WDQK Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Sneak Attack

Within the huge cavern, dazzling radiance from the treasures swarmed from every directions, putting up a magnificent display. An ordinary person who stepped foot upon this place would not want to leave. Anything taken from here would be considered an expensive treasure in the outside world. As such, it goes to shown how powerful and strong the Lin Clan’s foundation was. The Lin Clan was fully deserving to be one of the four great clans.

However, Lin Dong lost interest after having a rough glimpse of the radiance from those treasures, and continued on the path towards the depths of the clan trove without stopping.

The area of the clan trove was reasonably huge. It took Lin Dong half an hour of wandering before reaching the deeper region.

The deeper region of the clan trove had a totally different environment from the exterior. There were multiple rays of brilliance outlining paths of light and at the end of each path, there was a stone altar, which was engulfed by a glowing radiance. Floating atop those stone altars were various kinds of powerful Soul Treasures, elixirs, martial arts and etc…

As he reached the deeper region, Lin Dong discovered that the concentration of Yuan Power there had reached a terrifying level. Some of the Yuan Power had begun to congregate into thin clouds, which shocked Lin Dong. He glanced around and noticed that there seemed to be several small holes on the ground and surroundings. The high concentration of Yuan Power in the area was caused by these small holes, which were constantly producing these Yuan Power.

“Beneath the clan trove, there is a tremendously huge formation, which is constantly absorbing Yuan Power from the Heaven and Earth, and pumping them into this area. These Yuan Power are then used to nurture these treasures,” Little Marten’s voice echoed in Lin Dong’s mind. It appeared for a short while before returning to the stone talisman as it was afraid that there might be magical surveillance in this area.

“There seems to be traces of pure Yuan Pills in these Yuan Power,” Lin Dong exclaimed shockingly as he took in two breath of the cloud-like Yuan Power.

“It seems that for the sake of this clan trove, the Lin Clan has put in a lot of effort. Just absorbing the Yuan Power from Heaven and Earth alone would not sustain this level of concentration of Yuan Power. It seems that this formation needs to be fed with large supply of pure Yuan Pills…” Lin Dong tsked and shook his head. His eyes were filled with astonishment. Only a powerhouse like the Lin Clan was able to pull off such a stunt.

“No wonder Elder Lin Mu wants me to make full use of the opportunity. After obtaining the Soul Treasure, I will train here and see if I can take advantage of the concentrated Yuan Power here to break through to initial Manifestation Stage.”

After this thought came up in his mind briefly, Lin Dong moved his feet once more and followed the path of light.

At this moment, on both sides of Lin Dong, there were smaller paths of light extending from the one he was standing on. At the end of these smaller paths, there were various treasures. However, Lin Dong lost interest after a mere glance. Right now, he was only enticed by the Earthly Soul Treasures. As for the Lin clan’s martial arts and even Manifestation martial arts, he had not a bit of interest in them.

After all, Manifestation martial arts could be classified as low, average or high. The clan Manifestation martial art “Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal” that Lin Langtian displayed the other day was at most a low grade Manifestation martial art. Meanwhile, according to his conjecture, Lin Dong’s “Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger”, would be a high grade Manifestation martial art if he could truly master it. By then, every movement he made would be an earth-shattering one.

Therefore, even though Lin Dong came across a few powerful Lin Clan martial arts on the path of light, he never lingered and continued walking on. After approximately ten minutes, the path ahead suddenly expanded before a huge canopy of light appeared in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong stopped before the canopy of light and fixed his gaze tightly upon it. Within the canopy, he could see four floating, glowing light orbs and each orb was emitting an extremely strong energy waves. These energy waves were filled with spiritual power. Apparently, these were the Earthly Soul Treasures which Lin Dong had been yearning even in his dreams!

“Lin Clan is indeed worthy of its reputation. Four Earthly Soul Treasures!” Lin Dong’s eyes were blazing with fire as he looked at the four light orbs in the canopy of light. If he were to obtain one of the them, his fighting capabilities would increase dramatically.

“Be careful, Lin Dong. Many formations have been set up around here and their energy fluctuations are pretty strong,” Little Marten’s voice suddenly echoed in Lin Dong’s mind as his eyes glimmered.


Lin Dong nodded his head. He could sense that a lot of formations have been placed around the canopy of light. Conventionally, formations were used for defensive purposes and would not attack him. However, Lin Zhi was in charge of the clan trove and he belonged to the same faction as Lin Langtian. Because of this fact, Lin Dong had no choice but to be more careful.

Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped outside the canopy of light. He then muttered to himself for a moment before putting his foot out slowly. The Yuan Power in his body began to engage rapidly, preparing him for any abrupt circumstances.

The event he foresaw did not occur. The formations that surrounded the canopy of light continued to float peacefully without any activities. However, there was a strong restricting force emanating from the space in front of the canopy, as if it was trying to push Lin Dong away.

These restrictive forces appeared to be coming from the four Soul Treasures inside the canopy of light and their combined force did not lose out to an advanced Manifestation practitioner. However, this pressure posed little obstacle to Lin Dong. His footsteps remained steady as he slowly walked across that glowing canopy and approached the four glowing orbs.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

As Lin Dong stepped closer, the four light orbs released a weird buzzing sound as if they sensed something. The restricting force suddenly intensified and pushed back Lin Dong, forcing him to take a step back.

“These are indeed Earthly Soul Treasures,” Instead of feeling angry, Lin Dong was overjoyed upon witnessing what had happened. The harder these Soul Treasures resisted, the more powerful they were.

“Anyway, these are just Soul Treasures,” Lin Dong laughed in his heart. Suddenly, his body jolted and a wave of scorching heat rose through it, dissipating the strong restrictive force in the process. Lin Dong then took a few strides and broke through the canopy of light thoroughly.

In a flash, Lin Dong was right in front of the four light orbs.


Just as Lin Dong broke through the canopy of light, suddenly, a soft snapping sound broke out. At that moment, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed and he turned around abruptly. What he saw was the previously floating formations were now activated and firmly trapped him together within the canopy of light, as if it were some kind of jail.

“Sure enough, that old fogey is trying to harm me!” An icy cold glint gushed into Lin Dong’s eyes when he witnessed what had just happened. He then raised his head and scanned the surroundings. He knew that Lin Zhi was able to observe the scene ongoing now.

“Boom! Boom!”

As Lin Dong was scanning the surroundings, the formations around him suddenly let out a muffled roar, followed by a burst of light. More than ten beams of intense light shot out violently from the formations and directed themselves at the vital parts of Lin Dong’s body.


Upon seeing these incoming light beams, Lin Dong’s face remained ice-cold instead and it seemed like he had no intentions of dodging them. Lin Dong then released a powerful punch, which was accompanied by violent gale, and completely ripped through every incoming light beams.

In the meantime, while Lin Dong was being attacked by the formations, the elders stationed at the pavilion outside of the clan trove, were looking indifferently at a light screen in front of them. The light screen was showing exactly what was going on in the clan trove. The scene of Lin Dong’s retaliation was captured by it too.

“Let’s work together and control the formations to kill him!” Lin Zhi sneered ghastly while looking at the light screen.

“As long as the four of us work together, we can put up a fight even if it is against a practitioner who had reached the peak of the Manifestation Stage. Even if Lin Dong has a lot of tricks up his sleeves, he will not escape today!”


Hearing what was said, the three elders nodded their heads solemnly. Shortly after they worked together, their hand-seals began to change irregularly. Four beams of light shot out from their hands into the light screen as they began to control the formations in the dark.


As four of them combined their powers, a terrifying shock wave broke out in the clan trove, setting off numerous arrays. Immediately, Lin Dong felt a huge restricting force sweeping from every directions. Immediately, his eyes sunk. The reason why Lin Zhi dared to attack him was naturally because he was very confident of his own abilities. Based on their combined abilities, in addition to the formations, even he would find it tough to deal with him. In fact, if he was negligent, he might actually perish.

“Lin Dong, do you see the light screen on the top of the cavern? That must be the focal point where they control the formations. As long as that focal point is destroyed, they will lose the ability to control the formations. Otherwise, with the huge number of formations here and the constant waves of attacks, you will be slowly drained to death!” Little Marten’s voice rang urgently through Lin Dong’s mind as the latter was deflecting the light beams coming at him from all directions.

After he heard what was said, Lin Dong raised his head abruptly. Indeed, he saw a dazzling radiance floating at the top of the cavern. Meanwhile, waves of telepathic thoughts emitted faintly from that area.

“These old fogeys!”

A cold glint rushed into Lin Dong’s eyes. The focal point was protected by numerous powerful formations and it was not easy to destroy it in one go. Besides, Lin Zhi and his counterparts would do their best to prevent it from being destroyed. They even hoped that Lin Dong would attack that strongest area, thereby making it easier for them to kill him.

“Don’t waste your energy on them. The more formations activated, the stronger their powers will be!” Little Marten reminded.


Lin Dong nodded his head with a smirk on his face. Since these fogeys were so irritating, then don’t blame him for being vicious and merciless.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Lin Dong changed his hand-seal. Suddenly, a strong and ruthless killing aura rushed out from Lin Dong’s Qiankun bag with an extreme speed.

This killing aura was especially violent. Upon appearing, it caused the surrounding Yuan Power to fluctuate vigorously. Without waiting for anyone to react, a streak of blood gushed out with a terrifying speed.

“Bang! Bang!”

Almost nobody could see the speed of that bloody glow. As the bloody glow flew through the air, the formations shrouding the focal point exploded without any resistance. The bloody glow then attacked the light screen ruthlessly. With a single strike, the light screen exploded. Under such a powerful and precise attack, Lin Zhi and his counterparts lost total contact with the clan trove without any chances to react.

“Cough! Vomit”

In the pavilion, the light screen blew up from that particular strike. Lin Zhi and his counterparts’ faces were pale white. Soon after, they spat out a mouthful of blood violently while their eyes were wide with horror.

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      1. They will probably accuse him of breaking the formation controls or something like that but since that’s like confesing what those old idiots did, MC will just use that as a way of making them be punished for using the formation against him. I think that’s what is going to happen. I mean, this types of situations usually end in two ways: 1.-They die by MC’s hands or his friends. 2.- They are punished by their own superiors and or kill as punishment by them.

  1. I just thought, to people complaining about how the Lin family didn’t do enough for Lin Dong…

    Try to think of it in the same way as the olden days, where a farmer has too many male children.

    He can’t just split his farm and wealth between all of his children, else the farm would be smaller and smaller.

    What they do is have the 1 child inherent everything and then after making sure that make sure that the rest of the kids get their own job and become self sufficient.

    There is a thing called limited resources, and other than giving a bunch of martial arts to their families, the Lin clan can’t give more help to the branch families.

    There is just too many people and if they split the resources evenly, then they won’t have enough strong experts to match the other greatest powers. Like how the Lin family rose and became more powerful just because of having Lin Dong.

    And for the grandpa getting kicked out… the Lin clan would keep on growing and so they needed to make branches, and as such, the less talented need to go out to weaker regions where they do well in those regions.

    They can’t just keep everyone. If the gramps had enough talent, then even if he failed the mission, they’d probably forgive him (unless if he screwed up too often), but it’s implied that he lacked talent. I mean, even in his old age, his cultivation level was lower than the average younger generation of the main clan, and he was an adult when he left… so if he was behind by that much….

    I mean, even in many weaker regions, he wasn’t that great with his level and it was only in the weakest of places that he was an elite… and that’s AFTER being in the main clan for YEARS….

    But he was still given enough resources and techniques to set up a branch.

    The main family is the back bone of the Lin clan, so it needs the most focus. So while every clan member should have the safety (a few douche bags tried to kill Lin Dong, but that was a minority -and part of those was more for Langtian’s sake rather than actually looking down on them) only the talented are allowed back into the main branch.

    If they had infinite land and resources, then they wouldn’t need to create branch families in the first place.

    And because Lin Dong was against Langtian, he was at a disadvantage because he was against the top of the younger generation and the clans greatest hope. And in a clan where power is the greatest rule, they can’t be blamed.

    And about him now helping them. He’s gaining A LOT of rewards, from resources to help him cultivate, to the ability to cultivate advanced techniques, to the chance to participate in a tournament that’d be a huge help to reaching the Nirvana stage that he doesn’t have a way to reach and be noticed by greater powers.

    Also, think of Lin Dong as someone getting a promotion. He was a cashier at a McDonalds branch, not valued much and not given much, but all of the sudden, someone noticed his talent and he was able to prove himself. Then he gets promoted to being CEO.

    Is he supposed to avoid benefiting the company just because they didn’t pay him well back when he was a cashier?

    Lin Dong just got a huge promotion and the clan wants him to help them rise up.

    It’s only cause they are a clan that people are viewing this differently, but considering their situation, it is more like a business than just a clan. It’s normal for them to not care as much about their branches since it’s the main area that actually matters, and they promote their talents based on their ability to help the company.

    And people with the better connections usually would have an easier time doing well in the company.

    1. I think the issue isn’t so much the main family not helping the branches, but rather the arrogant superiority they have purely based on being in the main family and thus having more resources, regardless of talent, and the subsequent bullying of the branches.

      1. I don’t really fault them too much for the arrogance. Almost everyone in the Xianxia genre is super arrogant to the weak. Generally, the only one who doesn’t treat the weaker people like trash is the MC but in some stories the MC is just as bad as the people he fights against.

        The ones I really don’t like are the ones who are not just acting arrogantly but also actively trying to kill/harm Lin Dong. Despite the fact that he is a powerful cultivator and a member of the Lin Clan, instead of welcoming him, they are just making an enemy of him and possibly pushing him away from the Lin Clan.

        1. The ones pushing him away are an enemy faction within the clan. So Lin Dong joining the main clan isn’t a good thing for them.

          And they’re a minority.

    2. You’re right of course, it’s just some readers with hero worship syndrome doesn’t like their heroes getting less than what they think he deserves or if he met with bad luck – they just want a smooth sail for the heroes and start complaining when the heroes or heroines goes the long and windy road XD

      Not long ago, the author of TMW got fed up with reader’s senseless complaint on how heroine Lin Xintong’s about to be arranged marriage with her clan’s enemy clan to heal her, assuming she will no longer apart of her clan and strengthen the enemy clan he wrote he will not offer further explanation after quoting some historical Empresses and how their clans benefits from them. My impression was that he got tired explaining to people who won’t listen and instead trying to dictate what the story should be (it’s like telling the writer “you wrote it wrong, MC’s waifu is protected by plot armor her family who tried to marry her to the enemy clan are very stupid because she would not give benefit to them later when she become powerful but she will give the benefit to the enemy instead because she’s given to them”) XD

      I do have problem with the arrogant main clan and the humilitated branch cliche. First it’s overly used cliche, second that it was overexaggerated. As I understand it, Real Life Main and Branch families are more like families that stay in their homeland and succesfull splinter families that managed to make fortune for themselves, just like splinter families in the US and their main families in Scotland and Ireland.

      In my opinion it’s just an overly used pattern to create more stories and back stories and frankly I’m sick of too much hostilities between members of main and branch families where in actuality branch families have made quite a fortune and settle their families elsewhere independent of the main family. Real Life shows how branch families may become richer than the main family and Lin Dong story actually progressing that Yan City branch family is going to be stronger than the main family. The main family’s arrogant superiority is just a built in story cliche to have more fights, nothing else – and it’s boring.

      1. I think the reason they treat the branch families so poorly is because Lin Langtian looks down on them so much. He doesn’t even consider branch families to be part of the Lin Clan and since he is so strong, he has a lot of sway. Most people like to buddy up to the strong and so they begin to act in ways they think he wants them to act.

        Basically, Lin Langtian’s a bastard and so most of the clan act that way. Lin Fan and Lin Mu seem to show evidence that not all members of the Lin Clan share his extreme views.

        1. It wasn’t the entire clan, but his faction, and even then… they normally don’t treat the members too badly. Lin Dong’s Lin family was an exception, cause few wanted to make enemies with Langtian for the sake of a branch sect.

          1. There are two factions, as far as I can tell. Basically there’s a nepotist faction, who believe the clan’s cultivation resources should be reserved for the main family, and in the minority, a meritocratic faction, who are open to spending them on talented individuals from the branch families should they appear.

            It’s just that the nepotists have used their poster boy, Lin Langtian’s, popularity to encourage suppression of branch contenders at these tournaments (starting with the crippling of Lin Dong’s father; so not even very subtly), thus denying their families access to resources needed to cultivate the next generation, and further erode the meritocrats’ position.

            It reached the point where the nepotists could fairly blatantly cheat to oppress Lin Dong’s family at the tournament. Then he came along and upset their scheme by demonstrating that a branch family member could actually surpass their shining example without any of the family fortune being expended on his branch.

  2. So basically Lin Dong shoots the camera and the monitor explodes?

    That’s what you get for using Star Trek Plasma Conductive Circuitry™ instead of installing surge protectors into your formations.

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