WDQK Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: A Second Encounter

That powerful aura was extremely formidable and everyone felt it the instant it appeared. Immediately, it caused the clan member’s expressions to turn interesting, before they all quickly retreated several steps. They were extremely familiar with the owner of this aura and all of them knew that there was probably going to be a fearsome conflict between the two of them!

“It is reputed that Big Brother Lin Langtian shut himself away and successfully reached advanced Manifestation stage. Therefore, his battle abilities must have surged several times. Since he has came out now, he would definitely cause trouble for Lin Dong.”

“Of course. Elder Lin Zhi has always supported Lin Langtian. Now that he has been badly beaten by Lin Dong, Lin Langtian would definitely not forgive this matter.”

“It seems like there is going to be a huge battle between the two of them today. I believe that compared to half a month ago, Lin Dong’s aura has also grown. Besides, did you see the Soul Treasure that he chose? Based on my knowledge, it is the most mysterious treasure in our clan trove, Heavy Prison Peak. In the past, many powerful practitioners in our clan tried to subdue it, however, all of them eventually failed. In fact, even Lin Langtian failed to do so. Therefore, I never expected it to end up with Lin Dong.”

“The two of them are truly the top geniuses in our Lin Clan. However, there can only be one tiger in one mountain.”


As they sensed that formidable aura heading their way, countless whispers immediately sounded out in the arena, while their expressions were in flux.

Lin Dong stood straight in mid-air, while he stared calmly at the direction where that aura was coming from. From that aura, he could sense that Lin Langtian had officially reached advanced Manifestation stage. However, his own strength has surged as well, hence, he did not fear the latter. Furthermore, now that he possessed a powerful Soul Treasure “Heavy Prison Peak”, he was curious to find out if his Heavy Prison Peak or Lin Langtian’s “Spirit Wheel Mirror” is stronger!


Under Lin Dong’s attention, a blurry figure dashed over as quick as lightning. In a mere blink of an eye, he had appeared in this domain. The person that arrived was indeed Lin Langtian!

When Lin Langtian appeared, he immediately turned to look at a sorry Lin Zhi and the three other elders. Instantly, rage and anger expectedly gushed into his eyes. Then, he slowly lifted his head, before he stared at Lin Dong. His voice was filled with a potent killing intent as he said: “Did you do this?”

“Lin Langtian, if you want to kill me, do it yourself. Why ask others to secretly manipulate the formations in the clan trove to assassinate me?” As he stared at a angry and grim Lin Langtian, Lin Dong chuckled.

“You value yourself too highly. If I want to kill you, do I need to resort to such tricks! Therefore, don’t even try to defend yourself. Furthermore, they are elders in our clan and they hold a respected position. Since you dare to humiliate them, do you even respect our clan’s rules?” Lin Langtian viciously barked.

“Lin Langtian, this is a complicated matter and we cannot lay all the blame on Lin Dong. Lets discuss this after a thorough investigation.” Standing aside, Lin Mu quickly said.

“Senior Elder, I know that you do not support me. However, right now, this insolent bastard disrespected our clan’s elders. Since I am in charge of the clan’s law enforcement, I have the right to punish him. Else, who would respect me in the future?” Lin Langtian loudly proclaimed.

“Since you claim to be the voice of justice, Lin Zhi and the rest abused their clan elder position and tried to assassinate me. Their actions are unbefitting of their position as an elder. Since you want to enforce the law, then capture the four of them and make an example out of them!” Lin Dong coldly chuckled as he said.

“Wiseass brat! After I capture you, let’s see what you will say!” Lin Langtian’s eyelids twitched gently. He was evidently extremely outraged by Lin Dong’s sharp words. Immediately, he turned impatient, before his palm violently stretched out. Then, a large Yuan Power palm materialized, before it viciously swiped at Lin Dong.

“Capture me? What gives you the qualifications?!” Lin Dong chuckled as he directly punched out. Then, a terrifying energy shock wind forcefully blew apart that large Yuan Power palm.

“Initial Manifestation stage!” When Lin Dong made his move, Lin Langtian’s expression darkened. At first, he thought that since he had reached advanced Manifestation stage, he could easily thrash Lin Dong. However, he never expected that Lin Dong had improved tremendously in this half a month’s time. Nonetheless, that was not going to deter Lin Langtian. Immediately, he opened his mouth before a rainbow flash dashed out and transformed into a black hexagon mirror. It was Lin Langtian’s Earthly Soul Treasure, Spirit Wheel Mirror.


When his Spirit Wheel Mirror appeared, Lin Langtian poured his potent Yuan Power into it. Immediately, the mirror began to shimmer. The black glow shimmering on it caused one’s heart to turn cold.

“Spirit Wheel Mirror, Corrosive Divine Beam!”

That black glow shimmered manically on the surface of the Spirit Wheel Mirror, before it exploded forth with a bang. Then, it flashed across the horizon just like a black beam before it flew viciously towards Lin Dong.

This Corrosive Divine Beam was filled with potent corrosive abilities and its corrosive powers were extremely harmful for one’s Mental Energy. It seems like Lin Langtian was aware that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was quite powerful and he wanted to use this in order to counter Lin Dong.


Of course, with regards to his tricks, Lin Dong coldly snorted. Previously, when he did not have an Earthly Soul Treasure, he might have been wary of Lin Langtian’s Earthly Soul Treasure. However, now that he had the Heavy Prison Peak, the latter’s Earthly Soul Treasure was no longer as effective as before.

Lin Dong waved his sleeves, while a black glow actually undulated on his Heavy Prison Peak. Finally, that mountain peak shook, before a black beam also shot out from it. However, Lin Dong’s black beam did not possess any corrosive ability. Rather, it possessed a heavy aura that could suppress the world!


Two black beams collided in mid-air, before a maniacal energy shock wave swept forth instantly.

“You shall break!”

Lin Dong’s expression was icy-cold as he suddenly shouted out viciously. Then, that potent heavy aura actually forcefully destroyed Lin Langtian’s “Corrosive Divine Beam” before it flew towards the latter with an alarming speed.


When he saw that his “Corrosive Divine Beam” was unable to suppress Lin Dong’s black beam, Lin Langtian’s expression darkened. Immediately, he bent his palm into the shape of a claw, before he swiped his palm. Then, a formidable Yuan Power erupted forth before it forcefully tore apart that incoming black bleam.


When he ripped that black beam apart, Lin Langtian’s shoulder suddenly shook. Upon contact, he felt an extremely heavy aura within that black beam. Even though he had only touched a tiny bit of that aura, the Yuan Power circulation in his body seemed to have been obstructed.

“Heavy Prison Peak?”

Lin Langtian’s expression was grim as he lifted his head and stared at that black mountain peak hovering above Lin Dong’s head. Then, his expression was somewhat ugly as he said: “You can actually activate the Heavy Prison Peak?!”

As a fellow clan member who had entered the clan trove, Lin Langtian was naturally aware of this mysterious Earthly Soul Treasure. Though he knew that object was extraordinary, regardless of what means he used and even after the aura in his body tried, they were unable to subdue this Heavy Prison Peak. Therefore, he had no choice but to choose the “Sprit Wheel Mirror”.

However, right now, when he saw that Lin Dong could actually subdue the Heavy Prison Peak, which had completely thwarted him and even the aura inside him, jealousy and shock instantly filled his heart.

The surrounding clan members all secretly swallowed their tongue when they saw this sight. Then, they glanced at one another. All of them could see shock in their respective eyes. At first, they thought that after Lin Langtian reached advanced Manifestation stage, he would surely surpass Lin Dong. However, based on the current situation, it seems like he could not do anything to Lin Dong.

“That fellow is simply too sick…” Several clan disciples muttered to himself while their fear of Lin Dong intensified.

“Lin Langtian, even after reaching advanced Manifestation stage, your abilities are merely so!” With regards to the changing emotions in the clan disciples hearts, Lin Dong chose to ignore it. His eyes stared right at Lin Langtian, before he chuckled. His words did not have a single shred of respect for this Lin Clan’s genius. After all, he thoroughly hated his fellow. If it were not for the fact that he did not want to reveal his hidden killing move, Blood Soul Puppet, he would have killed the latter immediately and thoroughly eliminate him!

“Though the Heavy Prison Peak is powerful, it depends on the user. Based on your capabilities, you do not have the qualifications to possess that Soul Treasure. Hand it over!” Lin Langtian coldly said.

“Come and take it if you can!”

“Do you really believe that I am helpless against you?” Lin Langtian was enraged as Lin Dong pushed the killing intent in his heart till the limit. Just as he was about to reveal some hidden tricks to slaughter Lin Dong, a loud roar faintly filled with anger, suddenly ricocheted across the horizon just like thunder.

“Both of you stop!”

When they heard that voice, several people’s faces gently changed, before a respectful look gushed into his eyes. Immediately, a figure lighting-quick dashed from a distance away.

“Greeting Clan Leader!”

When they saw the arrival of that man, all of the surrounding clan disciples immediately greeted him respectfully. Standing aside, Elder Lin Mu also gently heaved a sigh of relief. Right now, in the clan, the only one who can stop these two ferocious tigers, Lin Dong and Lin Langtian, was the Nirvana stage practitioner Lin Fan…

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    1. I have to say. I am getting sick and tired of this clan leader’s naive thought process. Does he honestly think that the two can even coexist? The worst that could happen is that they try to assassinate each other in secret behind his back. And even still, he doesn’t realize that both of them can enter Nirvana stage in their lifetime. At that point, the clan leader won’t be able to do crap. Why not make things easier for the clan and destroy one force? If this goes on any longer, Civil War between factions will break out and the Lin Clan will ultimately be destroyed by third parties such as the Wang Clan. Seriously, who elected this guy clan leader?

      1. He can’t really kick out the arrogant prick, he can’t do that to Lin Dong either. If he punishes the prick then civil war might really break out. All he can do is strong arm the situation for now. Then see how the battle of seeds and 100 countries war goes.

      2. As InfernalJayed said, He can’t really do anything.

        If he tries to suppress Lin Dong, the branch families would grow angry since he comes from the branch families. If he tries to suppress Lin Langtian, the main clan will grow angry. So he is pretty much stuck in the situation of keeping them both cool. I guess, like Infernal said. Hoping the Hundred empire thingy will deal with the situation.

      3. He is right to act like this. These 2 can enter into the Nirvana during their lifetime, and he will be powerless to stop them at that time. But for the moment, they still are both at the Manifestation stage, and weaker than him.
        In his eyes, they both represent a chance to shine during the 100 countries war, and keeping them both basically double the chance of the clan to solidify his position in the empire for the next 200 years. But before this, their is a lot of chance that at least one of them die (ending the problems), and even if they survive, he can still deal with them after the war, and choose the winner (who would already be more powerful than the latter, having the support of a sect).

        This plan would work in most of the case, even if their is a lot of risks they both are chosen by a sect (still try to determine what would be the worse, being enemy in the same sect, or both in enemy sects), and it’s only thank to the magic of scenario.

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        1. He knows that they have strong negative feelings but not the ‘depth’ of them, seriously?
          They have tried to kill each other on more than one occasion I say he doesn’t needs to know about the details since any ‘old fox’ should know that it’s irreconcilable from their battles.
          All I see is that this clan leader is far too shortsighted. He wants immediate gains instead of looking at the bigger picture. And don’t tell me he believes that nothing will happen at the Seed battle or the 100 empire war between the two of them aftet this? Worst case scenario : Members of Lin clan battling to the death infront of the whole east xuan continent, damn wouldn’t that be most prestigious event in the history of the Lin clan?
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    1. You say that but is Lin Dong any less of a hypocrite if he steals from someone its fine but if someone steals from him he’ll get pissed also he’s allowed to have super good fortune but if anyone else does its not fair e.g when lin langian had his earth mirror he thought it was unfair

      1. In Lin Dong ‘s defense, he rarely steal first.
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        Only exception is probably Ancient Devour Symbol that Devil Puppet took from Ancient tablet ages ago, so it officially theirs.
        But again because Devil Puppet was the one who eyed on his halberd first which produce more conflicts and escalate to deep grudge.
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        Which again , the bastard puppet about to force everyone to lick their dirty ass , right after he level up.

      2. I’m not sure we’re reading the same novel. Like mentioned Lin dong never bullied his way into getting things i.e ”Hand over ‘insert item’ or I’ll ‘insert savage threat’ to anyone”. The items he ‘stole’ were more of a ‘compensation’ for provoking him first.
        As for it being unfair for LL to have an earthly soul treasure, that was because before it’s appearance both parties used their ‘own power’ and LD was coming out on top. I wished he took out the Blood soul puppet to mash that sissy LL up on spot. That would’ve been so fair, right? 😛

  2. WTF so shameless!!!

    Lin Langtian : “Though the Heavy Prison Peak is powerful, it depends on the user. Based on your capabilities, you do not have the qualifications to possess that Soul Treasure. Hand it over!”

    Lin Zhi : “Lin Dong, this Soul Treasure is the heirloom treasure of the Lin Clan. You have no right to take it away. Quickly hand over the treasure and impart the special technique required to activate it to me now, and maybe after doing these, I might forgive your insolent behaviour towards the clan elders!”

    Thanks for the chapter

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