WDQK Chapter 489

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Chapter 489 Various Factions

Even though the Devil Cliff Empire tried their best to suppress news regarding the fight that had taken place in the large palace, their efforts were futile in the end. In merely half a day’s time, news of that matter had swept across the entire ancient palace just like a hurricane.

Once news of this matter got out, it undoubtedly invoked a huge commotion in the city. When most of them first heard of it, their faces were all filled with shock. If it were not for the fact that they knew this information was certainly accurate, all of them would have thought that this was merely a joke.

Even though they were not the overlords, scarcely anyone in the southwest territories dared to offend the Devil Cliff Empire. In fact, even amongst high ranked empires, they were quite a force to be reckon with. Furthermore, everyone was clearly aware that the brothers Shi Kun and Shi Xuan had both survived one Nirvana Tribulation. In fact, it was reputed that Shi Kun possessed the ability to attack the second Nirvana Tribulation. If he could survive, their Devil Cliff Empire’s strength would surely surge once again.

However, such a powerful empire was reduced into such a sorry state by Lin Dong, who merely came from a low rank empire.

It was natural for this surprising outcome to cause such a outroar. However, regardless, from today onwards, Lin Dong’s name will surely shock this entire southwest territories. In fact, it seems like some troubles, such as the Devil Cliff Empire’s bounty, would naturally disappear thanks to his reputation.

After all, if an empire as powerful as the Devil Cliff Empire, could not handle Lin Dong, what chances do any ordinary empires have? Furthermore, most genuinely powerful empires would not bother to do so.

Evidently, Lin Dong’s display of strength today had far exceeded the impact that he had sought. It seems like in the meantime, no one would dare to snatch his Mysterious Ancient Key. This definitely freed up his time…

Just as the whole ancient palace was in an uproar due to the fight that took place in the large palace, the main character Lin Dong, was quietly resting in a secluded corner of the city.

For the previous fight, even though he managed to use fusion energy to wound Shi Xuan, he clearly understood that fusion energy took a huge toll on him. Therefore, based on his current strength, he was unable to execute it consecutively. At that time, if Shi Xuan had improved himself and was able to forcefully receive Lin Dong’s fearsome attack, the one to land in a dire straits would probably be him…

Regardless of how powerful his methods were, the distance between him and Shi Xuan was quite huge. Just the fact that he could use his fusion energy to wound him, was already a noteworthy accomplishment.

“If you can successfully advance to Nirvana stage, that Shi Xuan will be rendered helpless in front of you.” Stead above a large boulder, Lin Dong clenched his fist and said. Right now, his own physical body was indeed lacking.

“That fellow named Shi Kun is truly troublesome. Right now, even Little Flame can only use his powerful physical body and martial arts in order to force a draw. Furthermore, I can sense that fellow possess the ability to attack the second Nirvana Tribulation. If he can truly progress to Two Yuan Nirvana, even Little Flame will be no match for him.” Little Marten hovered in front of Lin Dong before it solemnly said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Although Shi Kun was currently only a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, it was clear that he surpassed practitioners like Shi Xuan. Lin Dong understood that if he was to face Shi Kun, it was likely that he would find it quite troublesome.

“After entering the Ancient Treasure Trove, we will first hunt for some Nirvana pills. It is likely that there would be quite a number of them there. At that time, I will borrow the strength of the treasure trove to breakthrough to the Nirvana stage. As long as I am able to undergo a Nirvana Tribulation, I will be able to fight with Shi Kun even if he advanced to Two Yuan Nirvana stage. Along with Little Flame’s strength, I have eighty percent confidence that I can finish them off!” Lin Dong gaze flashed slightly while a dense chillness surged over his face.

“Heh, if that is the case, things will be determined by who makes a breakthrough first.” Little Marten laughed. It clearly understood that once Shi Kun broke through, they would definitely come looking for them.

“The ancient treasure trove’s allure is far too great. It will be quite difficult to return with lots of rewards. The Demon Cliff Empire was merely one kind of hindrance. There was an unknown number of hidden powerful individuals in this ancient battlefield. The number of strong people and empires that were attracted by the ancient treasure trove are definitely not just those people whom we saw hiding in the great hall. Those are the most troublesome ones.” Lin Dong smiled and spoke with a solemn expression.

“Of course it will not be so easy. Did you not hear what the woman from the Death Valley Empire said? There will definitely be some experts or empires whom they had difficulty fighting against appearing within the ancient treasure trove. However, these individuals could be considered quite outstanding even in the entire ancient battlefield. Speaking from a certain point of view, they could be considered the seeded individuals of those super sects.”

Lin Dong nodded his head. His gaze was slightly lowered. A little heat was slowly climbing up his pair of eyes. A seeded level individual huh? He did not know just how strong they were. If he was able to exchange blows with them once, he would be able to gauge their strength. Just what rank was he considered as in this Ancient Battlefield… “However, if I really wish to exchange blows with those perverts, I would at the very least have to complete the next breakthrough first…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself while clenching both his fists. Although this half a step to Nirvana strength was considered to be nothing in this place, he also understood that he was simply waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity to unleash his latent strength!

At the same time, a couple of human figures was standing on a tall tower located in the southern region of this Ancient Great Hall’s city. Their calm deep pit like eyes overlooked the noisy large city.

“It is really interesting. A person who came from a low grade empire was actually able to force the Devil Cliff Empire until such a miserable state. That Lin Dong does have some ability.” A handsome man from amongst the group looked downwards and laughed softly.

“The ancient battlefield is immensely vast. There are many inheritance left behind by countless number of ancient ancestors. If one is lucky enough to obtain one, one would naturally be able to stand out. It is likely that this is the reason for Lin Dong to be able to fight against the Devil Cliff Empire. It is not too surprising.” A person laughed faintly beside that man.

“Ke ke, these words are true. Have all of you forgotten that fellow called Tian Dao in the north-western region? That fellow also came from a low grade empire. However, he was extremely lucky to obtain the inheritance of the Ancient Tian Dao Sect. Currently, that fellow is extremely renown in the north-western region.” Right at the front of the few figures was a white robed man. That man appeared quite handsome. When he smiled, his lips pursed slightly, appearing to have a woman like delicateness. However, anyone who was familiar with him knew that under that delicateness hid a frightening strength.

“Tian Dao ah…”

The couple of figures behind him involuntarily smacked their lips when they heard this name. Even that man who was noncommittal towards Lin Dong’s action also nodded slightly. His eyes was filled with a dense fear.

“According to what I know, that fellow should have the qualification to enter the Nirvana Ranking. What a troublesome opponent. The big battle would arrive after another half a year. At that time, it is likely that even I will feel a little headache if I was to meet him.” That handsome man looked into the distant and softly said.

“Oh? That fellow actually possess the qualification to step into the Nirvana Ranking?” The faces of the few people by the side changed a little upon hearing these words.

“That’s right. Hence, we cannot fall behind in this ancient treasure trove. This ancient treasure trove is quite mysterious. There are quite a number of people who have their eyes on it this time. They include some of our opponents.”

“Do we need to subdue the Devil Cliff Empire and the others?” A person inquired.

“Other than their leaders, the other members of the Devil Cliff Empire, Prehistoric Empire and the Death Valley Empire are all useless. It is pointless having them by our side. Instead, they will only be a hinderance.” That handsome man waved his hand. The Devil Cliff Empire and other high rank empires which were extremely troublesome in the eyes of an ordinary person appeared to be unworthy of his attention in his eyes.

“Ha ha, Bo Bai, we have not met for a period of time but your tone is becoming increasingly arrogant.” A laughter suddenly sounded from within this rock tower after the voice of the handsome man sounded. After which, a fiery red figure flashed and appeared. He leaned lazily on the rock pillar, smiling like a flower. Those peach blossom like eyes were extremely bewitching.

If Lin Dong was to see this appearance, it was likely that he would be quite surprised. This was because this lady was Mu Hong Ling who had fought with him for the mysterious ancient key in the lightning valley back then.

“It is unexpected that you have also come running here this time around. Don’t tell me that you are also interested in this ancient treasure trove?” That handsome man turned his head around and said.

“Relax, I am the only one here this time around. The others had hurried to another treasure trove and don’t have the time to come…” Mu Hong Ling smiled seductively.

“The treasure is the secondary motive for me to come here. A certain fellow who has schemed against me is my target.”

The handsome man raised his eyebrows and asked, “There is actually someone who dares to scheme against the elder young miss Mu?”

“He is that fellow who is being greatly talked about within this ancient palace.” The beautiful peach blossom eyes of Mu Hong Ling narrowed and formed a dangerous arc.

“Lin Dong huh? Ha, it looks like that fellow is really unlucky to be targeted by you.” The handsome man was startled for a moment before laughing softly and shaking his head. His eyes held a pitiful expression.

“This time around, I have come here to also remind all of you. It is rumoured that some people from the south-western region has along come. They should be targeting the ancient treasure trove. It is somewhat troublesome. It seemed that there is also a person who has the qualification to step into the Nirvana Ranking.” Mu Hong Ling eyebrows were slightly knitted together as she suddenly said.

The handsome man narrowed his eyes before slowly nodding. A mutter spread out along with the breeze.

“Things are really interesting. However, this is not the south-western region. Regardless of how a troublesome that river-crossing dragon is, he should watch himself when he comes here…”

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