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Chapter 380: The Final Opponent

In the large hall, Lin Dong calmly stared at Huangpu Ying, whose aura had significantly weakened. The previous heavy attack had left him with pretty severe injuries. Therefore, based on his current condition, he could no longer pose any threat to Lin Dong.

“You have lost…”

Lin Dong glanced at Huangpu Ying, who was hideously picking himself up from the ground, as he casually said. Then, without further ado, he turned and walked towards the final bronze door.

“Cough…” Huangpu Ying’s expression was pale as he leaned on a stone pillar. As he stared at Lin Dong’s back, his face was extremely grim. However, he did not rashly attack him again. He specialized in the art of assassination and it did not pose any threat to Lin Dong at all. Therefore, in a straight-up battle, he would definitely be no match for Lin Dong.

Even though the ones who could participate in the Battle of Seeds were all the top geniuses from various factions, there were rules in this battle as well. Therefore, there were not allowed to kill each other during a fight, else it might incite a conflict between these powerful factions.

However, even though he could not kill him, Huangpu Ying was clearly aware that if he continued to press on, though Lin Dong would not kill him, he could make him suffer terribly.

“Lin Dong, even though you are quite powerful, let me tell you this. Based on your current strength, you are totally unqualified to pursue Ling Qingzhu!” Huangpu Ying leaned on a stone pillar while he stared at Lin Dong’s back, before he suddenly chuckled and said.

Lin Dong’s footsteps slowed down, before he casually said: “Do you really believe that I don’t have the guts to kill you?”

“I am just speaking the truth. Of course, I know that I do not possess the qualifications as well.”

Huangpu Ying ignored the killing intent in Lin Dong’s words, before he solemnly sighed. His tone was slightly bitter as he said: “You do not know her true background. Compared to her, we are merely ants that were painstakingly crawling around in the East Xuan Region. Even though you may be the elite of the Great Yan Dynasty, compared to her level, your so-called genius is merely a joke.”

“Lin Dong, you are powerful. However, let me teach you this, you have to know your limits. There are some things in this world that one is not destined to have.”

Lin Dong’s body was planted on the ground. A long while later, he finally turned around and stared at Huangpu Ying. Right now, the arrogance on his face had completely dissipated. As he stared at the latter, half a moment later, he slowly said: “There is nothing that is impossible in this world.”

“Two year’s ago, I was nobody. However, two years later, I am able to compete with the heavenly genius in this dynasty. Therefore, regardless of her background, I will not give up on something that I have set my mind on. I am different from you and I possess grit!”

“If you want to become powerful, based on your attitude, you are unable to become a true legendary elite.”

“Having no fear in one’s heart, that is the path to become an elite!”

After Lin Dong’s casual words landed, he hesitated no more as he directly turned and walked slowly towards that bronze door, that was slowly opening up. Then, he slowly disappeared in front of Huangpu Ying’s eyes.

“Having no fear in one’s heart, that is the way to become powerful.”

Huangpu Ying muttered to himself as he stared at Lin Dong’s disappearing figure. Moments later, he finally laughed painfully. It was easy to utter these words, however, it was difficult to carry them out in practice. Having no fear in one’s heart, how many people in this world could do so.


“Haha, congratulations Leader Lin Fan. I never expected Lin Dong to be this formidable and he even managed to completely dominate Huangpu Clan’s Huangpu Ying.”

“Lin Langtian has passed through the second round as well. It seems like your Lin Clan should obtain a spot this time around.”

On a high wall outside of the large hall, when the various factions’ leaders saw the outcome of the battles on the screen, all of them began to congratulate Lin Fan. There was a tinge of envy contained within their words.

Lin Fan smiled as he returned their greetings. The delight in his eyes was indeed quite rich. Right now, the situation had exceeded his expectations as both Lin Dong and Lin Langtian had successfully passed through the second round. In that case, as long as one of them was able to pass through the final round, their Lin Clan would secure a placing!

“Haha, Lin Fan. Your Lin Clan is truly fortunate to have two highly talented individuals.” Mo Jingtian, who was dressed in royal robes, walked over as well. His eyes glanced at the screen, where Lin Dong was shown, while shock flashed across his eyes. Though Huangpu Ying’s ability was not top-tier, his special methods were extremely deadly. However, he never expected Lin Dong to have easily defeated him. Seems like he was fairly powerful.

“You are too kind, your majesty. Though Lin Langtian and Lin Dong are quite skilled, they are nothing compared to your Third Royal Prince. In the past two rounds, there is no one that is able to last twenty bouts with him. Based on his strength, I can only pray that Lin Dong and Lin Langtian do not have to encounter him.” Lin Fan smiled as he said.

“Haha, if you do not want to meet Third Royal Prince, then we shall see if you are lucky enough to meet Wang Zhong. Twenty years ago, your Lin Clan’s spot was taken by my Wang Clan and it has been a sore spot since then. Let’s see if you are fortunate enough to take revenge this time.” Just as Lin Fan spoke, beside him, a hearty loud laugh sounded out. Then, Lin Fan’s brows furrowed before he titled his head, only to see that Wang Clan’s Wang Lei had unknowingly walked over.

“Wang Lei, until the final results are released, don’t celebrate first.” Lin Fan casually said.

When he heard his words, Wang Lei smiled, while he wore an arrogant expression. In these past two rounds, Wang Zhong had easily crushed and dominated his opponents as well. Based on his progress, Wang Lei understood that their Wang Clan was most likely going to obtain a spot.

In the final round, as long as Wang Zhong does not encounter the Third Royal Prince, he would have a good chance of emerging victorious and obtaining one of the five spots…

When he saw Wang Lei’s actions, a tinge of rage flashed across Lin Fan’s eyes. Previously, their Lin Clan also encountered the Wang Clan in the final round. After a fierce battle, they eventually lost at the final bout and they were forced to cede the precious placing to the Wang Clan.

It was because of this that the Wang Clan has been getting increasingly arrogant over the past twenty years. If they allowed them to obtain the spot again, their arrogance would probably surge again.

However, having said that, Lin Fan understood that Wang Zhong was extremely powerful. Among the younger generation members that were participating in the battle, there was hardly anyone who could defeat him…

With regards to the final battle, it would have to depend on luck. After all, the ones who can reached the final stage are all top geniuses. Previously, Lin Fan also realized that out of the final ten who had reached the final round, besides Lin Langtian and Lin Dong, there were five other individuals that were extremely powerful. Therefore, if Lin Dong or Lin Langtian met any of them, it would definitely be a fearsome battle.



In the middle of the large passageway, a soft footstep sound echoed out. Lin Dong calmly walked forward as he slowly reached the end of the passageway. At that spot, there was a tightly shut golden door.

As he slowly walked on, Lin Dong’s aura began to rage just like tidal waves as he slowly readied himself!

The next round would be the final battle of the Battle of Seeds. At the same time, it would decide who would obtain a spot.

The following battle was extremely crucial!

Furthermore, Lin Dong was keenly aware that his opponent in the final round would be an extremely tricky one. The ones who can pass through the first two round were formidable individuals. In fact, one could claim that the ten of them who had reached the third round, were the top ten younger generation members in Great Yan Dynasty!

His opponent in the following round would likely be the most powerful younger generation that Lin Dong had ever fought with. Therefore, he cannot be careless at all!

Da da!

His solemn footsteps slowly echoed in the passageway. As his footsteps sounded out, it seems like streams of increasingly powerful shockwaves emerged as well. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s aura seemed to have reached his maximum. Powerful energy coursed through his body, as if they were anticipating a fearsome and earth-shattering battle!

“Ka chak!’

Formidable Yuan Power shockwaves howled in the passageway, while tiny cracks stealthily emerged on the golden door, due to this pressure.

As the number of cracks grew, Lin Dong’s aura also reached his maximum. Then, golden glow flowed in his eyes, while his body will filled with raging battle intent!


Finally, the golden door was no longer able to withstand that overwhelming pressure as it finally blew apart. Then, golden shrapnels flew everywhere creating a beautiful sight.

When that golden door exploded, Lin Dong took a step forward. Then, his eyes turned to look at the middle of the large hall.

This large hall was extremely resplendent and magnificent. However, it was unable to distract Lin Dong as he immediately turned to look at the central spot of that hall. That was because, there was person seated down, with his back facing towards him. He did not make a sound at all and it seems like the entire large hall had turned silent because of his presence.

When that large golden door exploded, that person’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened up. His eyes slowly stared at Lin Dong, while a voice with no vibration, ricocheted across the large hall.

“Lin Dong, you are really unlucky.”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at that figure, while the Yuan Power enshrouding his body began to rage, before he slowly said: “That may not be true.”

When he heard his words, that figure seemingly grinned, before he slowly turned around. His ordinary appearance caused Lin Dong to gently clench his fist, before he gently spat out those two words.

“Wang Zhong!’

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    What if they faced the strongest competitor in the first round and the second weakest in the second round? Or the third weakest in the third round. Or what if one of the stronger participants made a mistake against one of the weaker ones? Saying that the strongest ones will be left in the end is ridiculous. And stupid.

    1. I just wanted to say, that probability of those cases is extremely low and considering that it’s a competition of extra geniuses on similar power level, your smartass post sounds even more stupid than the line you’re complaining about. I’m sure 90% of people thought about the same thing, just to discard this thought soon after.

      1. No. Because there’s too few people the chance is actually extremely high that you’d face one of the strongest participants in the beginning.
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      Plus, Chinese culture believes that ‘luck’ is part of one’s strength. That’s why they use the randomization method instead of a carefully constructed series of matches.

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