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Chapter 333: The Might of the Ancient Symbol

As they stared at that chilling smile on Lin Dong’s face, the left and right senior elders instantly felt their scalps turn numb. However, their faces promptly turned grim. Even though the fact that Lin Dong managed to defeat Teng Sha was truly shocking, this was still the Ghastly Puppet Cult headquarters. Therefore, it would not be an easy task for him to turn this place into a bloody river!

“Every elite Ghastly Puppet Cult member listen up, active the Grand Defensive Formation!”

As the left and right senior elders’ command ricocheted across the mountain, those originally shocked elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners quickly regained their senses. It seems like the reason why the Ghastly Puppet Cult was able to possess such a status in Great Desolate Province was because they were truly skilled. Even at this juncture, those Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners still did not panic. Instead, their figures flashed as they still managed to remain disciplined.


Countless elite practitioners swarmed from every direction in the Mysterious Black Yin mountain. Finally, everyone simultaneously slammed their fists against the ground. Then, the entire Mysterious Black Yin mountain started to vibrate vigorously. Based on this scene, it was just like an earthquake had occurred, as countless large granites continuously stumbled off the mountain causing a commotion to erupt in the middle of the Ghastly Puppet Cult headquarters.

Swoosh swoosh!

As those elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners slammed their fist on the ground together, the mountain peak suddenly split apart. Then, countless large light columns penetrated through the ground and gathered above the Mysterious Black Yin mountain at a terrifying pace. In a short period of time, an exceedingly huge glowing formation picture enshrouded the entire horizon.

This giant glowing formation picture gave off an exceedingly terrifying Yuan Power vibration. Everyone could tell that this was the formation that was formed from the combined strength of every elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioner. After all, Ghastly Puppet Cult was one of the top three factions in Great Desolate Province and everyone naturally knew that they had some tricks left.

Right now, it seems like this terrifying glowing formation picture was evidently the final trick of the Ghastly Puppet Cult!

“I never expected.. Lin Dong could actually forced the Ghastly Puppet Cult to use the Grand Defensive Formation.” When Mu Lei saw this sight, his eyelids twitched. Meanwhile, awe filled his voice.

“This Grand Defensive Formation is extremely complex to set up. The reason why the Ghastly Puppet Cult was able to activate it this quickly was because they were already prepared. However, after executing it this time, it would require a tremendous amount of effort and time in order to use it again. Therefore, in that period of time, Ghastly Puppet Cult will lose the protection of the Grand Defensive Formation and they would be in critical danger. That is because at this juncture, if another faction choose to attack them, they would lose their most powerful defences…”

When he heard Mu Lei’s words, Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes glimmered gently, before she glanced at the former, only to realize that a peculiar glint was not glimmering in his eyes.

Right now, Teng Sha was defeated by Lin Dong in front of countless individuals. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to both him and Ghastly Puppet Cult. Moreover, from now on, the Ghastly Puppet Cult will no longer have to guts to discuss an alliance. Furthermore, even if they tried to, they would no longer be unable to get the same reception as they did today…

With Teng Sha severely injured, the current Ghastly Puppet Cult was at its most vulnerable stage. To factions like Great Devil Sect and Marital Alliance, this was an golden opportunity for them. In this half a year’s time, Teng Sha had wantonly expanded the influence of his Ghastly Puppet Cult and it had caused much friction between them. However, since Mu Lei and Wu Zong knew that the latter was at advanced Manifestation stage, they could only choose to back down. However, right now, their patience has paid off as a golden opportunity has finally presented itself.

Mu Lei tilted his head and looked at Mu Zong, who was standing beside him. Right now, the latter was also glancing at him. Then, both of their lips trembled as an extremely soft voice tunnel into each other’s ears.

“Do you plan to make a move?”

“This is the perfect opportunity. If we give Ghastly Puppet Cult the chance to recover, in the future, the entire Great Desolate Province will definitely belong to them.”

“Yes, but let’s wait first and see how Lin Dong handles the situation. The Ghastly Puppet Cult’s Great Defensive Formation is extremely powerful and we are within it as well. If anything changes, it would be extremely disadvantageous for us.”

“Yes, let’s see how Lin Dong would react first…”

The two of them were both cunning old foxes. They were clearly aware that if they made a move now, they would be declaring an all out war with the Ghastly Puppet Cult and it would be an extremely severe matter. Therefore, if they were not fully confident of victory, they would not easily make a move…

“Lin Dong, you are simply too much. Do you think our Ghastly Puppet Cult cannot handle you?!”

Just as Mu Lei and Wu Zong secretly communicated, in the arena, when left and right senior elders saw that the formation had been successfully activated, the rage in their hearts instantly rose up. Then, they quickly sent some elite practitioners to retrieve a gravely injured Teng Sha, before they lifted their heads and shouted out angrily.

In the sky, Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at that giant glowing formation picture. The Yuan Power vibrations undulated on it were extremely alarming. In fact, even the Yuan Power vibrations on Teng Sha’s all-out attack could not be compared to this glowing formation picture. Evidently, this time around, the Ghastly Puppet Cult had fully executed their final signature move…

“Lin Dong, if you are wise, quickly retreat now. Our Ghastly Puppet Cult does not want an internecine!” Down below, left and right senior elders’ loud voice continuously sounded out.

“Pfft, an internecine. Do you think you can force one?”

However, with regards to their words, Lin Dong chose to chuckle instead The Ghastly Puppet Cult’s Grand Defensive Formation was indeed extremely tricky to deal with. However, it was not like he had no options at all. Since he had pledged to slaughter the Ghastly Puppet Cult today, he would not go back on his word!

“Since you chose to refuse our kindness and want to commit suicide, then our Ghastly Puppet Cult will fulfill your wish!” The left and right senior elders were both enraged by Lin Dong’s chuckle till their faces turned steely green. Then, both of their hand seals quickly changed. Instantly, a series of terrifyingly Yuan Power vibrations erupted from the large glowing formation picture that covered the entire Ghastly Puppet Cult, while glowing halos swiftly surged.


Just as Yuan Power above the large formation covered the entire horizon, a breaking wind sound rung out. Promptly, Little Flame and Little Marten appeared beside Lin Dong, before they released a low enraged roar. Evidently, they could sense just how formidable that large formation was.

“Lin Dong, let me help you. This large formation is quite tricky!” Little Marten softly muttered. Promptly, it transformed into a tiny light beam before it tunneled into Lin Dong’s body. Instantly, a peculiar purple glow gushed into the latter’s eyes.

With regards to its offer, Lin Dong chose not to reject it. Even though he had the upper hand in the war of words, he did not dare to underestimate this Grand Defensive Formation. After all, this was a giant formation that was the combined effort of countless elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners. Therefore, if he was not careful, he might actually end up dead in this spot.

“Rumble Tumble!”

Just as Little Marten tunneled inside Lin Dong’s body, the large glowing formation picture below suddenly released thunder-like roars. Then, glowing halos swarmed in from every direction at an alarming rate, before they finally gathered at center of that glowing picture.

“Lin Dong, surrender your life!”

When they sensed that the formidable Yuan Power above the formation picture was about to erupt like a volcano, the left and right senior elders instantly roared out angrily. Next, their hand seals changed before that formation picture suddenly vibrated. Then, a rainbow-like light beam erupted from within the formation picture with a loud swoosh!

That light beam flashed across the horizon and it seemed like this entire sky was split into two by this destructive light beam. Everywhere the light beam flashed by, it left a visible mark on the sky.

This monstrous attack caused everyone here to feel a peculiar fear coursing through their bones. Even an advanced Manifestation practitioner would find it difficult to escape from such an attack!

Based on Mu Lei and the rests’ calculations, this attack was probably more powerful than anything a peak advanced Manifestation practitioner could execute!

A glowing beam flashed across the sky as Lin Dong’s expression turned solemn as well. Under the bewildered stares from the crowd, he actually directly sat down in mid-air, before his hand seals changed. Then, an ancient symbol filled with an ancient scent swiftly emerged from above his head. As it squired, it caused a wind to rage by before it transformed into a large black hole above Lin Dong’s head.

“The Art of Devouring, Devour Everything!”

A deep roar suddenly echoed out inside Lin Dong’s heart. Promptly, that black hole begun to squirm rapidly, before an exceedingly formidable Devouring Force gushed out from within.

As that Devouring Force swept forth, the light beam that shot out from the sky suddenly vanished, as if it was swallowed by that black hole.


Under the stares from the crowd that was scattered across the mountain, that destructive light beam that could even threaten a Manifestation stage practitioner directly shot into that squirming black hole.


When they saw this sight, a venomous smile instantly flashed across the left and right senior elders’ face, before their hand seals changed as they shouted out.


After the two of them shouted, a deafening noise suddenly erupted from within the black hole. Then, an extremely savage Yuan Power vibration manically swept forth. Based on this sight, it seems like they were planning to forcefully blow apart the black hole.

“Do you believe that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol will be destroyed by your attack? Devour it!”

Lin Dong’s body begun to vibrate violently due to that shock. However, a venomous glint promptly flashed across his eyes. Meanwhile, the purple glow in his eyes turned increasingly resplendent, while the size of that black hole instantly grew several times. At the same time, the Devouring Force also surged rapidly.

“Buzz buzz!”

After that Devouring Force surged, the Yuan Power storms that were gushing out from the black hole begun to instantly dissipate at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, that light beam that erupted from within the black hole were instantly devoured…


When they saw that Lin Dong had forcefully intercepted the glowing formation’s attack, a series of disbelieving exclaims instantly erupted in the arena. In fact, fear even surfaced in the eyes of that left and right senior elders. After all, they were totally unable to believe that Lin Dong could actually intercept such a terrifying attack!

“Your dog shit formation is merely so!”

As countless pairs of eyes stared in awe, in mid-air, Lin Dong stood up. Then, his palms swirled, while a Devouring Force instantly materialized beneath his fist, before he executed a punch.

“Devouring Fist!”

After punching out, countless black holes materialized beneath Lin Dong’s fist, before they transformed into vicious force winds and solemnly slammed against that glowing formation picture.

“Boom boom boom!”

After they were hit by his fist, countless micro black holes extended out, while the Devouring Force erupted forth. Then, the Yuan Power vibrations on that giant formation begun to dissipate at an alarming rate, before the entire formation instantly crumbled with a loud crack.

Buzz chii! Buzz chii!

After that large formation exploded, countless elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners turned pale before most of them immediately vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. Instantly, a potent bloody smell extended across the entire mountain peak.

In the arena, when the other sect leaders saw this miserable sight, they instantly sucked in a breath of cold air in their hearts. All of them knew that this time around, the Ghastly Puppet Cult was truly finished…

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