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Chapter 359 Lin Fan

The giant finger and blood light were like two meteorites of annihilation as they streaked across the sky, about to ferociously slam into each other under countless eyes full of dread.

At this moment, Lin Dong had clearly regained his senses. The power of the fourth finger was too great, if it collided against Lin Langtian’s counterattack, at the very minimum, this battle arena would be completely obliterated.

His gaze flickered all of a sudden while Lin Dong’s figure immediately retreated. While he retreated, his mind suddenly moved as vigorous Mental Energy swept forth like lightning. Immediately, the ground around Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest instantly split open as a thick, solid wall emerged and completely surrounded them.


However, just as Lin Dong completed this and was preparing to dodge the storm of destruction that was about to erupt, a loud noise was suddenly heard from the depths of the Lin Clan territory. Lin Dong’s expression abruptly changed, because he had become aware of an extremely powerful aura sweeping out from that area!

The aura was extremely mighty and even the purple robe elder was far from being able to reach such a stage. When the aura appeared, the originally surging land abruptly turned calm. It was as if it was being forcibly suppressed!

“Nirvana stage!”

When he felt the surroundings suddenly calm down, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly flashed. Soon after, a serious look flitted across the depths of his eyes. There was indeed a true-blue Nirvana stage practitioner within the Lin Clan!


While Lin Dong’s eyes flashed, he saw a green light flash flickering in the skies. As if it had penetrated through space, a figure directly appeared with no prior indications in the space in between the giant finger and blood light like a ghost.

“Are both of you planning on destroying my Lin City?” The figure casually smiled when he appeared. Soon after, his hands slowly drew a circular shape full of profoundness, immediately, an enormous round green shield of light appeared in front of him.


The giant golden finger was the first to arrive as it ruthlessly smashed into the round green light shield. However, this violent strike unexpectedly did not cause a berserk Yuan Power explosion. The round green light shield seemed to be able to absorb the attack as it continuously flickered with a strange green light while negating the berserk Yuan Power of the giant golden finger through absorption.

As this continued, the originally mighty giant golden finger rapidly started to fade, before slowly dissipating under countless gazes of relief.

After easily dealing with Lin Dong’s giant golden finger, the figure once again reached out his hand towards the blood light. A circle of mysterious undulations spread out from his fingertips and actually deflected the blood light. The blood light bounced back into the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’, directly forcing out Lin Langtian who had fused with the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’.

The rapid turn of events in the sky happened as quickly as a flash of lightning. From the appearance of the figure to the resolution of the Lin Dong duo’s ferocious attacks, only several blinks worth of time had passed. When everyone regained their senses, the rumble clouds in the sky were already slowly dispersing as warm sunlight once again sprinkled down, causing many people to deeply sigh in relief and feel as if they had survived a calamity.

Lin Dong hovered in the air, his eyes immediately looking towards the figure. He was wearing green robes and looked to be middle-aged, yet, black and white interweaved in his hair, clearly indicating that his actual age was not limited to what could be seen on the surface. His eyebrows appeared rather rough while his eyes were bright and filled with an unconcealable dignity, the kind only someone of high status possessed.

Moreover, what affected Lin Dong’s heart the most was this person’s aura. Although the aura was not strong, it gave one a suffocating feeling. He understood that with his current strength, even a peak Manifestation stage practitioner would be unable to cause him to feel this way. Obviously, the person before his eyes was a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner!

Although Lin Dong had encountered a similarly Nirvana stage hemp cloth elder when he left the Great Desolate Province, the one who had made contact that time was the Blood Soul Puppet, hence, he had not personally experienced the power of a Nirvana stage practitioner. Thus explaining why he was so strongly affected when he saw that this person was actually able to casually deal with his fourth finger.

The Nirvana stage was indeed not something the Manifestation stage could compare with!

In the distance, Lin Langtian had been directly forced out from the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’. His complexion was rather pale, while the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’ was likewise a little damaged. However, compared to the worst case scenario, this was already plenty good.

He took a look at the green robe middle age man who had appeared, and although his expression was a little ugly, he still clasped his hands together before respectful greeting: “Clan head.”

This green robe middle age man was actually the current head of the Lin Clan, Lin Fan!

At this moment, the numerous elders below also hastily rose into the air, stopping before the green robe middle age man with respect on their faces.

“Even clan head Lin Fan has come out…”

It was evident that several people in the battle arena had heard about this Lin Clan head, a series of gasps instantly erupted. No wonder he was able to casually resolve the powerful attacks of the two great experts, Lin Dong and Lin Langtian, it turns out the one who had stepped in was the one in charge of the Lin Clan.

“You elders are too incompetent. If this battle arena was destroyed today, wouldn’t it be a black mark on my Lin Clan’s face? Who would dare to come and support us in future?” The green robe middle age man’s frowned a little as he looked towards the purple robe elder and gang before him while reprimanding.

If he had not been disturbed from his isolation cultivation and came out, the outcome of the situation today would likely be rather serious.

In response to Lin Fan’s scolding, the elders could only force a smile. They never imagined that such a ferocious person, Lin Dong, would appear in the clan gathering this time. Moreover, he had an extremely serious grudge with Lin Langtian, and while the two fought, they became more and more vicious while their trump cards kept appearing one after another. In the end, even they did not dare to so easily intercede.

“However, there is truly a pleasant surprise in the clan gathering this time.”

Lin Fan’s words paused as he suddenly turned ot look at the nearby Lin Dong. A somewhat unconcealable smile surfaced on his imposing face as he warmly said: “Little fellow, you are called Lin Dong right?”

“Greetings clan head.” The aura undulating around Lin Dong slowly calmed itself. Though he had shown a good deal of arrogance previously, now that he was before the head of the Lin Clan, he sensibly restrained his aura as he cupped his fists together and greeted.

“Hehe, truly a case of the younger generation succeeding the older generation. I did not think that someone who can contend against Lin Langtian would appear from the branch families.” Lin Fan’s eyes slowly swept across Lin Dong’s body. The latter could feel the former’s probing but did not obstruct it. The hemp cloth old man was unable to discover his secrets, and strength Lin Fan should at best be about the same, hence, Lin Dong naturally had nothing to fear.

Lin Fan’s gaze swept over Lin Dong’s body before withdrawing without finding anything as a strange light appeared in his eyes. Even he was in slight disbelief that Lin Dong was actually able to force Lin Langtian to such a state. The fact that Lin Langtian had such achievements was partially due to the fact that he had not been miserly in using up the Lin Clan’s numerous resources. Yet, a branch family member such as Lin Dong did not have such good treatment, but his achievements did not lose out at all to Lin Langtian’s. What did this show?

This showed that if Lin Dong did not possess a secret that no one knew about, his talent was something even Lin Langtian could not match up to!

At this thought, even Lin Fan could not help but lick his lips. It was already a blessing from the heavens that an exceptional genius like Lin Langtian had appeared in the clan, yet, he discovered today that no less than two had appeared!

From the perspective of a clan head, Lin Fan was clearly happy with this situation. After all, no matter what, Lin Dong’s surname was Lin. Although he was not as intimate with the clan as Lin Langtian, he was still after all a member of their Lin Clan.

“Clan head, Lin Dong is reckless and arrogant, and has even disturbed the clan gathering. He must be disciplined!” The elders could see the happiness in Lin Fan’s eyes. Immediately, the black robe elder’s eyes darkened. He gave a look to the grey hair elder before the latter opened his mouth and spoke.

“The goal of the clan gathering is after all for even more talents to distinguish themselves. Isn’t Lin Dong suppressing the rest the original intention of the clan gathering? Why should he be punished?” Upon hearing this, Lin Fan faintly smiled and asked.

The grey hair elder froze and could only resentfully shut his mouth. Looks like the power Lin Dong had displayed this time was something even Lin Fan approved of.

“Lin Dong, the fight between the two of you is too violent. I feel that we should leave it at this to prevent both parties from being injured.” Lin Fan was all smiles as he gazed at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. The battle today could not be considered finished. What he wanted was to thoroughly defeat Lin Langtian, but Lin Dong had yet to reach that step at this point.

He understood that Lin Langtian still had some cards up his sleeve, after all, the mysterious presence hidden in his body had yet to move. Yet, Lin Dong was not the least bit afraid. He likewise had Little Marten in his body, and their combined force was something even a peak Manifestation stage practitioner could do nothing about. Furthermore… he still had a trump card like the Blood Soul Puppet!

Once this trump card was revealed, even Lin Fan would have to make a strategic withdrawal. Hence, killing Lin Langtian was not impossible.

Yet, Lin Fan clearly did not want the two of them to continue fighting. As the head of the Lin Clan, his status was not ordinary and his words could not be overly resisted.

“We can stop the fight but I will have to ask clan head to annouce that I am the champion of this clan gathering!” Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as he suddenly replied.

“In your dreams. With me here, you dare to entertain thoughts about the champion position?” Once he heard Lin Dong’s words, Lin Langtian’s expression instantly turned ice-cold as he spoke out in a stern voice.

Although the champion was merely a name, if news of this spread, would others not think that he lost to Lin Dong? For Lin Langtian who was incomparably infatuated with prestige, this was intolerable!

“Then let’s continue fighting till death!” Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold as he sneered.

“Sure!” Lin Langtian venomously retorted.

“Shut up!”

When he saw the hostile atmosphere between the two, Lin Fan could only sternly shout out and bring out the clan head’s prestige. He glared all around as he declared in a low voice: “No need to fight, I have already made a decision.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Langtian was still a little dissatisfied, but just as he was about to speak out, the black robe elder pulled him back while slowly shaking his head at Lin Langtian. Hence, he could only stare daggers at Lin Dong with eyes bursting with murder. One could tell that the two were already like water and fire at this stage.

Lin Dong merely sneered in his heart in response to Lin Langtian’s vicious glare. Had Lin Dong not tasted Lin Langtian’s killing intent before? If there was a chance, Lin Dong would not hesitate to act and finish off this troublesome fellow.

Lin Fan stopped the two of them before his eyes looked towards the giant battle arena. He first clasped his hands together in all directions before his firm voice powerfully echoed out.

“I am indebted to everyone for coming. As the current head of the Lin Clan, I, Lin Fan, would like to first thank everyone. After numerous struggles, the final champion of this clan gathering has already appeared…”

Upon hearing these words, understanding flashed across countless eyes in the titanic battle arena, while some people could not help but stand up.

The earth walls around Lin Zhentian and gang crumbled, as their nervous gazes unwaveringly stared at the sky. Perhaps Lin Langtian believed that the champion was only a title, but for this old man, it was the final target he had been painstakingly working towards for several decades. It was a kind of honor…

Meanwhile, the main clan members were also holding their breaths with their fists tightly clenched. If Lin Langtian was still the champion this time, they would be able to continue basking in his glory, but, if the champion was Lin Dong, they would no longer have the right to be so proud and arrogant, because if a branch family member was able to turn up his nose on all of the main clan’s geniuses, what was there left for them to flaunt or be proud about?

Silence filled the arena. Lin Fan looked at the absolutely silent arena and slowly exhaled in the end, while his firm voice rang out in everyone’s ears.

“Champion, Yan City’s Lin Dong.”

The arena was silent for a moment after Lin Fan’s voice boomed out. Immediately, the branch family members erupted into thunderous cheers. This was the first time a branch family member had taken the champion position in the history of the clan gathering!

Compared to the thunderous cheers from the branch families, main clan members were all deathly pale, while their faces no longer contained any trace arrogance.

After this battle, everyone knew that Lin Dong’s name would truly resound across the Great Yan Empire!

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