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Chapter 700: Breakthrough

Upon the vast and seemingly endless wasteland, Lin Dong spoke in an earnest yet strange and flat voice, which slowly rang out and echoed across the area..

However, when his voice faded, the area remained deathly quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Yet, this scene did not cause Lin Dong to panic at all. His eyes were tightly fixed onto this spacious land, as if someone was here who could understand his words.

As Lin Dong spoke, more and more specks of light emerged from within his body. Then his legs faded amongst the lights, followed by his waist, then his chest…

The specks of light slowly spread outwards, but the sharpness within Lin Dong’s pupils only grew fiercer and more powerful.

“You once gave senior Zhou Tong and them a chance… why not try again?” Lin Dong’s voice gradually became calmer as he spoke faintly while continuing to stare at this lifeless land.

The specks of light slowly spread, and started to go beyond Lin Dong’s neck.

“Those things… they cause you a lot of pain, don’t they?” Lin Dong glanced slightly at the spreading light. His lips formed a mocking smile as he spoke.


The wriggling lights finally froze at this moment.

Seeing this turn of events, the smile on his lips gradually widened. This time, he had finally won the bet. The Great Desolate Tablet did indeed possess an intelligent consciousness.

Unknowingly, a gentle breeze blew across the barren land, causing waves to emerge. These waves came from all directions, and finally converged with Lin Dong at their center.

Chi chi!

Veins of light spread as Lin Dong’s disappearing body started recovering at an unimaginable speed. Furthermore, as his body was recovering, his abundant energy also returned once again.


Lin Dong clenched his fist and smiled as he felt the return of his vigorous energy. He lifted his head and clasped his hands together towards the land as he laughed.

Crack crack.

As Lin Dong’s voice faded, cracks started to appear on the barren land. The cracks formed a twisted pattern like a distorted image, while Lin Dong stood on the now crumbling land. However, even in the face of this rapid change, there were no signs of panic on Lin Dong’s face. Instead, a faint trace of delight could be found deep within his eyes. I guess this can be considered a breakthrough…

The land finally completely fell apart as darkness gushed over from all directions and drowned Lin Dong’s body within it.

While time briefly stood still, the atmosphere in the Dao Sect mountain range had grown extremely explosive. A kind of explosiveness that could stem only from the lone figure in front of the Great Desolate Tablet.

At this moment, the light pillar that had shot down from the Great Desolate Tablet and enveloped Lin Dong’s body was shrinking at a slow but perceptible rate.

Before this scene, unconcealable disappointment appeared on everyone’s faces. If even Lin Dong failed, no other person would be able to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture of the Desolate Hall. If so, then who knew when the legendary Great Desolation Scripture would ever get to see the light of day again…

In the sky, a look of agony appeared on Chen Zhen and Wu Dao’s faces. Although they understood that the Great Desolation Scripture was not easy to comprehend, it was still rather difficult for even the likes of them to accept the scene before their eyes.


Sky Hall Master Qi Lei patted Chen Zhen and Wu Dao’s shoulders as if he wanted to say something. However, he could only sigh in the end, while the other hall masters helplessly shook their heads. The Great Desolation Scripture was truly the Dao Sect’s biggest pain…

With all the commotion stirring all around her, Ying Huanhuan also sighed softly. She lifted her head and looked at the exceptionally lonely and skinny young figure in front of the Great Desolate Tablet. She pursed her lips, and they turned downwards in a rather sad angle.

Despite her lively personality, she could also be rather fierce. Furthermore, she had even made a bet with Lin Dong. Yet, a young girl was after all kind hearted. She could already feel the despair and misery that Lin Dong would feel after this failure.

“ Looks like I’ll have to provoke him less from now on…..” The young girl’s eyelashes gently blinked as she thought to herself.

“ It ended in failure after all…”

On a mountain peak far away, a blue-robed old man similarly sighed and could not help but bitterly laugh as he cursed, “This damned Great Desolate Tablet! In any case, our sect has protected it for a thousand years. It’s really not giving us any face….”

“Its origins are too astonishing. It’s not our place to even try and imagine what it experienced. It’s normal for it not to feel indebted to us.” Ying Xuanzi smiled faintly.

“Seems like it’s about time to end this Great Desolation Scripture enlightenment event……” The blue-robed old man replied helplessly. However, just as his voice faded, cries of surprise suddenly rang out from the great crowd in the distance.

Upon hearing their cries, Ying Xuanzi and the blue-robed old man were stunned. Immediately, they raised their slightly stunned gazes to peer into the distance as their eyes abruptly focussed.

“This is…” Dumbfounded voices slowly escaped both their mouths.

The cries spread across the land at an unimaginable speed. Ying Xiaoxiao, Ying Huanhuan and the rest sensed the commotion and raised their eyes, focusing on the space before the Great Desolate Tablet.

The originally shrinking light pillar had practically shrunk to the size of a palm on Lin Dong’s head. In such a situation, many would think that enlightenment had failed and come to an end. Yet, after waiting for a few minutes, someone suddenly realized that the palm-sized light pillar had not faded!

The light pillar did not completely disappear – this meant that the enlightenment was not considered over yet!

“What’s going on?” Ying Huanhuan said as she stared at the scene in disbelief.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyebrows knitted together. Soon after, her face gradually turned solemn, and even her voice was a little shaky as she replied, “I think this means that Lin Dong has not yet failed….”

Upon hearing this, Qing Ye and the rest were rather moved with emotion. Shock flickered deep within their eyes.

Chen Zhen, Wu Dao and the rest of the hall masters were likewise stunned by this scene. Immediately, a trace of wild joy surfaced within the Chen Zhen duo’s eyes as if they were suddenly struck by a certain realization.

Buzz Buzz!

The Great Desolate Tablet suddenly started to tremble intensely as waves of light gathered together on the surface of the enormous tablet. Eventually, they transformed into a near solid light pillar that shot out and enveloped Lin Dong’s body.


As they watched the resplendently dazzling light pillar, everyone exploded into an uproar. Shock gushed up on the faces of many.

Waves of light continued to gather on the Great Desolate Tablet. In the end, the surface of the tablet became like a mirror. One could faintly see a blurry yet gigantic figure looming within it.

When the giant figure appeared on the surface of the tablet, the pupils of Chen Zhen, Wu Dao and other hall masters instantly tightened as their breathing became hurried. Soon after, they looked to each other and saw the deep shock in each other’s eyes.

“Is that… the tablet spirit?” Wu Dao asked with a coarse voice.

“It should be. When I was a mere disciple, I saw senior Zhou Tong’s Great Desolation Scripture enlightenment, and this same figure appeared on the tablet…”

Qi Lei slowly replied. He suppressed his trembling heart and looked towards the Chen Zhen duo, “Congratulations, your Desolate Hall may just rise up again this time…”

Chen Zhen and Wu Dao looked at each other and laughed heartily till tears started to flow. After a hundred years, their Desolate Hall had finally found a disciple that could comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture!

Darkness was everywhere. When Lin Dong finally opened his eyes, the darkness once again withdrew like flood waters. As the darkness left, a barren and rocky land appeared before Lin Dong.

Not far ahead of him, what first caught Lin Dong’s attention was an ancient yellow tablet that stood about ten feet tall. The tablet was similar to the Great Desolate Tablet. However, some ancient runes could faintly be seen on its surface…

As Lin Dong’s gaze slowly swept downwards, his pupils abruptly shrank. He saw veins of black, shadowy lines emerging from the bottom of the tablet. These lines looked like the feelers of a demon, ice-cold and wicked as they wiggled slowly while spreading on the tablet like some kind of virus.

The undulations from these strange black lines were exactly the same as those tiny black dots.

“These things are the culprit right?” Lin Dong softly said as he stared at the tablet.

Buzz Buzz

Just as Lin Dong’s voice faded, faint ripples appeared on the tablet’s surface, and soon after, a blurry figure emerged. ‘It’ looked at Lin Dong, as a coarse voice, so ancient that it seemed to invade one’s heart, rang out.

“There’re indeed so many things in your body that feel familiar…”

At the sound of those words, the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes started to twitch uncontrollably.

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