WDQK Chapter 726

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Chapter 726 Victory and Defeat


Shock suddenly arose within Wang Yan’s indifferent eyes. However, Lin Dong did not give him much time to be shocked. His eyes were cold as he viciously pressed his golden light wheel onto Wang Yan’s body.

Chi Chi Chi!

The golden light wheel slammed heavily against the golden cuticle layer on Wang Yan’s body. Sparks instantaneously erupted as an ear-piercing noise frantically rang out.  


The sharpness of the golden light wheel had obviously reached a terrifying level. As radiant golden sparks violently shot out, cracks began to appear on the Yuan Spirit Cuticle, that had extremely strong defensive properties.

As the cracks appeared, Wang Yan’s pupils abruptly contracted. The Yuan Spirit Cuticle protected him and it was thanks to it, that he was able to survive three all-out attacks from three different nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts. Hence, he never imagined that his defensive suit would actually show signs of crumbling due to Lin Dong’s attack.

“Senior brother Wang Yan, it is you who has lost…”

While a look of disbelief appeared on Wang Yan’s face, a somewhat horrifying smile appeared on Lin Dong’s bloody face.


After Lin Dong spoke, the Yuan Spirit Cuticle finally could not resist the sharpness of the Dragon Yuan Wheel any longer. With a loud bang, it shattered and blasted apart. The golden light quickly dimmed, before withdrawing back into Wang Yan’s body.

When his Yuan Spirit Cuticle was shattered, Wang Yuan suddenly lurched to the side, evading the Dragon Yuan Wheel as it furiously swept past. However, its sharp blade glow flashed past his chest, causing blood trail as fresh blood spurted out.

Wang Yan’s combat style was indeed very violent and cut-throat. After dodging such a formidable killing blow, his fist flew out at a crafty angle and viciously smashed towards Lin Dong.


Wang Yan’s fist heavily landed on Lin Dong’s chest. Green light frantically surged at the spot. However, due to the tremendous force from the fist, it caused the blood within Lin Dong’s body to violently churn.

“Heh heh…’

In the face of Wang Yan’s fist, Lin Dong continued not to evade. He could feel the churning blood within his body. However, he continued to smile. In fact, when coupled with his bloody face, it truly caused one’s blood to run cold.

Wang Yan was indeed very fearsome and ruthless. This was a point that even Lin Dong had to admit. Even experts that were of the same stage would be intimidated by his risky all-out attacks. However, the style that he used did not achieve his desired effect. It seemed like the viciousness and ruthless within this young man’s eyes were only greater than his own.

You might be vicious, but he was even more vicious.

Therefore, after receiving Wang Yan’s fist head-on, Lin Dong used the resultant force to tilt his body. Immediately after, the sole of his foot wriggled strangely as a green glow instantaneously condensed, inflating and turning directly into a green dragon leg.


Green light gushed on the fierce and cold green dragon leg as it shattered the air with a bang. Like a whip, it viciously swept out and landed on Wang Yan’s body.


A deep sound echoed as the ground was shattered apart by the resulting force. As for Wang Yan, he flew off like a cannonball, smashing through dozens of gigantic rocks.


Wang Yan cut a sorry figure as he stabilized himself. In the end, he was no longer able to resist as he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood in front of the shocked gazes of the crowd.


As a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out, the Yuan Power within Wang Yan’s body instantly turned sluggish. However, before he could recover, he suddenly heard a ear-piercing roar.

As the sound increased in volume, Wang Yan’s expression immediately changed before he instantly retreated. He lifted his gaze and swiftly glanced at his front. An after image that was akin to a impertinent raging bull viciously charged towards him with astonishing momentum.

There was no semblance of form or style, instead, there was only an extremely vicious to the maximum body slam.

The currently Lin Dong had completely regarded his body as a weapon. Although it seemed like he was acting without thinking, it caused one to be terrified of his boldness.


Lin Dong’s body collided viciously against Wang Yan’s body. A deep sound resounded across the entire arena, causing all the onlookers to hold their breaths. From afar, Ying Huanhuan was clenching her jade-like hands and biting her lips. Although she knew that Lin Dong was extremely fierce and ruthless in a fight, the scene before her thoroughly frightened her…

Naturally, it was not only her that felt this way. Even Ying Xiaoxiao, Chen Zhen and the rest, had faces full of astonishment.

Right after the collision, the two bodies shot off in opposing directions due to the rebounding force. Their bodies created ditches over a hundred meter in length before gradually slowing down. The originally terrifyingly violent auras around them started to turn exceptionally feeble at this moment.

Both of them were heavily wounded.

The entire arena was silent as they watched the two people struggle in an attempt to stand up. Their hearts could not help but tremble at the sight of the fresh blood that blanketed the ground.

This battle was simply too bitter and tragic…

Wang Yan struggled for a moment. However, in the end he did not manage to stand up again. He looked up to the sky, fresh blood covering his entire body as he gasped and panted hurriedly, emitting an aura that reeked of blood. Nevertheless, he firmly stared at the figure in the distance from the corner of his eye, who was also struggling to get up. However, the figure had obviously exhausted all his energy, and was also unable to stand up after struggling for a while.

“Both of us have lost, you can’t defeat me either…” Wang Yan mumbled hoarsely from the corner of his mouth.


However, after he spoke, the figure in the distance started to shake, trembling and swaying as he stood up. Fresh blood dripped down from his body and dyed the floor below him red.

Lin Dong’s face was covered in gashes and the acute pain within his body caused his vision to turn blurry. However, he stubbornly stood up, stubbornly refusing to fall. Turning around, he rocked and swayed as he walked towards Wang Yan under the innumerable gazes from the surroundings.

Looking at the man walking step by step on the arena with a smile hanging on his face while completely soaked in blood, Ying Huanhuan’s eyes involuntarily reddened. She proceeded to clench her teeth and was about to step forward, when she was stopped by Ying Xiaoxiao.

“Don’t let all his effort go to waste. Else, senior brother Wang Yan will never admit defeat.” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said.

Ying Huanhuan bit her lip while tightly clenching her jade-like hands. After a brief struggle, she finally buried her head into Ying Xiaoxiao’s shoulder. Right now, she no longer dared to look at the current Lin Dong. She faintly knew about the things that Wang Yan had experienced over the past few years, and those incidents moulded him to become a person that could make the hearts of others palpitate from his malevolence and viciousness. However, such viciousness was now completely suppressed by Lin Dong. With that, one could only imagine that the things that Lin Dong had experienced. It was likely that they must have been even more soul-wrenching than Wang Yan.

At that time, a person without any backing like him had to face his enemies alone. Enemies that were like wolves and tigers that came from all directions. In the end, he had dragged his exhausted and bloody body as he emerged from that bloody path.

When she thought about such a scene, a faint sour feeling arose on Ying Huanhuan’s nose. Who could have known the weight of the burden carried by that typically smiling and cheerful young man?

Ying Xiaoxiao gently caressed Ying Huanhuan’s luxurious hair, before she softly sighed and mumbled, “He truly is a reckless fellow…:


Under the innumerable unblinking gazes from all directions, the shaking and swaying Lin Dong picked up the black tree that had shot off from the previous collision. Dragging it along, he proceed to slowly walk to the front of Wang Yan.

Raising the black tree, he placed the sharp steel-like tree branch against Wang Yan. Right now, the thin and slender youth wore a radiant yet amply chilling smile on his face as he said, “Senior brother Wang Yan, you’ve lost.”

Leaning against a rock, Wang Yan stared straight at the youth before him. Although the youth was smiling, there was a bone-chilling coldness within those eyes of his.

The one before him caused even Wang Yan’s vicious heart to feel a chill.

Wang Yan stared at Lin Dong for quite a while, before the glare within his eyes started to dim. Lying against the rock, he gasped for a mouthful of air before saying, “ The Dao Sect has finally managed to produce an outstanding fellow…”

Lin Dong continued to smile. However, the black tree in front of Wang Yan was not withdrawn.

“I’ve lost…”

As he wiped off the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth, Wang Yan slowly closed his eyes, before the words that allowed everyone to relax, finally sounded out.

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