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Chapter 372 Rushing to the Imperial City

In a blink of an eye, three days had passed.

There were numerous clan members gathering in the Lin Clan’s plaza. Their eyes were gathered on the people standing in the centre of the plaza. These people would be the representatives for the Great Yan Empire’s most prestigious tournament, the Battle of Seeds!

With regards to the Battle of Seeds, everyone knew clearly about how terrifying it is. If one’s success in the clan gathering would allow him to become an influential figure in the Great Yan Empire, then, to be able to secure a placing in the Battle of Seeds would win him supreme glory and respect in the Great Yan Empire!

That was because if one had a placing, one would represent the Great Yan Empire to take part in the epic Hundred Empire War!

In the centre of the plaza, Lin Fan was busy arranging plans with the elders for the time where he would be away. Not far away , Lin Dong was still together with Lin Xiao and his counterparts. He glanced around and asked puzzlingly, “Where’s Qing Tan?”

“That girl knows that you won’t be bringing her. She is throwing a tantrum now,” Lin Xiao laughed.

Hearing what was said, Lin Dong could only smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

“Don’t worry, we will pacify her. Alright, they are almost done with the preparations, go now,” Lin Zhentian smiled.

“Ok. Grandpa, Dad and everyone, take care!” Lin Dong nodded his head heavily and bent his body to give a solemn bow to Lin Zhentian and his counterparts. Upon witnessing this scene, the clan members around them were dumbstruck. During this period of time, from what they had seen, Lin Dong was an extremely arrogant, fearless individual. They did not expect him to be so respectful towards Lin Zhentian and the branch family members.

Without further hesitation, and with one more salute, Lin Dong took over Little Flame, which had transformed into a kitten, from Lin Xiao. He then turned around and walked towards the centre of the plaza with big strides.

“Since everything has been prepared, let’s go!” Lin Fan nodded his head when he saw Lin Dong and Lin Zhentian arrive. He then let out a sharp whistle from his mouth. Suddenly, an ear-splitting roar could be heard from the depths of the Lin Clan. Then, a huge, four-winged demonic beast flew out, with its wings flapping. Finally, it arrived and hovered in low altitude above the plaza.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Fan waved his hand and took the lead by jumping onto the back of the demonic beast first. Lin Dong, Lin Langtian and hundreds of Lin Clan fighters immediately followed his lead. A line-up like this looked powerful and dominating. It showed how important the Battle of Seeds was to the Lin Clan.

After everyone had jumped atop the back of the four-winged monster, it let out a low growl. After that, under the gazes of numerous clan members, that winged demonic beast rose up in the air rapidly. With a gust of wind, the monster flew towards the direction of the Imperial City with an extreme speed.

As the huge demonic beast flew across the sky of Lin City, it drew numerous gazes from the peopl. Within the Lin City, there were many well-informed individuals. Therefore, they knew about the Lin Clan’s objectives for this operation. However, they were still curious to find out if the Lin Clan could successfully obtained a placing in the Battle of Seeds this time around?

Even though the Lin Clan had powerful figures like Lin Dong and Lin Langtian this time around, there were still competitors from the other three great clans, Imperial Family and other powerful sects. These competitors were not simple individuals. Therefore, compared to the clan gathering, it would be far more difficult to distinguish oneself in the Battle of Seeds.

On the towering city wall of the Lin City, there was a graceful, beautiful figure of a woman. She raised her head and looked at the huge, flying monster. Unwillingly, she clenched her slender, lily-white hands softly.

“Smelly Brother Lin Dong, I don’t need you to find ways for me to go!”

That girl kicked the pebbles below her gently. Then, she lifted her clever-looking and delicate face before she stared at the direction where the huge monster flew, and snorted, “ You despise me because you think I am weak and I will drag you down! Moreover, you even got father to scold me!”

As she spoke these words, that girl bit her rosy lip softly and her crystal-like eyes reddened suddenly. After a moment, as if she had made a huge decision, she took in a deep breath of cool air.

“Why, have you finally made your decision?”

Suddenly, an indifferent voice came up behind Qing Tan. She turned around and saw a slim and strange dark shadow appeared. This shadow was wrapped under a black gown and an indescribable cold aura was emitting from it indistinctly. Although the city wall under its feet appeared normal, but actually, the interior of it had already been reduced to powder.

“Wait till Brother Lin Dong participates in the Hundred Empire War, I will follow you! However, by then, if you can’t make me stronger than Brother Lin Dong, then you’re a liar!” Qing Tan said while biting her glossy lips lightly. It seems like she was shocked by the appearance of that black shadow.

“You are more talented than your Brother Lin Dong, yet his temper falls short of yours. At his age, it is rare to see an individual with such wisdom and determination. Furthermore, he is keeping many secrets which even I couldn’t identify. However, as for your request, I can certainly fulfill it,” the slender black shadow gently shook and said coldly.

After hearing what was said, Qing Tan nodded her head, She then turned around, held up her small, snow-white fist and shook it towards the sky. Her light and crisp voice, filled with the indignation of a young lady, echoed through the air softly.

“Humph, smelly Brother Lin Dong, you don’t have to bring me along. The next time I appear in front of you, I will be more powerful than you! When that moment comes, you will be so shocked that your jaw falls off!”


As Lin Dong sat on the gigantic beast, the incoming gale dissipated, a few feet before reaching Lin Dong’s body.

There were many Lin Clan fighters seated around Lin Dong. However, there were no signs of mockery and disdain in their gazes towards Lin Dong. The recent events had led them to understand that the youth in front of them was no ordinary individual. Only fools would mock those who were stronger than themselves. Evidently, they were not fools.

Naturally, Lin Dong did not care much about their gazes. Instead, he was looking at Lin City, which was getting smaller and smaller in his sight. The fists in his sleeves began to clench tightly. That was because he do not know when will he back after leaving this time around.

In the future, he will be exploring the new world, filled with dangers and opportunities, alone.

As for Lin Xiao and his counterparts, Lin Dong was not too worried about them. Before Lin Dong left, not only did he give his father numerous powerful martial arts, he also gave him two advanced Symbol Puppets. Lin Dong believed that, with these trump cards, the Yan City’s branch family would be gradually stronger in the future.

“Dad, Qing Tan, take care!”

Lin Dong softly murmured to himself. Finally, he withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes. He knew that, in order for his father and family members to live in peace in the Great Yan Empire, he must successfully win a placing to participate in the Hundred Empire War. Only then, would he be able to leave in peace.


Imperial City, the most prestigious city in the Great Yan Empire. For the time being, ignoring those indiscernible super sects, at least among all the factions in Great Yan Dynasty, the Imperial Family was the universally acknowledged overlord of the Great Yan Empire. Therefore, the Imperial City was naturally the most magnificent and imposing landmark in the Great Yan Empire!

The Imperial City was located at east of the Great Desolate Province. The Imperial City and the Lin City happened to face each other as well. Even though the Lin City was known to have a similar scale as the Imperial City, yet to some degree, the former was still inferior as compared to the latter. After all, the Lin Clan still had to respect the overlord of the Great Yan Empire and only wise clans could survive.

Regardless, be it the Imperial Family, the Lin Clan, the other three great clans or any reputable sects in the Great Yan Empire, all of them viewed the Battle of Seeds with great importance. That was because everyone knew the importance of qualifying for the Hundred Empire War. Whoever was successfully chosen by those super sects in the Hundred Empire War, not only would that person will be rewarded lavishly, but his clan and even the Great Yan Empire would be rewarded as well!

In the history of the Great Yan empire, there were no clans whose power had not greatly surged after its members were being chosen by those super sects.

Reportedly, one of the three great sects in the Great Yan Empire, Heavenly Luo Sect, used to be an obscure clan a few hundred years ago. However, in the past, this small clan produce a exceptional genius, who finally won a placing in the Battle of Seed and qualified for the Hundred Empire War.

Most importantly, this genius also put up a great performance in the Hundred Empire War and finally, he was chosen by one super sect. From that day onwards, the Heavenly Luo Sect’s power rose abruptly. Within a few hundred years, the Heavenly Luo Sect became one of the three great sects in the Great Yan Empire and its power was definitely comparable to the Four Great Families!

Therefore, this goes to show just how important the Battle of Seeds was for these factions. These factions would definitely send out their real geniuses to win a placing successfully.

These geniuses were the finest younger generation members in the Great Yan Empire. These individuals had distinguished themselves from tens of millions of people. Even to Lin Dong, defeating all these talents and be placed among the last five placings, would be a stressful task.

Compared to the Battle of Seeds, the clan gathering was merely child’s play.

Two days were spent to travel from the Lin City to the Imperial City. In these two days, Lin Dong also obtained all the information regarding the Battle of Seeds.

From these information, he knew that all the powerful sects and clans in the Great Yan Empire had sent out their younger generation’s best fighters. However, according to Lin Fan, there were five factions that he needed to be worried about.

The Imperial Family, Wang Clan and the three strongest sects in the Great Yan Empire: Heavenly Luo Sect, Great Sorrow Valley and the Barbarian King Sect!

The talents which these five great factions possessed were as terrifying as Lin Langtian!

This time around, it seemed that the Battle of Seeds would truly be a earth-terrifying war!

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