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Chapter 622: Killing Lin Langtian

The fuzzy black human figure collided heavily onto the light barrier. Lin Dong’s icy cold eyes vaguely possessed a trace of savageness as he stood before the figure, while green dragon fists that contained a terrifying strength poured down uncontrollably onto the dark black figure like a storm.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous heat palpitating low thuds sounded out from the figure. Everyone could see the swiftly spreading circular ripples on the light barrier behind the black figure.

The current Lin Dong was exactly like a crazy demon.

Mo Ling, Liu Bai and the rest were also stunned as they watched this scene. Clearly, it was also the first time they had seen this usually calm Lin Dong acting with such madness…

The energy ripples that spread out from Lin Dong’s dragon fists made everyone clearly understand that when the fist landed, even a five Yuan Nirvana stage expert’s Nirvana Golden Body would have difficulty enduring. In the face of this storm of punches, any other five Yuan Nirvana stage expert would be smashed to a bloody pulp.

“You bastard! Get lost!”

Lin Langtian’s body was practically enveloped by that tremendous power. He could sense a terrifying strength frantically penetrating through the dark figure and eroding towards his real body, as terror surged out from in the depths of his eyes. Those eyes of his were red as he struggled madly. He was aware that if Lin Dong continued to beat in this crazy manner, even with the martial soul protecting his body, he would still die without a doubt!

Lin Langtian struggled with all his strength, controlling the black figure to block Lin Dong’s attack. However, the latter’s eyes were currently crimson red, and he ignored Lin Langtian’s furious cries. All he did was to raise his fists in a seemingly numb manner and ruthlessly smashed them down.

“Heh, you are indeed from the main clan and the most dazzling genius of the Lin Clan. Lin Langtian, I have already remembered your name since I was very young!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were crimson and malicious, while frightening fists violently struck downwards. It was as though the grudge that had been suppressed within his heart for many years had completely erupted.

“You are the first person that I have hated. When I first began my training, my only aim was to kill you and make you pay the price for crippling my father!”

“You offal, how could you know just how my father suffered a fate worse than death because of you. How could you know what kind of price I have paid over the years in order to surpass a genius like you!”

The thin and weak young man from the small mountain in Qingyang Town had sweat an endless amount of perspiration. He had no Spirit Elixirs, nor did he have any resources or backing. All he could rely on was himself. All he could do was to chase the great genius of the clan in this clumsy and stubborn manner, because, he was the only hope of that small family…

“You have nearly caused me to lose my family. Do you think that I will give you a second chance?”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth parted. His expression was incomparably ferocious, while his eyes were bright red as he stared at Lin Langtian. This gaze made the latter’s entire heart turn cold.

“Therefore, hand over your life to me you trash!”

Lin Dong’s right hand tightened once again as monstrous green light surged, gathering together into the shape of a dragon’s head on his fist. The fist force that suddenly surged out exploded the air. An invisible concave arc was formed below Lin Dong’s fist, before it ruthlessly landed on the black figure.


An unusually deep sound echoed out, as Lin Langtian’s pupils tightly shrunk. He could hear another cracking sound suddenly appear at this moment. When he violently lowered his head, he saw the martial soul around his body begin to crumble and scatter.

His strongest defence had been forcibly destroyed by Lin Dong!

Having lost the protection of the martial soul, how could he block Lin Dong’s terrifying dragon fists?

Terror suddenly surged out from Lin Langtian’s heart like a flood. As he looked towards Lin Dong’s terrifying man-devouring appearance, he knew that Lin Dong would not show any mercy. Immediately, his body moved before the martial soul completely collapsed and rapidly withdrew.


However, just as Lin Langtian’s was backing away, Lin Dong smiled sinisterly. Another fist was thrown forward which directly blasted away the black figure. Moreover, the remaining fist force swept out, catching up to Lin Langtian at lightning speed before ferociously slamming onto the latter’s body.


The force invaded Lin Langtian’s body, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood as his body miserably landed on the battle stage. A ten feet mark was drawn out on the ground.

Lin Langtian’s crawled up in a miserable manner immediately after stabilizing his body. Before he could even utter a word, a terrifying force arrived once again. A whip-like leg that contained a frightening force was ruthlessly thrown at Lin Langtian’s shoulder like a warhammer.


Half of Lin Langtian’s body instantly caved in. His entire person laid paralyzed on the ground. Just as he was about to struggle madly, an enormous dragon claw had already whizzed downwards and firmly grabbed his throat. Lin Liangtian struggled to raise his head, only to see the dragon scales begin to withdraw on Lin Dong’s face. Currently, the face of the latter was filled with a thick killing intent.

“I admit…” Lin Langtian struggled, his face completely red.

“There is no victory or defeat here. Only life and death.” Lin Dong stared at Lin Langtian. The ferociousness on his face gradually faded bit by bit as he softly laughed.

He knew that if he allowed Lin Langtian to escape now, the strength that he had displayed would definitely catch the eye of the super sects. Once he entered a super sect, Lin Langtian would pose a great threat towards him and the Lin family in the Great Yan Empire’s Yan City.

Lin Dong would obviously not allow this kind of thing to happen!

Lin Langtian’s eyes were bright red. A golden glow was faintly surging deep within his eyes.

“I am aware of the Yuan Spirit within your body…” Lin Dong stared at Lin Langtian and smiled faintly. The coldness in his eyes could not be hidden.

“Relax, I will not allow either of you to escape…”

Lin Langtian felt a chill rush across his entire body when he saw the smile on Lin Dong’s face.

Everyone on the top of the mountain watched this scene where the victory had already been decided. They immediately sighed in relief, appearing to have been relieved of a great burden. Extremely shocked expressions were present in their eyes. That battle earlier had clearly been an eye-opener for them. The extremely wild and violent strength of Lin Dong was sufficient to cause the numerous five Yuan Nirvana stage experts to feel a chill.

“What a powerful physical body.” The expert from the Great Desolate Palace in the sky stared at Lin Dong with somewhat bright eyes. Their sect specialized in the training of physical body and their strength was overpowering. Lin Dong’s explosive burst of power earlier had clearly caused even him to be surprised.

Liu Tong watched this scene indifferently. He could tell that Lin Dong was about to deliver a killing blow. Immediately, he hesitated for a moment and was preparing to say something. Although Lin Langtian had been defeated, he was rather remarkable. Moreover, there seemed to be some mysteries hidden within his body. If he was recruited into their Yuan Gate, he would be considered as someone worth grooming.

“As long as no one has admitted defeated, the battle will continue until one side dies… currently, none of them has verbally admitted defeat. What are you so anxious about, Liu Tong?” However, just as Liu Tong was about to speak, the old man from the Dao Sect faintly smiled and said.

“Isn’t the victor already obvious?” Liu Tong frowned and asked.

“Did anyone admit defeat?” The old man from the Dao Sect replied in a casual manner.

Liu Tong looked deeply at this old man from the Dao Sect and said no more. He could vaguely tell that this old man from the Dao Sect seemed to be helping that fellow called Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he watched the wildly struggling Lin Langtian on the battle stage. However, he slowly bent his body down as his hand gently pressed the top of the Lin Langtian’s head.

“Lin Langtian, it’s over. Bring that Yuan Spirit within that body of yours to hell with you…”

Vigorous Yuan Power undulations gathered wildly in Lin Dong’s palm, while a terrified expression surged up on Lin Langtian’s face. At this moment, he could feel death itself.

“Lin Dong, don’t kill me. This is the grudge between you and Lin Langtian. It has nothing to do with me. As long as you are willing to let me off, I am willing to follow you and obey your orders!”

A panicked voice was suddenly emitted from Lin Langtian’s body while Lin Dong was urged out his Yuan Power. It was from the mysterious Yuan Spirit.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent. He merely laughed softly and slowly shook his head.

“Good bye Lin Langtian. Our grudge ends here…”

Lin Dong stared at the terrified Lin Langtian. Without hesitation, a force from his palm suddenly burst out before Lin Langtian despairing and crazy eyes!


The sound of bones breaking resounded in a deafening manner.

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