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Chapter 613: Eight Great Super Sects

The Hundred Empire Mountain was extremely tall and steep. The mountain was as sharp as a sword, piercing right through the clouds. There were no paths or roads on the mountain and the only way to ascend the mountain was to fly up.

At this moment, there were all kinds of whizzing sound around the mountain peak. Numerous figures flew up the mountain from all directions like a locust swarm. All of their faces contained a fervent look.

One year of hard and bitter training had finally bore fruit. The geniuses from various empires could not contain the excitement and zeal in their hearts.

The mountain peak was precipitous. However, most of the practitioners who could make it here had passed through at least three Nirvana Tribulations. Hence, flying up to the mountain peak was not a difficult task. After a few minutes, under the countless covetous gazes from those practitioners that were under the mountain, some elite practitioners finally made it to the summit with eagerness in their hearts.

Dazzling sunlight blossomed onto the mountain peak, bringing surging hope into people like the coming of dawn.


Lin Dong and his counterparts were not among the first few to reach the summit. After being blocked by several figures, they finally reached their destination. The moment they landed, they took a sweeping glance at the mountain peak.

The mountain peak was an enormous, leveled and smooth limestone arena. As the sunlight shone onto the arena, numerous light beams were being reflected off the floor. It was as if the entire place had become fuzzy and blurry, giving one the feeling of being in a field of mist.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept across the mountain peak. Suddenly, he raised his head and his eye pupils dilated.


An uproar spread across the entire mountain peak like a surging tide. At this moment, everyone raised their heads and looked at the mid-air with utmost reverence.

In the mid-air, light beams intertwined and formed a glowing table and several glowing chairs. Several sat down on those glowing chairs at will. These figures then looked down indifferently at the mountain peak. Indistinctly, an indescribable intimidating aura engulfed the entire place.

The super sects!

Looking at the godlike figures who were towering over everyone on the mountain peak, most geniuses that came from various empires could not help but bow humbly.

They clearly understood that these leviathan super sects were the legitimate overlords of the boundless Eastern Xuan Region. Furthermore, their empires had to align themselves with these super sects in order to survive.

The foundation and strength that the super sects possessed were enough to make these people bend their arrogant backbones.

Silence swept across the Hundred Empire Mountain peak. As the eight figures sat down on the glowing chairs in the mid-air, the arrogance that these geniuses used to have no longer exist.

In the midst of the crowd, Lin Dong was staring closely at the eight figures while pursing up his lips. He could sense an extremely powerful aura from all eight figures. No ordinary individuals would have the ability to match that kind of strength.

“This is the strength of super sects… it’s indeed scary,” Lin Dong took in a deep breath. His eyes seemed to be filled with fervent and expectation. If he could join such a faction, it should be pretty beneficial to him after all.

“They are pretty strong” Little Marten, who was standing beside Lin Dong, suddenly chuckled.

Lin Dong cast a surprise look at him. This was because he never expected that the haughty Little Marten would actually speak say words. It seems like the strength of a super sect must not be underestimated.

“Brother Lin Dong, do you see the person on the right? He’s from Yuan Gate,” Liu Bai, who was standing behind Lin Dong, suddenly blurted out.


Lin Dong’s eyes froze slightly. He raised his head unobtrusively and looked at the person sitting on the right. There was a man with grizzled hair sitting on that chair. His face was slightly wrinkled, and yet it still contained a tinge of handsomeness. He must be rather handsome when he was young. His lips, which were as thin as a blade, was the only facial feature that appeared rather sinister.

He wore a white robe and there was a picture of a black sun on the robe. Black and white intertwined and it looked as Yin and Yang was floating on his robe, matching the word Yuan.

However, from the beginning, this man had never looked once at the onlookers. He squinted his eyes as if he was taking a nap. That kind of unworldly poise completely suited a member of the Yuan Gate.

Lin Dong’s gaze stopped at the man for a while. Then, he shifted his gaze to his left. Beside that man, there was an attractive middle-aged women. She was wearing a pale-white cloak, looking extremely graceful and outstanding.

“She is from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace…” Liu Bai immediately explained when he saw Lin Dong shift his gaze in that direction. He was rather good at providing information.

“The one beside her is from the Thousand Puppet Sect. This super sect is extremely powerful and they specialize in refining puppets. From the information that I obtained, they possess an Immortal Puppet…” Liu Bai continued softly as he pointed to a grey-robed old man that was surrounded by a ghastly aura.

As Lin Dong heard these words, he could not help but shudder. He himself was rather familiar with puppets and therefore, he naturally knew what an Immortal Puppet was. A puppet of such level possessed legitimate spiritual intelligence. From a different perspective, such puppet was considered a powerful mystical object. He never expected that the Thousand Puppet Sect actually had such a legendary item.

“The other two are Symbol Valley and Divine Sect. Among the eight super sects, both of these two sects major in Mental Energy and minor in Yuan Power,” Liu Bai pointed at the next two figures while providing information on them. Lin Dong could sense a boundless Mental Energy from these two persons. This was the first time Lin Dong saw anyone with such powerful Mental Energy over the years.

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows once more. He could somewhat relate to these two super sects. However, he did not differentiate his Mental Energy and Yuan Power into primary or secondary offensive tools. Even though his Yuan Power was stronger than his Mental Energy, Lin Dong knew that this was due to the fact that he purposely suppressed the latter…

“These two sects are rather suitable for you,” Little Marten chuckled.

Lin Dong smiled at these words. However, he had yet to make a decision.

“The next is the Blade Sect. They have a Yuan Power-imbued swordplay martial art that is extremely powerful. Its offensive power is unparalleled.”

“Oh, that’s the Great Desolate Palace. Out of the eight super sect, their sect members have the most terrifying-looking physical bodies.”

One of the two persons Liu Bai that pointed at was green-clothed and carried a sword scabbard. The scabbard seemed to emit an extremely formidable sword aura. Meanwhile, the other person had an extremely muscular body. His top-half naked body was bulging with green veins that looked like baby dragons. At times, there seemed to be faint dragon roars coming from those wiggling green veins. Apparently, he had trained his physical body to an extremely powerful state.

“They truly worthy to be called the super sects, I have gained new knowledge and experience this time around…” Lin Dong heaved a sigh as he accepted the fact willingly. The sects that he had come across in the past paled into insignificance in comparison with these super sects.

“Haha, there’s still one more sect that I have yet to introduce. This sect is called the Dao Sect. This sect is rather unique. They have the least number of members, and yet, they are startlingly powerful. Occasionally, there are some crazy individuals in this sect. One hundred years ago, an exceptionally ruthless individual from the Dao Sect went bonkers and rushed into the Yuan Gate and killed three of their elders, shocking the entire Eastern Xuan Region,” Liu Bai smacked his lips and explained. Even when he spoke of this incident now, he was still extremely horrified by it. The Yuan Gate was the most powerful super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region. No one had expected that ruthless person would dare to rush into enemy territory single-handedly and even killed three of their elders. This incident shocked the entire world.

Even Lin Dong gasped at these words. This fellow was indeed ruthless.

“One hundred years ago… it should be that lunatic…” Little Marten muttered to himself. His facial expression was somewhat complex.

“What happen to that guy in the end?” Lin Dong asked curiously.

“The incident blew up eventually. One of the three heads in the Yuan Gate was alarmed and he had to personally suppress that ruthless person…” Liu Bai answered and spread out his hands. To become the leading faction in Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate’s foundation must be extremely terrifying. Even though that ruthless individual was extraordinary, he still paled in comparison with the big shots of the Yuan Gate.

“Yuan Gate is indeed terrifying.”

Lin Dong heaved a sigh, while he grew increasingly wary of this sect. However, he soon raised his head and shifted his gaze towards the last glowing. He wanted to see how the man from this sect looked like.

Just as his gaze shifted in that direction, his facial expression froze. Even Little Marten was astonished at what he saw.

Sitting on that glowing chair, an old and frail figure leaned lazily against the back of the chair. At this moment, a cryptic smile appeared on the old man’s face, capturing the attention of Lin Dong and Little Marten. That face was somewhat familiar.

“It’s him….”

Lin Dong muttered. He and Little Marten then gave each other the bewildered look.

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