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Chapter 611: Opening of the Hundred Empire Mountain

Lin Dong stared at Qin Tian, who was slowly laying his hands down, as a chilliness flowed vaguely within his eyes. The Tian Yuan Empire was indeed powerful and Qin Tian’s reputation was truly fearsome. Nonetheless, even if they were to attack, Lin Dong’s group was not afraid of them at all.

Little Flame’s muscular figure directly arrived behind Lin Dong. The black metal rod in his hand heavily slammed onto the ground and it’s frightening strength directly shook the land.

After the big battle previously, there were still some traces of blood remaining on Little Flame’s body. Meanwhile, his face was also filled with a ferocious and evil aura. Black light lingered on his body and occasionally transformed into a black fog.

Standing beside them, Little Marten’s handsome face was devoid of expression. His eyes merely glanced at Qin Tian once. Over the year, there may have been individuals who had the qualifications to act haughty in front of him, however, this so called strongest expert of the Tian Yuan Empire did not have the qualification to do so, much less a youngling that had just came from that place…

Even though the current him could not easily use the physical strength of his Celestial Demon Marten’s body, if he were to unleash his various tricks, it was likely that these none of these geniuses could seriously contend with him.

Mo Ling, Su Kui, Su Rou and the others did not hesitate even a little when they saw this tense atmosphere. Immediately, all of them stood behind Lin Dong.

The eyes of Liu Bai and the rest changed continuously for a moment, before they finally clenched their teeth violently and gathered behind Lin Dong. Currently, all of them were in the same boat as Lin Dong. If Lin Dong was to fall, it was likely that they would not be spared as well. In that case, why should they be afraid of offending the Tianyuan Empire…

Those people around the messy rocky area turned into an uproar when they saw this scene. Clearly, they did not expect that this group would actually dare to challenge the dignity of the Tianyuan Empire and Qin Tian.

He was the leader of the ten super empires!

“Those fellows…” Lan Ying also gently frowned her eyebrows upon witnessing this scene. She similarly disliked Qin Tian and the Tianyuan Empire and her Celestial Empire were not on friendly terms. Both parties had clashed occasionally because of some resources. However, even she could not deny his strength.

Qin Tian was the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation of the Tianyuan Empire. Not only did he possess a shocking talent for martial arts but he was also quite shrewd. Based on what Lan Ying was aware of, Qin Tian had already caught the eye of Yuan Gate, the strongest of the eight super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region. Therefore, his future was limitless.

Of course, the Tianyuan Empire was originally a subordinate faction to the “Yuan Gate” and it was not surprising for Qin Tian to have caught their eyes. After all, there were quite a number of experts from the Tianyuan Empire who held key positions in “Yuan Gate”.

“Qin Tian is not comparable to Song Zhen. There is quite a deep relationship between the Sky Devil Empire and the Tianyuan Empire. Hence, Qin Tian was clearly unwilling to see Song Zhen’s group falter because of Lin Dong’s group…” Qing Feng’s expression was grave as he spoke.

“It is very possible that he has already reached six Yuan Nirvana stage.” Lan Ying laughed bitterly as she softly spoke.

“Six Yuan Nirvana stage?” Even Qing Feng, who had prepared himself, had a change in his expression when he heard this, before he exclaimed in shock. Six Yuan Nirvana stage was enough to allow Qin Tian to look down on everyone here.

“Looks like the champion of the Hundred Empire War this time around is going to be someone from the Tianyuan Empire again…” Qing Feng gritted his teeth as he spoke bitterly.

Lan Ying sighed helplessly. They had already improved rapidly but alas, it was still not sufficient to help them catch up with Qin Tian.

The white clothed Qin Tian standing on the large tree, slowly tilted his head in front of everyone’s eyes. His eyes paused on Lin Dong and Little Marten.


Qin Tian’s feet gently stepped onto the large tree below him. Gold light strangely flashed. That kind of gold light was extremely weak and there was hardly anyone who sensed it.

However, though others were unable to detect it, Lin Dong’s eyes congelated at that moment. He could sense an extremely faint and hidden energy ripple, which contained a powerful destructive force, being emitted from the large tree. It moved below the ground like an earthworm as it was being stealthily channeled over.

“Such exquisite energy control…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were somewhat solemn. The surface of the ground where that strength passed, did not show any signs. If it was not because of the fact that his Mental Energy was stronger than others, it was likely that he would have difficulty detecting it.

Lin Dong was just about to act after having sensed the energy that was quietly sneaking over, when Little Marten gently took a step forward. His footstep coincident with that underground energy ripple.


A cloud of dust stealthily arose from the ground in a quiet fashion. Little Marten’s figure did not move even at all as he raised his head. Following which,his handsome face contained a derisive expression as he stared at Qin Tian.

This quiet exchange occurred in a split second. Other than Lin Dong, Little Marten and Qin Tian, it was likely that no one else present knew that they had already exchanged blows.

Qin Tian eyes congealed slightly when his hidden attack was blasted apart by Little Marten. After which, he released a faint smile, acting as though nothing had occurred. “Do you really intend to clash with our Tianyuan Empire?”

“I think that sometimes it is better to follow the rules.” Lin Dong spread his hands and said. The rule that he mentioned was that Nirvana Seals should be the spoils of victory in this core region.

“Rules?” A person behind Qin Tian laughed in a strange manner, as he mocked, “If we were to finish all of you off, what will you say then?”

“Whether you can finish us off would be determined by your ability.” Lin Dong smiled faintly.

“Heh, what an arrogant brat!” That person’s eyes turned cold as he laughed in a chilling manner, “Alright, let me see whether you have the qualifications to utter those words!”

This person was just about to move after speaking when he was stopped by an Qin Tian’s arm. His stealthy attack previously led the latter to understand that the Lin Dong trio were not ordinary individuals.

“Haha, it seems like the few of you have some prejudice against us.”

Qin Tian laughed slightly. His smile was gentle as his eyes stared at Lin Dong and Little Marten. However, it seemed like his eyes were trying to see through the both of them. However, the two individuals that he face, were clearly not ordinary people. Hence, his detection would naturally fail.

“But it is just as well. The winner is king and the loser is a mere bandit. This principle indeed holds true and I am unable to rebut. If the few of you are unwilling to befriend me, Qin Tian, I will not force you. I believe that we will have the opportunity to spar on the Hundred Empire Mountain soon.”

Quite a number of people around were stunned when they heard Qin Tian’s words. Clearly, they did not expect that the leader of the Tian Yuan Empire would actually take the initiative and back down.


The two people behind Qin Tian were also stunned.

Qin Tian waved his hand. The smile on his face was quite friendly.

Lin Dong knitted his eyebrows slightly while everyone around were stunned. He looked at Qin Tian, who continued to act in a calm and casual manner. Immediately, some caution rose in his heart. The type of people who would reveal all of their emotions on their faces were not frightening. The scary ones were those like Qin Tian, who would continue to smile regardless of how furious he was in his heart.

“Qin Tian had actually taken a step back…” Qing Feng was shocked as he exclaimed.

Lan Ying’s pretty eyes looked at Lin Dong and Little Marten. Finally, her eyes shrunk slightly at where Little Marten’s feet were. She could see a thumb size dark black hole at that spot.

She could sense a kind of extremely sharp and ferocious remanent strength from that black hole.

“Have they exchanged blows… no wonder…”

Lan Ying’s pretty eyes glanced at Little Marten while her face gradually became grave. Clearly, she did not expect that he was actually able to fight evenly with Qin Tian in a secret bout.

Xue Ying and the rest immediately felt despair when Qin Tian backed down. Following which, they could only obediently surrender their Nirvana Seals.

“You need to be wary of that person.” Little Marten turned around, looked at Lin Dong and softly said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He was aware that if they did not discover Qin Tian’s probing attack earlier on, it was likely that the latter would have attacked and finished them off.

Qin Tian was naturally cautious and even though he was very powerful, he still knew how to temporarily endure. This kind of person was quite troublesome to deal with.


Just when Lin Dong secretly placed Qin Tian on his dangerous enemy namelist, a mighty ancient melodious gong was suddenly emitted from the Hundred Empire Mountain.

This gong sound spread and resounded over the entire core region. The sound reverberated over the entire area and did not stop for a long time.

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard this gong sound and Immediately, they raised their heads and looked towards the Hundred Empire Mountain with heated eyes.

At this moment, the clouds on the mountain top had gradually scattered. Following which, a bright sunlight appeared from the mountain top. After which, a vast and mighty majestic voice reverberated over this entire area.

“The Hundred Empire Mountain is open. Those with the Heavenly Grade Nirvana Seals must ascend immediately!”

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