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Chapter 360 End of the Lin Clan Gathering

Deafening, thunderous cheers resounded throughout the enormous battle arena. Even those who came to watch the battle could not help but nod their heads in an approving manner. The previous earth-shaking battle had indeed left a sense of contentment in people’s hearts.

A variety of skills and techniques emerged endlessly from two of the most exceptional talents in the Lin Clan, and it left everyone on fire with zeal. At the same time, many branch families were green with envy and jealousy inevitably. If their families were to produce such outstanding talents, they would surely secure a foothold in the Great Yan Empire. It was a pity that they did not have the luck to possess such extraordinary individuals in their families.

This clan gathering was the most exciting one compared to the previous clan gatherings. Even though the outcome of the battle was intervened by Lin Fan and there were some discrepancies, Lin Dong’s crowning as the champion was unanimous with no objections at all. Even the inner clan members had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong’s ability was completely on par with Lin Langtian!

They understood that from now on, the title of Lin Clan’s most exceptional talent will not belong to Lin Langtian alone.

From today onwards, Lin Langtian’s place in the clan would be severely undermined!


In mid-air, after listening to what Lin Fan said, a grim expression appeared on Lin Langtian’s face. His eyes were brimming with fury. However, ultimately, without saying anything and with a swipe of his gown, Lin Langtian’s face ashened before he flew towards the abyss of the Lin Clan.

Lin Dong gazed apathetically at the distant Lin Langtian. Before the latter flew off, Lin Dong could sense the viciousness in his gaze. However, he was pleased with himself and was not fearful of him at all. After all, he had the upper hand in their first direct confrontation. He also knew that someday in the future, they would face each other again. Certainly, it would be best not to give him that opportunity. Once the opportunity arose, he would execute this adversary, whose power was comparable to his own, without the slightest hesitation!

When the black-robed elder saw Lin Langtian leave angrily, he stared at Lin Dong venomously. At this moment, even though he did not say anything, Lin Dong could see the killing intent in his eyes. Within the Lin Clan, there existed different factions. Apparently, the black-robed elder and Lin Langtian were from the same faction. Since Lin Dong now posed to be a threat to Lin Langtian, it was natural for the elder, who supported Lin Langtian, to harbour animosity towards Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong, given your capability, you definitely deserve to be the champion of this clan gathering,” Lin Fan smiled as he looked in the direction of Lin Dong.

“Thank you so much, clan leader.”

Lin Dong beamed. He did not really care much about winning the title of champion. If it were not for the sake of quelling Lin Langtian’s might and arrogance, he would not have bothered at all.

“Hehe, Lin Dong, do not think lightly of the title of champion. According to the customs, the champion of each clan gathering is entitled to enter the Lin Clan’s clan trove. From there, you are allowed to pick an artifact of your choice,” the purple-robed elder laughed involuntarily as if he noticed Lin Dong’s indifferent attitude.

“Clan trove?” Lin Dong raised his eyebrows slightly.

“The clan trove is the place where the Lin Clan kept a great deal of artifacts. Inside the trove, there are countless martial arts, elixir pills and unique artifacts. Lin Langtian’s Spirit Wheel Mirror is one of the many mystical treasures obtained from the trove.”

“Oh?” A surprised look flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes, after he heard his words. It turns out that Lin Langtian’s Earthly Soul Treasure was indeed obtained from the Lin Clan’s clan trove. It seemed like Lin Clan is indeed the strongest faction in the Great Yan Empire and they actually possessed such a unique collection of artifacts. If this was the case, it would definitely be worthwhile to visit the clan trove.

In their previous confrontation, Lin Dong also felt the might of a Earthly Soul Treasure. If he was to obtain such an equipment, Lin Langtian’s dominance would be weakened.

“Given his controversial nature of his victory, isn’t it inappropriate for him to enter the clan trove?” the black-robed elder furrowed his brows. Naturally, he did not want Lin Dong to enter the clan trove. If the latter was to obtain some treasure inside the clan trove, wouldn’t it be harder to deal with him in the future?

“Hehe, how is it controversial? After witnessing the previous battle, I believe that there will be no objections from anyone who was present,” the purple-robed elder chirped.

“Yeah, senior elder is right. Since Lin Dong has already been crowned as the champion, it is natural for him to receive the rewards of a champion. Else, gossips may arise if outsiders are to hear of it.” Lin Fan smiled faintly.

Upon seeing Lin Fan nod his head in agreement, the black-robed elder could only nod his head despite being dissatisfied with this decision.

“Lin Dong, go take a rest first. Later, the senior elder will personally bring you to the meeting hall. We have important matters to discuss about,” Lin Fan said as his eyes flickered.

“Important matters?” Lin Dong was slightly startled. Taking a quick glance at Lin Fan, and upon noticing there were no further indications of elaboration, Lin Dong nodded his head and gave him a bow. Then, he flew down from the sky and landed at where Lin Zhentian and his counterparts were located at.

“Important matters? Clan leader, could it be that you want Lin Dong to participate in the Battle of Seeds?” The purple-robed elder exclaimed, gazing at the descending Lin Dong.

“Given Lin Dong’s capabilities, he already possessed the necessary requirements. If he and Lin Langtian were to obtain the necessary qualifications, it will be good news for our Lin Clan.” Lin Fan muttered.

“Clan leader, we still do not know Lin Dong well. If we give him this opportunity and he betrays us, won’t it spell trouble for ourLin Clan?”

“The Battle of Seeds is an extraordinary event. Those who qualify for it are individuals of exceptional talents. This time, not only the best talents from the four great clans are participating, but the royal family and powerful clans of the Great Yan Empire are also sending their elite fighters. We cannot underestimate them.” As the conversation stopped, Lin Fan paused and glanced at the black-robe elder before he laughed, “Even Lin Langtian is not guaranteed to be an absolute success, do you feel that Lin Dong can easily succeed?”

“If Lin Langtian can’t make it, Lin Dong won’t even have any chances of making it!” The black-robed elder promptly exclaimed. He definitely would not admit that Lin Dong’s capabilities are on par with Lin Langtian’s.

Lin Fan grinned faintly. Without saying anything, he began to instruct everyone to clear up the place.

While they were concluding the event, under numerous curious but respectful gazes,
Lin Dong swooped down from the sky. Upon seeing Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and their counterparts, his originally cold-blooded face broke into a smile.

“Grandfather! Dad!”

“My good grandson!” Lin Zhentian was grinning from ear to ear. Even though he used to be part of the Lin Clan, he was not of high status in the clan. He was not qualified to attain such honor. However, he did not expect to have such an exceptional grandson, who had caused this old man to be so touched till he was speechless.

“Have you been fine these two years? Your mother nags whenever she’s free. She misses you so much.” Lin Xiao patted heavily Lin Dong’s shoulder as the emotions of pride and contentment swelled up in his eyes. Within two years’ time, it was as if Lin Dong had gone through a metamorphosis. His childish nature had disappeared, and he came off as especially mature and earnest.

“Brother Lin Dong is marvellous!” Qing Tan exclaimed. Her big, beautiful eyes waned like a pair of lovely crescent moons, while her face flushed with excitement.

Upon seeing these familiar and amiable faces, Lin Dong’s heart was brimming with warmth. Throughout these two years, he had experience various complexities of human nature. While travelling on the road, he had to be constantly vigilant. However, when he was with his family members, the sense of constant vigilance seemed to disappear voluntarily. This was because he knew that these people were his true family members. He was fighting for them, and regardless of what kind of critical circumstances he faced, they would spare no efforts in supporting him.

At this moment, from time to time, there were members from different branch families coming forward to greet them. Some were clan members whom Lin Zhentian used to know in the past. These people had long forgotten about the old man who had been banished from the clan for decades. Yet now, they had no choice but to remember him and put up a friendly and fawning smile on their faces.

Everyone knew that the capabilities Lin Dong displayed today would put him in a high position in the Lin Clan. Even if that position could not be compared to Lin Langtian’s, Lin Dong would still be one of the high-ranking members in the Lin Clan. If they did not suck up to him now, then when else could they do that in the future?

Lin Dong could not be bothered with these toady people. Lin Ken, who was adept in socializing skills, began to stop them. Meanwhile, Lin Dong was chattering with Qing Tan, Lin Hong and Lin Xia at one side, enjoying the rare and heartwarming moment.

While Lin Dong was showered with attention, in the abyss of the Lin Clan, Lin Langtian descended slowly onto his huge courtyard with a forlorn look. His eyes were burning with fury. Eventually, he could no longer suppress the rage within him, and with a slap, he blew up a particular stone table to dust.

“That little prick! I really regret not slapping him to death in that old tomb that time!” Lin Langtian clenched his jaw. His voice was filled with strong killing intent.

“This lad is extraordinary. Within these two years, he must have encountered some kind of miracle to make such great progress!” said a distinct hoarse voice suddenly. This voice actually came from within Lin Langtian’s body, coming off as extremely eerie.

“That little prick’s Manifestation martial art is really too strong. I am afraid that martial art is what you sense that time!” Lin Langtian said coldly.

“That Manifestation Martial Tablet’s tablet spirit is well concealed. The other day, I could only sense the presence of an extremely powerful martial art somewhere. That martial art can only be obtained by making contact with the tablet spirit. That lad must have some kind of unique artifact with him, which allows him to communicate with the tablet spirit and obtain that mystical martial art!” said the hoarse voice.

“This little prick is too much of a threat to me, he must be exterminated!” Lin Langtian roared, with his eyes surged with killing intent.

“Together, you and me, killing him is not difficult. However, it is difficult to carry out this task in the Lin City. The moment I act, the Nirvana Stage’s fighters will sense my presence and my existence will then be exposed.”

Lin Langtian frowned his eyebrows. Just as he was about to talk, a faint beam of light flashed over from afar, which he caught it in one swipe. A bunch of faint voices, bounded by the Yuan Power, was transmitted into his ear.

As he listened to the conversation in the Yuan Power, Lin Langtian’s eyes stoned slightly. There was a moment of silence, followed shortly by a sinister aura of killing intent flowing through his eyes.

“So they want that lad to participate in the Battle of Seeds? It’s okay, this may be a good opportunity for me. If this troublemaker dares to go, I will make sure he has no chance of returning! You are too soft to compete with me!”

Lin Langtian’s sombre and wintry voice echoed eerily throughout the courtyard.

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