WDQK Chapter 438

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Chapter 438 Ling Zhi, Liu Yuan

Ling Yun Empire?!

When that calm voice spread across the entire area, several people’s expressions gently changed. Promptly, they turned towards the figure who had appeared beside Hai Sha, their eyes full of fear.

That man was dressed in white and looked fairly handsome. There were cloud-like patterns sown on his clothes, while a gentle and casual smile hung on his face. In terms of mannerism and appearance, he was not bad at all. Of course, what caused everyone to be fearful of him were not these, but rather, the streams of powerful vibrations emitted by him the instant he appeared.

Compared to a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner like Hai Sha, the vibrations he gave off were much stronger!

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little when this person appeared. He could also sense just how powerful the white clothed man was…

“Lin Dong, that man is Ling Zhi from the Ling Yun Empire. It is reputed that once he accumulates sufficient Nirvana Pills, he can officially attack the Nirvana stage. Furthermore, the Ling Yun Empire is able to rival certain high rank empires and we cannot afford to offend them.” Mo Tei’s face turned solemn due to that man’s appearance. Immediately, he approached Lin Dong and softly said.

Lin Dong remained expressionless. He also knew just how powerful the Lin Yun Empire was. However, that was not enough to make him feel a sense of respect like the rest. Though Ling Zhi was quite powerful, he was not a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner. Even if they really fought, Lin Dong had no reason to fear him.

“Brother Ling Zhi!”

When Hai Sha saw Ling Zhi appear, delight surfaced on his face. Before he could say anything, Ling Zhi casually waved his hand. He somewhat peculiarly stared at Lin Dong, before he gently smiled and said, “My friend, for the event that transpired tonight, it seems like Hai Sha may have been in the wrong. However, Jin Mu is the real mastermind. Now that you have killed him, you should have relieved your anger as well. How about we let go of this matter?”

Ling Zhi’s voice was rather conciliatory. Previously, he had witnessed how powerful Lin Dong was. Based on his current strength, in addition to the might of his Ling Yun Empire, Lin Dong was of little threat towards him. However, he did not want to make an additional enemy for no reason, especially at this juncture.

Therefore, if it were not for the fact that he and Hai Sha went way back, he would not have stepped in.

When the surrounding crowd heard Ling Zhi’s words, they were fairly stunned. They naturally knew of the Ling Yun Empire’s reputation. However, they never expected the latter to adopt such a conciliatory tone.

Hai Sha’s expression also fluctuated a little when he heard Ling Zhi’s words. At first, he thought that Ling Zhi would avenge him. However, when he heard these words, he knew that Ling Zhi did not plan to offend Lin Dong. This fact caused him to feel somewhat disappointed. However, he naturally did not dare to reveal his true emotions.

Lin Dong was evidently surprised by Ling Zhi’s conciliatory tone as well. At first, he thought that this man appeared in order to avenge Hai Sha. However, when he heard the latter’s words, his facial expression softened. Though he did not fear Ling Zhi, he had a powerful Ling Yun Empire backing him. Therefore, he naturally did not want to offend such a powerful faction at this juncture. Immediately, he contemplated for a moment before he said, “Since the Ling Yun Empire has stepped in, I will naturally respect your wishes. I can forget about tonight’s matter. However, let me say this first. If it happens again, perhaps…”

Lin Dong did not finish his sentence. However, the icy cold expression that he cast towards Hai Sha revealed the intention behind his words.

Hai Sha also understood this. Immediately, his expression changed as he felt somewhat disgruntled in his heart. This was the first time he was publicly threatened.

Nonetheless, though he felt disgruntled, he was still fairly shocked by the fact that Jin Mu was killed by Lin Dong. Therefore, even though he knew that Lin Dong’s cultivation level was lower than his, he did not dare to show any hostile intentions towards Lin Dong.

“Haha, it seems like I have managed to watch a good show tonight. Ling Zhi, it seems like your reputation is not as influential as you believe.” While Hai Sha was feeling disgruntled, a hearty laugh suddenly echoed out as the crowd watched several figures heading over.

“That is Liu Yuan from the Great Yuan Empire. Hehe, I never expected that such a person would be drawn over as well…”

When the crowd turned towards the incoming figures, a series of whispers immediately spread out. Everyone knew that the two most powerful empires in Yang City were the Ling Yun Empire and Great Yuan Empire…

Lin Dong’s attention turned towards that man named Liu Yuan. He had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, an extremely muscular figure. His palms were as large as a bear and he gave off an extremely formidable and oppressive feeling. Besides, from the vibrations that faintly emerged on his body, he was evidently at the same cultivation level as Ling Zhi and once he accumulated sufficient Nirvana Pills, he would be able to officially attack Nirvana stage. Ling Zhi casually glanced at Liu Yuan. With his intelligence, he could obviously detect the inflammatory intent behind his words. Both parties were clearly at loggerheads and the latter evidently hoped that their rival, the Ling Yun Empire, would offend a tricky opponent. Of course, if he really followed Liu Yuan’s wishes, he would not be called Ling Zhi.

“Liu Yuan, I do not need you to interfere in today’s matter. Whatever you say is meaningless and it will be better for you not to say anything.”


After he spoke, Ling Zhi turned around and cupped his fists towards Lin Dong. Even though Lin Dong’s words caused an itch in his heart, he chose to turn around and leave. After all, the Ling Yun Empire was one of the top powers in Yang City and usually, whatever he said and regardless of which empire, he would hardly encountered an attitude like Lin Dong. However, though he felt somewhat displeased, based on Ling Zhi’s intelligence, he naturally would not reveal it.

“Pfft, what an arrogant kid. Why is Big Senior so courteous towards him!”

“Yes. After our Ling Yun Empire showed up, not only did he fail to apologize, he even dared to utter such words!”

After he turned around and walked off, some other elite Ling Yun Empire members involuntarily grumbled. They were the elites in Yang City and everyone had to respect them. However, Lin Dong’s attitude tonight caused them to feel slightly outraged.

“Lin Dong is merely at the advanced Manifestation stage, yet he is able to slaughter a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner. Can you do that?” Ling Zhi slowed down when he heard his subordinates words, his eyes narrowing as he casually asked.

When they heard his words, his subordinates were immediately at a loss for words.

“He is able to survive even after being hunted down by five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts in the middle of the demonic horde. Can you accomplish that?”

The crowd was once again stunned. At the same time, the arrogance on their faces diminished. That was because they knew that none of them could do what Lin Dong had done.

“However, that does not mean that kid can act so arrogantly in front of Big Senior…” After a moment of silence, someone finally said.

“The reason why he acted in this fashion was because he had the qualifications to do so. There are two possible explanations behind why he did not treat me respectfully. The first is that he is a fool. Or, he possesses a trump card that allows him to not fear my Ling Yun Empire.” Ling Zhi’s hands were behind his back as he slowly explained.

The crowds were stunned again. The first explanation was naturally a joke and they instantly ruled it out. After all, they could not even accomplish what Lin Dong had done. If he was a fool, then what were they? In that case, there could only be one explanation…

When their thoughts reached this point, shock and suspicion flashed across their eyes. It was very difficult for them to imagine that a kid from a low rank empire, that they looked down on, would actually possess a trump card that allowed him to have no fear of their Ling Yun Empire.

After glancing at Ling Zhi and the rest’s departing figures, Lin Dong retracted his gaze. When he saw the bewildered stares from the crowd, he knew that in the following days, no one would dare to offend him.

“Haha, this friend is truly impressive tonight. My name is Liu Yuan and I come from the Great Yuan Empire.” Liu Yuan’s eyes swept across Lin Dong’s body, before he cupped his fists and bowed respectfully.

“Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong smiled. He knew that the Ling Yuan Empire and Great Yuan Empire were the top two factions in Yang City. In the past, he did not have the qualifications to befriend them. However, after tonight’s events, they were now forced to treat him seriously. Based on Liu Yuan’s smile, Lin Dong could sense that he wanted to befriend him.

After all, no matter where you were, strength was the most important thing.

In the following time, Liu Yuan conversed with Lin Dong for a short while, before he smiled and left.

“Hehe, Brother Lin Dong, you have a strong reputation now. Even the Ling Yun Empire and Great Yuan Empire are impressed by you.” When he saw Liu Yuan leave, Mo Tei smiled from the side as he enviously remarked.

Lin Dong smiled, not too delighted by this fact. Though these two empires may seem invincible in Mo Tei’s eyes, in his opinion, they were only alright. Therefore, he was not too surprised by Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan’s respectful attitude.

“Let’s reorganize ourselves. Once daybreak arrives, we will have to continue our journey.”

After tonight’s events, Lin Dong’s words had unknowingly gained weight in their group. Therefore, when they heard his words, Mo Tei, Tang Xuan and the rest smiled before they nodding their heads. Faintly, it seemed as if the nucleus of the group had shifted from Mo Tei to Lin Dong.

The muscular looking yet intuitive Mo Tei noticed this subtle change as well. However, he did not object to it. The charisma and strength that Lin Dong was enough for him to recognize that the latter deserved this position.

After a bloody night, sunlight finally broke through the darkness, signalling the end of the night. As they stared at the debris and corpses littered around and smelled the bloody stench in the air, several people felt like they had survived a disaster. However, this feeling was quickly washed away by a hopeful feeling, because everyone knew that today was the day they would reach the treasure abundant Thunder Granite Valley. Therefore, as long as they could obtain a treasure from there, the risk this time would have paid off!

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