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Chapter 517: The Remains of the Four Mysterious Sect

Lin Dong and Little Flame did not pause after exiting the large stone hall. Instead, they directly headed toward the deepest part of the Treasure Trove.

Lin Dong had a pretty good haul in this trip to the Eight Level Sect remains. Although Lin Dong did not obtain any martial arts inheritance, the Eight Level Fist Aura could be considered as a true treasure.

Ordinarily speaking, this Eight Leven Fist Aura could be considered as a special conception. Such a conception was something that could only be brewed by an expert, whose strength had reached an extremely powerful level. At the very least, with Lin Dong’s current strength, it was impossible for him to reach this level. Perhaps, he might be able to possess this kind of conception in the future, but right now, he still needed time to grow before he could do so.

By obtaining some understanding of the Fist Aura conception at this moment, it was likely that this would be extremely beneficial to Lin Dong in the future.

“Just the remains of this Eight Level Sect is already this rich. I wonder just who had obtained the inheritance of the Ground Martial Sect that is ranked the top amongst the protector sects.”

Lin Dong softly muttered as he passed through the midair. Those who could arrive at this deep regions of the Secret Treasure Trove were definitely not weak. Moreover, it was impossible for Lin Dong to be the only one who had met with a lucky opportunity. Others might even be more blessed than he was.

“Little Flame, what is the inheritance that you have obtained earlier?” Lin Dong suddenly turned his head, looked at Little Flame behind and smilingly asked.

“It is a martial arts. Eight Level Sky Seal. It should be a low grade Soul martial arts.” Little Flame rubbed his head and laughed in a silly manner. He really did love this martial arts. The Eight Level Sect specialized in being tough and forceful. Since Little Flame actual form was a Demonic Beast, this kind of forceful and strong martial arts was most suitable for him.

“A low grade Soul martial arts huh?”

Lin Dong softly praised. It was indeed worthy of being an ancient sect. Even something that was randomly obtained from it was a Soul martial arts. If this thing was taken outside it was likely that even those high rank empire would fight over it until blood flowed. Even if it is at the low grade level, something like the Soul martial arts was far from what a high grade Manifestation martial art could compare with.

“If this Eight Level Sect’s martial arts is mixed with the Eight Level Fist Aura, its might would definitely soar by many times. Since you already possess the martial arts, you should not be lacking this Fist Aura.” Lin Dong mused for a moment. Suddenly he patted his hand on Little Flame’s body and an Eight Level Fist Aura was poured into the latter’s body.

“This Eight Level Fist Aura might be of quite a great use to you. Try to understand it. It will be of critical importance to your future training.”

Although the Eight Level Fist Aura that Lin Dong had obtained was powerful, it was not something that was originally his. Hence, this Fist Aura would diminish each time he used it and could be considered quite precious. However, in order to allow Little Flame to gain the opportunity to understand such a Fist Aura, Lin Dong would naturally not act stingily. If Little Flame could become more powerful, it would also be an extremely helpful for him.

Even though Lin Dong had already successfully reached the deep regions of the Secret Treasure Trove, the competitors which he would subsequently meet would likely be even more troublesome to deal with. All of them were the top tier experts from the north-western region or even the other regions. They were all renowned and great existences in the entire Ancient Battlefield. It would not be an easy task for Lin Dong to compete with them for the inheritance of the last four mysterious sect as well as the Samsara pill, which he had no idea of its location.

Little Flame sensed the Eight Level Fist Aura that had entered his body and felt the forceful and strong feeling contained within it. A joyful expression also flashed across his eyes. This fierceness was indeed worthy of the name Eight Level.


An intense low sound suddenly appeared in the space far in front of them not long after Lin Dong had poured a Eight Level Fist Aura into Little Flame’s body.

This sudden commotion immediately caught the attention of everyone who had broke into the Ancient Treasure Trove. Immediately, the sound of parting wind rang in the sky. Numerous figures were suspended in it as their eyes stared at the deep regions of this realm with astonishment.


Lin Dong’s eyes were focused intently at the deep regions. A moment later, his eyes shrunk. He saw that an incomparable large and grand island seemed to be vaguely surfacing from the fluctuating space in the deep regions!

One could even blurry see some ancient majestic clusters of building on the island. Its vast and might aura could still cause one to feel shock even though it was this far away.

“Four Great Mysterious Sect remains!”

A shakened expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Immediately, his face revealed a sudden wild joy. This most precious secret treasure that was hidden in the deepest region was finally about to reveal itself.

“It looks like all the remains of the five great protector sects had been opened by someone.” Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. His heart involuntarily sighed. This Ancient Battlefield was really filled with hidden experts. All the remains of the five great protector sects were actually obtained by others within such a short period of time.

“Let’s go, Little Flame. What is going to happen next is the most important. Whether Little Marten can obtain a physical body again will all depend on this!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were fiery hot. His body rushed forward. He had experienced various danger along the way and had finally reached the deepest part. After this, he would likely really have to end up fighting head on for whatever he wanted to obtain!


Little Flame also nodded heavily. His large hand tightly grabbed onto a metal rod. He was similarly aware that they would subsequently face the fiercest and most dangerous fights since they had entered the Ancient Battlefield!

Swoosh swoosh!

The appearance of the four great mysterious sects remains undoubtedly caused the atmosphere of this Secret Treasure Trove to turn heated. Everyone who had managed to get into this place all began to move regardless of how strong the resistance was. Immediately the sound of rushing wind continuously appeared in the sky. Numerous figures rushed over from all directions as they wildly shot towards the deep regions of this realm.

A treasure like a low grade Soul martial arts had appeared within the remains of the Eight Level Sect. Moreover, there was even the Eight Level Fist Aura, something that was impossible for a Nirvana Stage expert to control. Being the leader of this Tiangang Alliance, just what scary would the the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects be?

This question would likely cause one’s blood to boil just by imagining the answer. As long as one was lucky enough to obtain the inheritance of any one of these four great mysterious sects, it was likely that one could soar to the sky and stand out in this Ancient Battlefield to be an existence that could tower over countless number of empires!

Such an allure caused even someone with Lin Dong’s character to be helplessly attracted. Which ordinary person would not go crazy over it?

While many human figures flashed across the sky, a few of them slowly walked out from some remains that were hidden in the deep mountains located towards the north of this deep regions of the Secret Treasure Trove.

“Haha, is the four great mysterious sects remains about to be open? It looks like the remaining four protector sects remains had been obtained by others.” The leader of the few human figures was not an unfamiliar one. It was Liu Bai, whom Lin Dong had met sometime earlier. From his appearance, he had clearly obtained the remains of a protector sect.

“Those fellows are really lucky. We have spent quite a great amount of effort in order to find this rank 3 Great Tooth Sect remains. I wonder just which lucky individuals had obtained the rank 2 Eight Level Sect and the Rank 1 Ground Martial Sect?” A human figure behind Liu Bai laughed faintly.

“Although the remains of the five great protector sects are quite strong, they are merely the appetizer. There is no need to be too envious. The true main course is only beginning now. Let’s go. We cannot delay any longer.” Liu Bai laughed. After which, his figure rushed out. He took the lead to rush towards the remains of the four great mysterious sects

“Demon Spear Liu Bai…” A black robed figure on the top of a mountain looked at the figure that had flashed across the sky in the distance. His pale white long hand was extended out from his sleeves as he raised his head slightly, revealed a somewhat pale face. Surprisingly, he was that mysterious fellow who called himself Yan Sen that Lin Dong had met not long after entering this Ancient Treasure Trove.

“All four great overlords of the north-western region has actually appeared. Heh, this is getting interesting.” Yan Sen glanced at the western sky and smiled faintly. After which, his body moved and strangely disappeared from this mountain top.


An ancient and heavy main door of a remains was blasted apart. A human figure shot out in a miserable manner. Fresh blood formed a glaring mark under him. He looked at the figure that was slowly walking out of the main door with fear. Before he could speak, a stone cut through the air and penetrated through his neck.

The walls of the remains contained some blurry traces that vaguely seemed to form an incomparably sharp “Wu” character.

“What a good place…” That tall figure stretched his lazy waist and smiled faintly. He immediately raised his head and looked into the deep regions of this realm. There was an extremely sinister and cold expression surging within his eyes. “Lin Dong has also entered this place, right? I’m really curious just what level he had reached. Like I said, I will let everyone in the Lin clan know that only I am the most outstanding genius in the history of the clan!”

“That Lin Dong is merely just an epiphyllum that bloomed temporarily!”

Sunlight scattered down from the sky and shone onto that handsome yet sinisterly cold face. That incomparable familiar appearance was surprisingly Lin Langtian, who had separated with Lin Dong for a long time!

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