WDQK Chapter 501

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Chapter 501: Soul Martial Arts


A crisp sound slowly rang out in the air, causing the pupils of countless people to abruptly shrink. This was because they saw that under the ancient hand, crack lines seemed to have quickly appeared on the dark golden light attack. This attack was formed by Shi Kun with all his strength, and it could destroy any one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. However, the crack lines spread and the attack exploded into light spots that permeated the sky.

This took place in a completely domineering fashion!

A Soul Martial Arts was actually this frightening!


Shi Kun’s expression suddenly turned pale, when his attack was destroyed by this brutal force. Immediately, blood churned within his body. Finally, he could no longer resist as he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, and instantly become a lot more lethargic. Clearly, the attack had affected him as well, causing him to be injured.

“Soul Martial Arts…” Shi Kun’s was speechless when he saw this scene. He did not even wipe away the trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. Was this the legendary Soul Martial Arts that was rumoured to exceed the Manifestation Martial Art? It was actually this powerful…

“How could this brat possess such good luck? How is it possible for him to possess a Soul Martial Arts?” Shi Kun growled in his heart, unwilling to accept the situation. One must have obtained some inheritance imprint from those ancient sects in order to learn such a martial arts, and it was extremely difficult to obtain one. Even with the strength of their Devil Cliff Empire, they were never in possession of one. However, it had appeared in the hands of Lin Dong, someone from a low rank empire. How could he calm down when he saw such his martial arts?

“This brat is unworthy of owning such a martial arts!”

The dissatisfaction within transformed into jealousy that surged through Shi Kun’s heart. Both of his eyes were somewhat red, as he stared at Lin Dong. If he could obtain this Soul Martial Arts, he would truly be able to step into the Nirvana Ranking and become an outstanding existence in this Ancient Battlefield. In the future, that martial arts may even aid him to be selected by those super sects. At that time, he would have truly made a name for himself and he would have a limitless future!


While jealousy surged within Shi Kun’s eyes, Lin Dong, who was watching him from a short distance away, released a cold snort. Immediately, the killing intent within his eyes surged. Following which, the large ancient hand that had shattered the dark golden glow, once again shot out with a whistle and flew towards Shi Kun as fast as lightning.

“Bang bang!”

The intense pressure and the sound of wind being transmitted, caused Shi Kun to suddenly wake up. Immediately, his whole body was drenched with cold perspiration as his body quickly withdrew while he hurriedly cried, “Lin Dong, you did well today. However the grudge between you and my Devil Cliff Empire will not end at this!”

“There will be no future. Today, you shall die in this Pill River.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold, while his voice was filled with an intense killing intent. He knew that Shi Kun was a vicious person and he will definitely take revenge against those whom he had a grudge with. Moreover, the most important thing was that this person was quite powerful. If Lin Dong let him off easily, he would definitely encounter quite a bit of trouble in the future. Even though Lin Dong might not be afraid of him, it was still best to completely get rid of any potential problems while he could do so.

After Lin Dong’s icy voice sounded out, the large ancient hand appeared to tear through the air. In a blink of an eye, it appeared in the air above Shi Kun, who was swiftly withdrawing. After which, it mercilessly slapped downwards!

“Golden Body Barrier!”

The blood within Shi Kun’s entire body seemed to have solidified that instant that enormous ancient hand slammed down. He could sense an extremely potent feeling of death. Immediately, his eyes congelated as a screech was emitted from his mouth.

A bright golden coloured spherical barrier swiftly spread from within Shi Kun’s body, appearing just like a tough defence layer that protected his body within.


The large ancient hand did not pause because of the emergence of this glaring golden light barrier, as it continued to fall downwards steadily. The life-like ancient palm looked like the mountain fissures, giving it an extremely magical appearance.

The large ancient hand finally landed on that incomparable tough and solid golden light barrier. Immediately, a bell chime-like sound was emitted from the latter. Soon after, everyone around saw circular golden coloured ripples suddenly spreading on the golden light barrier.

The speed at which these waves rippled became increasingly faster. At the end, it had basically permeated the entire light barrier, covering every part of it. Clearly, the defensive strength of this golden light barrier had already been pushed to the extreme, in order to block Lin Dong’s fatal attack.

“Break!” Lin Dong’s eyes were stone cold while his stern cry was just like thunder!

The large ancient hand accompanied the sound of Lin Dong’s cry and once again pressed down viciously. Immediately, the golden light barrier that had already reached its limit, finally emitted a crushing sound as countless number of crack lines appeared. In the next instant, the golden coloured light barrier had completely cracked. With the golden light barrier shattered, Shi Kun, who had lost his last line of defence, finally revealed a terrified expression on his face. However, he no longer had the opportunity to dodge as the large ancient hand finally smashed down mercilessly and pressed heavily onto his body.


A low and deep sound was emitted from Shi Kun’s body. After which, his body fell from the sky like a meteorite, before smashing solidly onto the ground, causing the land to tremble before an enormous crater was left on the ground. Shi Kun’s body was partially visible under the cover of the pile of rock fragments. Meanwhile, his life-aura had already reached its breaking point and even the Yuan Power within his body showed signs of collapsing.

The entire place was silent. Some people with better perception could sense the extremely sluggish breath under the crater. Following which, they involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Their eyes had an additional fear within it as they turned to look at Lin Dong again.

Beating up a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert until a near death state with one palm. His abilities and skills definitely had a deterrent effect towards all of them. It was really a little frightening.

At this moment, Lin Dong’s reputation within their hearts had caught up with those true overlords within the north-western region…

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold and indifferent as he looked at the crater. He beckoned with his hand and a light flew out from within Shi Kun’s body before finally landing in his hand.

This was an ancient key, the Ancient Secret Key that was used to open the Ancient Treasure Trove. Lin Dong had always felt that this object held deeper secrets that he was not privy of. Now that he had defeated Shi Kun, the Ancient Secret Key in the hands of the Devil Cliff Empire would naturally land in his hand.

“Big Brother!”

At this moment, Shi Xuan and the others were also extremely frightened. All of them rushed down in an extremely miserable manner. Finally, they landed in that enormous crater and pulled out an unconscious Shi Kun, who was covered with blood.

“Leave now!”

The limbs of Shi Xuan’s group had become icy cold as they looked at the miserable injuries that covered Shi Kun’s body. Their entire bodies shivered repeatedly. After which, they carried Shi Kun up. None of them even dared to look at Lin Dong. The devilish thoughts that originally existed in their hearts, was also completely swept away by the fear. After today’s exchange, they finally understood that their Devil Cliff Empire no longer had the qualification to fight against Lin Dong.

In this cruel Ancient Battlefield, their Devil Cliff Empire had used its reputation as a stepping stone to allow Lin Dong’s name to completely resound across this north-western region.

The fight between them had finally ended with Lin Dong’s victory. Being the defeated party, it was extremely difficult for them to make a comeback.

Lin Dong looked at the group from the Devil Cliff Empire who were swiftly fleeing like homeless strays, yet he did not attack them. Shi Kun was the only one in the Devil Cliff Empire, whom he viewed as a threat. Yet, the current Shi Kun had already descended into a half crippled state from his previous palm attack. Even if he could fully recover from his injuries in the future, it would be difficult for him to make any advancement within the next couple of years. Additionally, the reputation of the Devil Cliff Empire within this Ancient Battlefield would also plummet by a whole level after losing such a critical person. Some of their enemies from the past would likely not give up such a great opportunity…

Whether they could survive through these life threatening dangers was not something that Lin Dong was concerned about.

As the men from the Devil Cliff Empire fled, this entire area had also suddenly become relaxed. Numerous gazes were stealthily sweeping over Lin Dong from different angles. However, all of these gazes had expectedly contained a little respect and fear in them.

At this moment, no one dared to disrespect Lin Dong simply because he came from a low rank empire. This was because they understood that the skills which this young man from a low rank empire possessed, was something that even a high rank empire like the Devil Cliff Empire was unable to withstand…

In this Ancient Battlefield, only genuine strength was the truth that no one could refute!

“All of you… are you not going to get lost?” Lin Dong’s eyes slowly shifted downwards from the air. His faint voice was not the least bit courteous, when he looked towards Wang Lie and the others.

Wang Lie and the other two looked questioningly at each other when they heard Lin Dong’s rude words. However, they did not even dare to reply him. All of them decisively turned around and brought their men to quickly flee in a miserable manner.

After experiencing that scene earlier, they knew that with Lin Dong strength, it is a simple feat for him to finish them off. In front of this absolute strength, possessing a stubborn mouth or attempting to act in an imposing manner, would be an extremely foolish decision.

Countless number of people watched this scene from the surroundings of the Pill River, before they involuntarily clicked their tongues quietly. With mere emotionless words, Lin dong had frightened three high rank empires so much that they fled in panic. It seems like another person is going to be added to the extremely short list of people, who possessed such boldness and deterrence in this north-western region…

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