder Jiang was rushing towards the horizon there.

“Competing with my Celestial Demon Marten tribe in terms of speed. You really do not know your limits.”

Little Marten raised his head before a mocking smile flashed over his handsome face. His purple-black bat wings, which covered the sun, flapped violently. Immediately, wild gales tore across the sky before his body disappeared immediately. Soon after, the space in front of Elder Jiang had a purple-black light surging out across the sky.

“Such frightening speed…”

Lin Dong was slightly stunned when he saw Little Marten seemingly teleporting into the distance. He involuntarily parted his mouth. Little Marten usually liked to speak haughtily but it seems that he had the qualifications to do so. With his strength, it was likely that he would have the upper hand as long as he did not meet those sect master or old demon like beings from various super sects.

Bang bang!

A wild Yuan Power fluctuation spread in the distant sky. It was likely that Elder Jiang had struggled with all his might. However, his resistance merely lasted for a couple of minutes before it gradually died down. Soon after, the purple-black light flickered in the sky. Little Marten’s body appeared in front of Lin Dong trio. That purple-black bat wings that bolted out the sun behind him were also being withdrawn from his body.


Lin Dong involuntarily smiled when he saw this scene.

“With Grandpa Marten acting personally, what trouble can those characters cause?”

Little Marten lifted the corner of his mouth and smiled in a proud manner. After which, he extended both of his hands. Two purple-black light clusters appeared. There was vaguely a roar being emitted from within.

They were the Yuan Spirit of Elder Jiang and the Yellow Golden Ghost Owl.

These two Mysterious Life Stage experts were now things in Little Marten’s hands!

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