WDQK Chapter 67

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WDQK Chapter 67: Ominous Clouds

There was no doubt that the Lin Family’s first successful sale of the Yang Yuan Stones had benefited them tremendously. The enormous profits earned was truly jaw-dropping. After all, when they exchanged an entire huge batch of Steel Wood, they only managed to get around twenty Yang Yuan Stones, an amount that was merely equivalent to one day’s work at the mining lode.

It was completely impossible to compare the two of them.

Due to this reason, ever since they successfully sold their first batch of Yang Yuan Stones, Lin Zhentian mobilized nearly seventy to eighty percent of the Lin Family’s manpower to the Steel Wood Manor. From the outside, it seemed like he was intending to operate this Steel Wood Manor as a major enterprise.

The strange movements by the Lin Family naturally drew many peculiar gazes. Even though the Steel Wood Manor was rich in Steel Wood, everyone knew that during the handover, the Lei Family had devastated a large portion of the soil. Therefore, in the eyes of many people, the Steel Wood Manor had already lost most of its value. However, right now, instead of neglecting the Steel Wood Manor, the Lin Family chose to treat it as a big business. It gave off the impression that the Lin Family was focusing too much on the minor details and neglecting the big picture.

However, despite all these speculations, the Lin Family chose to remain silent. They did not explain nor announce anything to any outsiders. Furthermore, they were able to keep a tight lid on information, thus nobody outside of the Lin Family knew what they were up to…

Of course, despite their best efforts, they were naturally some exceptions…

Qingyang Town, Lei Family.

In a large hall deep within the Lei Family’s compound, a dozen or so core Lei Family members were seated. Naturally, at the front, was the head of the Lei Family, Lei Bao. However, right now his face was dark as if it was akin to the foreboding calm before of the storm, causing everyone around him to be extremely cautious, afraid of enraging him.

“Father, the information that I heard is definitely accurate. On the surface, the reason why the Lin Family’s travelled to Yan City was to sell Steel Wood. However, their real motive was to sell off several hundred pieces of Yang Yuan Stone. Even though the Lin Family had grown over these years, this amount of resources was something that even our Lei Family could not easily obtain. How could the weak Lin Family accomplish this?” Positioned on the left of Lei Bao, Lei Pi said with a bitter expression.

“What are you trying to say?” After he heard about the quantity of Yang Yuan Stones, Lei Bao’s eyes twitched a little before he quickly questioned.

“During this period of time, surely everyone has noticed the strange behavior of the Lin Family. We are the most clear on the current value of the Steel Wood Manor. If Lin Zhentian is doing so much purely for a devastated manor, then he has probably gone senile with age…” Lei Pi’s eyes circled around the hall as he replied in a low voice.

After they heard his words, the rest of the crowd slightly nodded their heads in agreement. A long time ago, Lin Zhentian had come to this town alone and almost single handedly developed the Lin Family to what it was today with his wits and craftiness. Nobody believed that he would attempt such a fruitless endeavour.

In that case, since a pointless move, there must be more to this than meets the eye. When they recalled the first batch of Yang Yuan Stones that the Lin Family had just sold, many people’s facial expression instantly turned a little distorted.

“If my prediction is correct, the Lin Family should have found another natural resource in the Steel Wood Manor besides Steel Wood. And this natural resource is very likely a Yang Yuan Stone mining lode.”

Lei Pi’s words was undoubtedly earth-shattering, causing the entire hall to immediately turned deathly silent. A long while later, somebody shouted out in disbelief: “How is that possible? We have operated the Steel Wood Manor for so many years and we have never ever heard of any Yang Yuan Stone mining lode!”

“We had never properly scout the whole area.”

Lei Pi’s face tightened as he stared at Lei Bao who was in the head’s seat. After taking in a deep breath, he said: “Father, it seems like we have handed over an invaluable manor to the Lin Family.”


The teacup in Lei Bao’s hand was crushed into dust as tea flowed through his fingers. His old and wrinkled face seemed exceptionally twisted and hideous now.

Yang Yuan Stone mining lode, these five simple words caused a major turmoil within Lei Bao’s heart. He was aware of the value of these mining lodes. If the Steel Wood Manor really possessed a Yang Yuan Stone mining lode, then even if it was a small one, its value easily eclipsed that of the entire Steel Wood Manor!

Right now, they had handed over such a invaluable mining lode to the Lin Family. Before this, they were still gloating about how the Lin Family had received a manor that had been more than half wrecked. Now, as they recall this scene, all of their gloating seemed completely ridiculous.

As they stared at Lei Bao’s hideous facial expression, everyone tactically turned silent, not daring to speak.

“During this period of time, send out every informant and spy that we have and utilize every means to get information on the Steel Wood Manor. I want to confirm if there really is a Yang Yuan Stone mining lode there!”

After taking a deep breath, Lei Bao’s facial expression slowly returned normal. However, the tone of his voice was icy-cold, like a blizzard in the twelfth lunar month.

“In addition, I want to monitor every movement made by the Lin Family. If they travel to Yan City again, inform me immediately!”


After hearing his command, the core members of the Lei Family immediately responded with respectful tones. Then, they exchanged knowing glances with each other  and without further ado, they slowly left the meeting hall.

As the crowd of people exited, the large hall once again lapsed into silence. With a cold expression on his face, Lei Bao sat on his chair. A long while later, a vicious murmur suddenly sounded out.

“Lin Zhentian, since your Lin Family seeks death, don’t blame my Lei Family for our vicious and merciless tactics!”

After they smoothly returned from Yan City, the central core in the Lin Family instantly shifted to the Yang Yuan Stone mining lode in the Steel Wood Manor. Since Lin Dong could not help out much, he spent the majority of his time training by his lonesome.

The current him was focusing on training three main aspects, Yuan Power, Martial Arts, and his newly acquired Mental Energy.

Now, Lin Dong’s strength had stopped at Earthly Yuan Later Stage. At this juncture, it was likely that if once again forged ahead vigorously, he would be able to advance to Heavenly Yuan Stage. However, there exists a large gap between reality and one’s expectation. Even though a month had past since Lin Dong returned from Yan City, his exceedingly hardworking and aid from Yang Yuan Pills brought him no closer to the now distant feeling of a breakthrough. This last tiny step felt like a monumental leap that completely obstructed him.

With regards to his lacklustre progress, Lin Dong felt helpless but he was not too anxious about it. After all, it was no simple feat to progress to Heavenly Yuan Stage, and many people had stalled at this step for years. Therefore, he knew that it was too optimistic to expect results after training for a mere month.

As for martial arts, Lin Dong was becoming increasingly masterful. The current him was already able to rather easily execute the second chapter of Wonder Gate Seal, incomplete volume. Furthermore, he was gradually becoming more proficient with the third chapter too. In fact, since he was at Earthly Yuan Later Stage, he finally able to start supplying the Yuan Power required for the Stone Talisman to perfect the third chapter of Wonder Gate Seal.

His Yuan Power and Martial Arts training were all progressing at a steady rate. The only exception was his Mental Energy training. In this short, short month, Lin Dong could distinctly sense the formless Mental Energy within his mind throb and pulse and with each pulse, it grow increasingly violent. He had also successfully mastered the first part of the “Spiritual Movement Chapter”. Furthermore, this remarkable progress was just like a fish learning how to swim and came naturally to him without any external aid.

Towards this anomaly, even Lin Dong had no choice but to believe that he seemed to have some exceptional talent in Mental Energy.

Time silently slipped by as Lin Dong quietly trained. In a blink of an eye, two months had passed.

Just as that third month approached, a larger transportation crew than before was being assembled inside the Steel Wood Manor…

When there was movement in the Steel Wood Manor, news of this was carried by a little hummingbird to arrive on the shoulders of Lei Bao.

Lei Bao retrieved a tiny slip of paper from the humming bird. After he briefly scanned through it, the corners of his mouth slowly raised to form a vicious smile.

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