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Chapter 354 Battle of the Titans

An ice-cold killing intent that reached deep into the bone spread out from the sky. It seemed as if the battle arena’s temperature had dropped quite substantially. At this time, anyone could tell that the neither of the two people in the arena were prepared to give an inch to the other. When two tigers fought, one would definitely be injured!

Moreover, Lin Dong had started to truly display his astonishing power in the first exchange previously, fully relying on the power of his physical body to blow away the Yuan Power light beam that was powerful enough to instantly destroy a half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioner. How terrifying was this kind of power?

Some gazes were tinged with slight disbelief as they stared at Lin Dong’s not very sturdy looking body. Inside the body that did not seem strong was a dreadful volcano eruption like force!

That kind of power was sufficient to split open the ground and tear apart the mountains!

Of course, although Lin Dong had shown an overwhelming power, when everyone looked towards the sky at Lin Langtian, they knew that the latter had likewise not fully displayed his strength. No one could be certain now of who would be the true victor!

In the sky, Lin Langtian stood in the air, allowing countless gazes to gather on his body. His ice-cold gaze was firmly locked onto Lin Dong below. The various provocations of the latter had already caused his killing into to surge incomparably.

“Since you want to see my strength so much, I’ll give you a good look!”

Killing intent surged in Lin Langtian’s eyes as his body suddenly jerked. Immediately, the Yuan Power of the land started to churn violently as an incomparably powerful aura unfurled like a storm, rumbling and overflowing in the skies!

Once this scene appeared, it drew countless shocked gazes. Even some half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioners felt an extremely strong pressure, and under that kind of pressure, they seemed to be unable to move at all!

“Such a powerful aura, it’s at least advanced Manifestation stage right? I did not expect that Lin Langtian had progressed so rapidly, truly an exceptional genius of the Lin Clan!”

“Agreed, with his capability, he will likely reach the peak of the Manifestation stage in less than two years, and obtain the strength to attack the Nirvana stage!”

“In comparison, Lin Dong’s aura is much weaker, but though his aura is not particularly strong, his battle power is fairly shocking.”

Lin Langtian had finally completely let loose his powerful aura, immediately causing an uproar in the arena. Sure enough, Lin Langtian’s strength had soared in a short span of a year.

The eyes glued onto Lin Langtian turned a little serious, however, Lin Dong was able to feel that Lin Langtian’s aura had not truly reached the advanced Manifestation stage, and could at most be considered quasi-advanced stage. But even so, the degree of difficulty Lin Langtian posed would definitely far surpass the advanced Manifestation stage Teng Sha!

“Advancing from the half-step-to Manifestation to the quasi-advanced stage in a year, this Lin Langtian has his methods indeed!”

Although it was not the true advanced Manifestation stage, a serious look flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. He had relied on the Devouring Power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to leap from the Qi Creation stage to the half-step-to Manifestation stage. Moreover, he had painstakingly cultivated in a dangerous spot like the Mysterious Black Yin crevice for a whole half a year. Yet, Lin Langtian’s progress over the past year was not the slightest bit slower than his. Looks like the various resources the Lin Clan’s most resplendent exceptional genius enjoyed was practically incomparable to the solitary Lin Dong.

Furthermore, he had once heard Little Marten say that there seemed to be a unique aura in Lin Langtian’s body. This might be that fellows greatest secret, hence, Lin Dong needed to be extra cautious.

“Sky Shattering Devil Tablet Palm!”

A formidable aura swept across the skies. Lin Langtian’s eyes were ice-cold. He did not give Lin Dong too much time to think as his hands reached out and two incomparably enormous Devil Tablets directly formed in the sky.

Previously, Lin Qing and Lin Mu had already displayed this ‘Sky Shattering Devil Tablet Palm’, hence its might was nothing new. However, when Lin Langtian used it, it was overwhelming to the limit. Moreover, a formidable and domineering fist intent swept out from the Devil Tablet like a wave, causing the Yuan Power movement in one’s body to become stifled. Compared to the Lin Qing duo, this martial art was several times more powerful in Lin Langtian’s hands!

Lin Langtian stepped in the air, each hand holding an enormous Devil Tablet, looking just like a war god that was carrying mountains. Merely gazing upon this scene would cause one to feel a suffocating sensation.


Killing intent surged in Lin Langtian’s eyes as he arms swung. The two Devil Tablets filled with formidable and domineering fist intent ruthlessly pounded down on Lin Dong like two humongous mountains!

Bang bang bang!

As the Devil Tablet fell, the air immediately exploded, jolting the numerous arenas below until huge cracks appeared on them. Such destructive power caused many people to be dumbstruck.


Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the descending mountain like Devil Tablets and merely snorted. He stepped forward as his hands suddenly extended towards a piece of the enormous arena below.

“Lift for me!”

A low shout burst out from Lin Dong’s throat. Immediately, formidable Mental Energy gushed out, filling the skies, as a piece of the enormous arena below started to tremble violently under the crowd’s horrified gazes. In the end, it actually floated up in the air!

Lin Dong’s current Mental Energy was enough to shake the mountains, hence, lifting a piece of the arena was not impossible!

This scene was too astonishing, causing the main clan younger generation members to shiver in astonishment. They understood that if Lin Dong manipulated the giant arena and smashed it at them, it was likely that seventy or eighty percent of the people here would be turned to pulp!

Of course, it was not just them, even the pupils of the Lin Clan elders seated in the golden booth abruptly shrunk.

“High grade Soul Symbol Master!”

The black robe elder spat out each word, wearing a grim expression as he watched Lin Dong use Mental Energy to forcibly lift up the enormous arena.

“This fellow, not only is his Yuan Power cultivation unreasonable, even his Mental Energy is so tyrannical! No wonder he dared to challenge the quasi-advanced Manifestation stage Lin Langtian with his half-step-to Manifestation strength!” The purple robe elder’s face was likewise full of amazement. Such powerful Mental Energy, even Lin Langtian could not compare!


Under countless astonished gazes, the humongous arena directly flew out, bringing with it a titanic shadow. Under Lin Dong’s manipulation, it ferociously crashed into the two giant Devil Tablets!


A loud sky shattering noise resounded in the skies. Soon after, it was if the light had been blocked. Countless boulders plummeted down from the sky, instantly smashing many holes in the giant battle arena. Fortunately, the powerful Lin Clan practitioners stepped in, ensuring that the boulders did not fall into the spectator areas. Or else, rivers of blood would flow before the two finished fighting.

“Haha, so what if you’re at the quasi-advanced Manifestation stage?” As the boulders fell, Lin Dong’s figure abruptly charged into the sky. Along the way, boulder after boulder instantly started to revolve around his body before mercilessly shooting towards Lin Langtian at an astonishing speed.

Lin Langtian’s expression was ice-cold. All ten of his fingers flicked as formidable Yuan Power winds directly turned the numerous incoming boulders to dust.


Dust filled the air and spread outwards while a figure ripped apart the cloud of dust like lightning and a ferocious palm blow ruthlessly thrust at Lin Langtian’s heart.

Upon seeing Lin Dong make his move, the coldness in Lin Langtian’s eyes grew even more intense. He did not withdraw and instead stepped forward as fist images surged out. Each fist image contained enough power to jolt back a half-step-to Manifestation practitioner until he vomited blood.

Bang bang bang bang!

The figures intertwined in the sky as fists and palms attacked like lightning. Muffled explosions boomed like thunder as ripple after ripple of astonishing force spread out, causing onlookers to feel a chill in their hearts.

Under the attention of countless gazes, the two figures fought tens of rounds in an instant. Both parties attacks were exceptionally vicious and the slightest distraction would instantly cause one party to be suppressed and fall into a disadvantageous position!

However, this intense battle caused the expressions of the Lin Clan younger generation members to turn rather unnatural. What they wanted to see was an absolute suppression. They had always believed that as long as Lin Langtian stepped in, Lin Dong’s arrogance would swiftly crumble. Yet, the situation before their eyes caused them to understand cruelness of reality. It was only now that they realised the reason why Lin Dong was so arrogant was because he possessed the ability to back it up!

They had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong’s strength had indeed truly reached the level where it was enough to threaten Lin Langtian!

Although the pretty face of Lin Langtian’s extremely infatuated fangirl, Lin Xue, was looking a little ugly, she could only resentfully shut her mouth and not mock or ridicule anymore. The impact of Lin Dong directly lifting an arena on her was truly a little frightening…

Without Lin Xue cawing at her ear, Lin Ke-er sighed in relief. Her beautiful eyes unblinkingly watched the sky, observing the ferocious battle between the two as shock surged in her heart like the tide.

In the old tomb two years ago, Lin Langtian only needed the pressure of his aura to cause Lin Dong to fall to an incomparably sorry state, struggling with all his might just to save his last bit of dignity. Yet, today… only two short years had passed since then, but the merely advanced Yuan Dan stage youngster had already grown to this level!

This kind of progress was both stunning and shocking!

Now, if anyone said that Lin Dong was already able to contend against Lin Langtian, it is likely there was no longer anyone who would doubt it in their hearts!

The battle of titans had become truly marvellous!

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