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Chapter 334 Wiping Out the Cult

On the enormous Mysterious Black Yin mountaintop, numerous groaning Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners covered the ground while miserable howls of grief continuously sounded out. Lin Dong had forcibly shattered the great formation, causing an extremely huge blow to them. If it were not for the fact that they were many in number, it was likely that quite a number of them would be directly killed on the spot…


On the plaza, a reddish hue also surfaced on the Ghastly Puppet Cult left and right elders’ faces, before they involuntarily vomits a mouthful of fresh blood and their auras instantly withered. Their eyes were filled with a thick, unconcealable terror. Never did they ever imagine that the sect protecting great formation powered by all the practitioners in the Ghastly Puppet Cult would actually be broken apart by Lin Dong. Even at Teng Sha’s peak, it was very difficult for him to do so!

Around the plaza, the various practitioners of the Great Desolate Province watched this sight with alarm in their eyes. The ones who had originally thought that Lin Dong was here to throw away his life now tightly shut their mouths. Even a faction as powerful as the Ghastly Puppet Cult had suffered a crushing defeat at Lin Dong’s hands, who else would be able to stop this god of killing in the Great Desolate Province?

Under the watch of countless gazes, the Lin Dong in the sky slowly breathed out as the purplish black glimmer in his eyes faded. His eyes were now much dimmer than before, the great battle today had taken a terrifying toll on him. If it was not for the existence of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it was likely that Lin Dong would have to temporarily retreat when the Ghastly Puppet Cult brought out their sect protecting great formation previously, but even so, the current him felt waves of weakness emitting from his body.

Contending against an entire sect alone, moreover, it the powerful Ghastly Puppet Cult. This deed would require an extremely terrifying power, at least, from what Lin Dong thought, if it were a normal practitioner, three advanced Manifestation stage practitioners would be the minimum needed to push the Ghastly Puppet Cult to this stage.

While Lin Dong had completed this magnificent feat with the strength of the half-step-to Manifestation. Although he had Little Marten’s aid at the final moment, this did not weaken his domineering majesty at all.

Such a feat, let’s not mention the Great Desolate Province, even in the entire Great Yan Empire, it was likely that no one would be able to accomplish this!

“Lin Dong, though the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s vigor has sustained grave injuries, they after all still have some remaining energy. You have used up too much energy, if you continue to experience another hard battle like before, you will not last for long.” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and took a look below. At this moment, a great number of Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners were moving from Ghastly Puppet City to the mountaintop. Though the strengths of these people were not notable, they were after all many in number and Lin Dong’s current condition was not too good.

“Teng Sha is still not dead, I need to get rid of him or else there will be no end to this problem!” Lin Dong replied in a low voice. He understood how formidable an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner was. Previously, he had utilised many means before being able to seize an opportunity to seriously injure Teng Sha. If they retreated this time, would they not have wasted this chance?

This time, Teng Sha had been careless. If he had utilised the sect protecting great formation from the start, given his power and with him controlling the formation, even if Lin Dong had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol plus Little Marten’s help, they would only be able to flee. This kind of carelessness would not appear in Teng Sha a second time, and Lin Dong did not intend to give him this second chance.

To get rid of the grass, one needed to remove the roots. Or else, there will be no end to this problem!

Lin Dong looked towards the Mysterious Black Yin mountaintop, where a large group of Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners were gushing out before fearfully staring at him. Looks like Lin Dong had completely engraved himself into the Ghastly Puppet Cult members’ hearts after the great battle today…

“Since that is so, quickly do it. Take advantage of the chaos to kill Teng Sha and the Ghastly Puppet Cult will follow and collapse. If they lose Teng Sha, the factions with a grudge against the Ghastly Puppet Cult will definitely pounce on this opportunity. Heh heh, at that time, this Ghastly Puppet Cult might even be completely wiped out from the Great Desolate Province!”

When it saw Lin Dong persist, Little Marten pondered for a moment before heavily nodding its head. Its nature was similarly that of being unwilling to nurture a tiger that would bring about a calamity. If there was a chance, it would directly make a move and not give the enemy any chance of survival.

Lin Dong softly chuckled as he slowly nodded his head. His figure moved, slowly descending from the skies while numerous Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners watched in fear.

Upon seeing Lin Dong descend, the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners hastily backed away, protecting the heavily injured and extremely sorry figure of Teng Sha plus other high ranked members behind them.

“Lin Dong, what exactly do you plan on doing?” The current Teng Sha having rested for a while was panting. Although his aura was still weak, it was intolerable for him not to speak at this time.

“I’ve said it before… blood purging the Ghastly Puppet Cult.”

Lin Dong icily laughed as he gazed at the utterly battered and exhausted Teng Sha. It was hard to imagine that not long ago, this Ghastly Puppet Cult leader was talking about important matters at this very place, in hopes of uniting the numerous factions of the Great Desolate Province, and forcing themselves into the ranks of the top Great Yan Empire factions.

Lin Dong’s tone was rather flat. Yet, this flat tone contained a chilling ice-cold killing intent.

Teng Sha’s face twitched. Although the current situation was extremely bad, he was after all a formidable character. Immediately, he replied: “Lin Dong, previously, my Ghastly Puppet Cult was indeed in the wrong, but now that you have forced my Ghastly Puppet Cult to such a state, justice can be considered to have been served. As long as you agree to drop this matter, no matter what you want, as long as it is within my Ghastly Puppet Cult means, we will offer it to you with both hands!”

“Even if you want to be the leader of the Ghastly Puppet Cult, I will give it to you. Given our strength, if we join hands, we will definitely have a place in the Great Yan Empire. At that time, everyone in the Great Yan Empire can only look up to your position!”

One could do not but admit that Teng Sha was rather bold. Even at this kind of time, he would even yield his position to another. Moreover, the terms he had spoken about possessed a fatal enticement for many people.

However… Lin Dong was not the slightest bit interested in becoming the leader of a sect. Furthermore, he knew that given Teng Sha’s vicious character, letting Teng Sha live was undoubtedly the same as dooming Lin Dong…

“Hehe, Teng Sha, until now you still use this kind of lowly tricks. Don’t you think you’re looking down on this little brother Lin Dong too much?” However, just as Lin Dong was about to speak, a laugh suddenly echoed out in the plaza behind, immediately drawing the gazes everyone in the plaza.

“Mu Lei?!”

Teng Sha’s eyes abruptly darkened the moment his gaze shifted over. He stared daggers at Mu Lei as he venomously said: “Mu Lei, you’ve finally made your move?”

“Teng Sha, you are too domineering, the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s current predicament is no surprise at all.” Beside Mu Lei, Wu Zong also icily chuckled as he spoke. His gaze swept around the place as he continued in a low voice: “I believe that the various sect leaders have also been threatened by Teng Sha. Fortunately, little brother Lin Dong has appeared today. My Martial Alliance and the Great Devil Sect formally declare war against the Ghastly Puppet Cult!”

This sudden action immediately caused the expressions of the other sect leaders to change, especially those that had already been bribed by the Ghastly Puppet Cult, their expressions fluctuated even more violently.

“Sect leader Mu and Wu are right, Teng Sha is too domineering. My Wood Spirit Sect has endured this for a long time, today, we accompany the two of them and formally declare war!” This silence did not last for long as a sect leader sternly spoke up. It was obvious that the grievance accumulated by the Ghastly Puppet Cult was rather deep. In the past, there was the powerful force Teng Sha to suppress it, but now, Teng Sha was in a sorry state and his intimidation no longer existed, immediately causing people to erupt.

“I agree, my Tiger Blade Sect also cannot coexist with the Ghastly Puppet Cult, we want them to pay the debts of seizing our mountain!”


With someone to take the first step, it immediately caused a chain reaction. One by one, the sect leaders quickly made clear their position. Those originally bribed by the Ghastly Puppet Cult also promptly changed sides when they saw the unfavorable situation. In an instant, the Ghastly Puppet Cult found themselves utterly alone and surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Initially, Lin Dong had been stunned by this scene, but a mocking expression quickly surfaced on his face. He crossed his arms as he watched the suddenly furious sect leaders.

“All of you!”

Teng Sha was clearly greatly angered. In particular, when he saw the few sects he originally had agreements with actually yell loudly to overthrow the Ghastly Puppet Cult, he felt a sweetness at his throat and almost vomited another mouthful of fresh blood.

“Do you really think that my Ghastly Puppet Cult is afraid of second rate good like you all? Kill them!” Teng Sha’s eyes were blood red, no longer able to endure the rage in his heart as he ferociously roared.

“Humph, Teng Sha, you still dare to be so furious in this situation!”

However, the current Teng Sha obviously no longer possessed the intimidation from before. Mu Lei and Wu Zong sneered as their hands waved. The elite troops which had come along with them swiftly charged forward, stopping the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners. Immediately, the mountaintop became extremely chaotic, however, it did not have anything to do with Lin Dong this time…

“Heh, these fellows change rather fast, immediately falling out with the Ghastly Puppet Cult when they see the momentum change…” Little Marten watched the chaotic plaza and could not help but grin. This way was much easier on them. With the troops from the various sects involving themselves, Lin Dong no longer needed to worry about being attacked from all sides by the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners.

Lin Dong laughed in an indifferent manner. He knew that the Great Devil Sect and the Martial Alliance were certainly unwilling to let the Ghastly Puppet Cult lord over them, hence, this was an extremely good opportunity. However, for the Ghastly Puppet Cult, this was a fatal blow.

“We can talk later, let us first catch Teng Sha!”

Lin Dong’s eyes scanned the area and found Teng Sha continuously withdrawing towards the back of the mountain under the protection of several Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners. Looks like they knew that as long as Teng Sha lived, the Ghastly Puppet Cult would be able to revive themselves. As for this old nest, although they had operated here for many years, it was not worth exchanging their lives for it…

“Plan on leaving?”

Yet, Lin Dong merely sneered at them and walked towards Teng Sha. When the surrounding Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners saw this, they immediately moved to stop him, but before they could approach Lin Dong, they were wrapped up by crystal bubble like Mental Energy membranes. Only stuffy ‘bang’ sounds could be heard as figure after figure was exploded into bloody mists…

In the midst of the bloody mists, Lin Dong’s pace was neither fast nor slow. He looked just like the grim reaper, an extremely chilling sight.

As he walked, the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners who wanted to step in were all exploded into bloody mists. This scene not only caused the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners’ faces to color, but also the Great Devil Sect and other faction troops to shiver in fear…

At the end of the bloody road, Lin Dong finally appeared in front of Teng Sha. His expression was one of indifference as he stared at the sect leader who caused him to miserably flee half a year before, before he slowly extended his hand.

“If you want to blame something, blame the fact that you captured Little Flame…”

Lin Dong’s voice was flat and emotionless as a black hole abruptly spread out from the center of his palm.

As he stared at the black hole, Teng Sha’s expression instantly turned deathly white. His eyes were filled with fear and despair. At this time, he finally understood how terrifying an enemy he had drawn to the Ghastly Puppet Cult……

Yet, at this time, regret had already lost all effect.

From this moment, the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s name would be wiped clean from the Great Desolate Province!

All of this because they had offended a young man. The young man known as Lin Dong.

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