WDQK Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: Upgraded Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand

An enormous mountain came smashing downwards from the sky, while numerous pillars of light shot out from the many caves on the mountain. The light pillars swiftly interweaved, directly forming a huge light array at the bottom of the mountain in an extremely short amount of time.

It just so happened that Lin Dong was at the center this light array!


Yuan Power boiled as the mountain brought the light array as it descended from the skies like a meteorite from space. It contained a shocking fluctuate that violently pushed down on Lin Dong.


The mountain had yet to land but the force from it had already penetrated downwards, striking the ground until numerous large cracks were formed. Even the land itself shuddered violently at this moment.

The Dao Sect disciples around the platform also hurriedly pulled back and made some distance. Their eyes were grave as they watched this scene. The fluctuation that was transmitted downwards from above allowed them to understand that if they were the ones doing battle, it was likely that they would have been suppressed until they even movement would not be possible.

“That fellow does possess some ability…” Mo Ling remarked in a heavy voice.

“No matter what, he is the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation of the Great Precipice Cave. The Great Precipice Cave is also considered a super sect. Hence, it can’t be too weak…” Ying Huanhuan eyebrows knitted slightly as she said.

“I wonder if Lin Dong will use the Great Desolation Scripture. I have never seen him use it ever since he successfully comprehended it.” Mo Ling suddenly chuckled. His eyes were filled with anticipation and curiosity as he watched Lin Dong.

“That fellow has many hidden cards up his sleeve. If he is not forced into a dead end, I believe that he will not use the Great Desolation Scripture. Therefore, it is likely that you are going to be disappointed this time.” Ying Huanhuan cocked her head and thought for a moment before replying in a lazy manner.

“It’s fine. As long as we can send that fellow flying, it will be refreshing even if we are unable to see the Great Desolation Scripture.” Mo Ling laughed softly and said.

Ying Huanhuan also nodded in agreement when she heard this. Her light coloured eyebrows suddenly lifted as her eyes looked towards the battleground. At that spot, Lin Dong had already raised his head. His eyes were locked onto the enormous light array that was pushing down onto him.

“The Great Precipice Cave Scripture huh… a powerful martial art indeed.”

The mountain light array rapidly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, one could not see any panic on his face. Instead, a somewhat excited smile had surfaced. He quickly let out a deep breath while majestic Yuan Power whistled out from his body like a flood.

Yuan Power screamed out as Lin Dong extended his hand. Soon after, the space above him rippled intensely. In the next instant, it was as though a dark black emptiness had appeared in the space. An ancient aura that signified great changes spread apart from the emptiness.

“Allow me to test just how powerful the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand activated by the Great Desolation Scripture is…”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. His extended hand suddenly clenched and descended.

Buzz buzz!

The black emptiness immediately collapsed. After which, the ancient aura became even richer. There appeared to be some rustling footsteps from within the darkness. After which, a figure of light pierced through the darkness and appeared in the emptiness.

The light figure was quite majestic, and one could vaguely see the imposing silhouette of the figure. An indescribable aura emerged from the emptiness. Under this aura, even Chen Zhen and the others had a vague change in their expressions.

“That is… the Great Desolate Emperor?” Chen Zhen spoke softly. He was somewhat startled as he looked at the light figure that had appeared within the emptiness.

“Yes.” Wu Dao nodded with a serious face.

The both of them were aware that Lin Dong practised the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand. It was a martial art created by a peak practitioner from ancient times. However, they did not expect Lin Dong’s mastery of the martial art to have reached such a level.

That light figure was no longer an ordinary martial arts soul. It could already considered an incomplete avatar of the Great Desolate Emperor. Although it was merely an incomplete avatar, its might could already be described as terrifying.

The ability to form an incomplete avatar of the martial arts creator was something that even Chen Zhen and Wu Dao did not have. This was because it required some extremely unique techniques. The reason Lin Dong was able to do it was clearly related to the Great Desolation Scripture.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand!”

The light figure surfaced from within the emptiness, while a cold and stern expression flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes. After which, his low and deep voice resounded within his heart. At the same time, his palm faced upwards and grabbed in that direction.

The moment Lin Dong’s palm grabbed upwards, the light figure with the empty space also raised its hand and lightly grabbed at the mountain light array that came pressing downwards.


Although the action of the light figure was light and effortless, the moment its hand moved, the air within a hundred feet radius appeared to suffer from a powerful pressure, as it rapidly fled. The light that permeated the sky surged and a giant ancient hand a hundred feet large was directly formed above Lin Dong’s head.

The enormous hand was covered in the wrinkles of time. They extended outwards like obscure and mysterious symbols that were filled with a shocking strength.


The enormous palm faced upwards and collided heavily against the mountain light array that came pressing downwards in front of the many gazes present.

A frightening energy ripple whizzed and spread outwards when these two enormous objects collided. It was as though even space itself was slightly distorted.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes were tightly fixed onto the wild and violent fluctuations that were spreading across the sky in an uncontrolled manner. This stalemate caused a cold glint to flash across his eyes.


The moment the cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes, the light figure within the emptiness seemed to emit an extremely old and ancient snort that arrived from ancient times. After which, the light figure once again raised its hand and clenched it across the space.

When the hand clenched, everyone could see that the space before it become greatly distorted. Soon after, the mountain light array actually emitted an intense cracking sound. Numerous large crack swiftly spread across the mountain.

Nearby, when Hou Zhen saw this scene, his expression changed drastically, as he hastily urged the Yuan Power in his body in an attempt to stabilize the mountain. However, it appeared as though there was nothing that could block the palm of the light figure. His stubborn resistance was completely useless. All he could do was watch as an increasing number of large cracks appeared on the mountain.


The cracked mountain was reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes. Soon after, a soft voice slowly echoed from his mouth.


As Lin Dong’s voice emerged, the large ancient hand suddenly clenched tightly. A frightening force poured out from it, and the mountain light array was finally unable to endure any long. With a loud ‘bang’, it completely exploded.


The mountain exploded, while the nearby Huo Zhen was immediately affected, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Immediately, a cold glint surged within his eyes. His body swiftly pulled back unwillingly.


However, just as his body was about to pull back, a green light rushed out from the wild and violent fluctuations in front of him. In a flash, it appeared in front of him.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Huo Zhen did not panic at all when he saw Lin Dong rushing over once again. His spear jerked and a sharp aura pierced towards the fatal spots around Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little indifferent as he watched Huo Zhen continue to resist stubbornly. His body moved and appeared on the latter’s left. He clenched his hand as an enormous black tree trunk flashed and appeared. The twigs on the tree trunk appeared to be made of metal, and were ice-cold and strong.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong lifted the black tree trunk and swung it violently. It slammed heavily onto Huo Zhen’s body in an unceremonious manner.


A low and deep sound echoed. Huo Zhen’s body was akin to a cannonball as it shot backwards. Finally, it landed heavily on the ground. Cracks spread under his body, while he involuntarily spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“You have lost.”

Lin Dong slowly landed at Huo Zhen’s side and spoke while wearing a faint smile.

Huo Zhen’s expression at this moment was a little terrifying. His eyes were venomous and cold as he stared at Lin Dong. He lowered his head slightly. However, the moment his head was lowered, his sleeves jerked and a sharp cold light shot out explosively towards Lin Dong’s throat.


A black twig intercepted the cold light, directly blocking it, while Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed.

On the ground, Huo Zhen suddenly felt a bone-piercing killing intent from Lin Dong’s body when he launched his sneak attack. His expression immediately change. He wanted to speak, but before his voice could emerge, the black tree trunk had once again swung over violently. This time, it was headed towards his head.

Huo Zhen was clearly a little frightened by this vicious act of Lin Dong. He did not expect that his earlier action would actually cause Lin Dong to truly unleash a murderous strike.

He, who did not understand Lin Dong, was naturally unaware that this opponent of his was not some virtuous soul who had spent all his life in the sect…

“What impudence!”

However, when Lin Dong’s tree trunk was swung out, the expression of one of the gray-clothed elders from the Great Precipice Cave changed. His body moved and he directly appeared in front of Huo Zhen. With a wave of his sleeve, he deflected the swinging tree trunk. After which, his finger jabbed at Lin Dong.


Just as the finger moved, an old figure appeared in front of Lin Dong. A palm swung out and a majestic force directly caused the gray-clothed old man to take a step back.

Chen Zhen, who had forced back the gray-clothed old man, stood in front of Lin Dong and spoke out in an indifferent voice.

“Elder Zheng, I’m afraid that it is not up to you to teach the disciple of my Dao Sect a lesson, no?”

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