WDQK Chapter 326

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Chapter 326 Danger

The Mysterious Black Yin mountain range was extremely steep and humongous. Many figures swept out dispersing in an extremely orderly manner, faintly forming a the shape of a great formation and surrounding the mountain top.

These figures were very well hidden, and their auras were intentionally suppressed to the lowest level. However, from these fellows’ skills, they were clearly all rather powerful. Moreover, they all wore the same clothes and at their chests, was a gray skeleton emblem. This was the mark of the Ghastly Puppet Cult, and evidently, these fellows were all Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners.

It was now evening and a blood red setting sun hung in the sky, emitting rays which gave off a tiny chill as they enveloped the humongous Mysterious Black Yin mountain range.

The Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners silently hid themselves in the dense foliage, making sure not to make even the tiniest noise. From the looks of it, they seemed to be hunting something.

“Everyone hear this, be careful. We have tangled with this wretched Demonic Beast for almost half a year. This time, we must capture it!”

In the forest, a Ghastly Puppet Cult elder sternly spoke towards the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners behind him: “Whoever messes up this mission, humph, sect leader will blame him and no one will be able to save him. Understood?”

“Yes, elder!” Upon hearing this, the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners hastily responded in low voices.

When he saw this, the Ghastly Puppet Cult elder nodded his head in satisfaction. He waved his hands and instructed: “Make sure your positions in the formation is correct, when the time comes, immediately activate the formation and envelope this mountain top. Sect leader and the rest have already arrived, at that time, that brute will definitely be unable to escape!”

After hearing these words, the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners swiftly dispersed and neatly entered the forest, each taking their concealed position. Once the signal was given, they would immediately take action and complete this perfect plan.

Similar situations were happening all around the mountain top at the same time. From the troops dispatched by the Ghastly Puppet Cult this time, this Demonic Beast was extremely important to them.

Several figures stood at a certain spot on the mountain. The one at the head of the group was the Ghastly Puppet Cult leader who had forced Lin Dong into the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, Teng Sha. Behind him, the left and right elders closely followed.

“Sect leader, we’ve spent a month before we were finally able to determine some of that evil creature’s habits. This mountain top is its favourite lodge, as long as we wait here, that beast will definitely walk right into our trap.” At this moment, the left elder was smiling towards Teng Sha as he explained.

“If that beast once again escapes from us this time, the two of you will have made sect leader very disappointed. Over this half a year, many of my Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners have been killed by that beast. If we are unable to subdue it again, how can my Ghastly Puppet Cult’s face exist?” Teng Sha’s expression was ice-cold as he icily said.

“Moreover, that beast had charged into the Mysterious Black Yin crevice with Lin Dong. It might know where the treasure is, thus, no matter what, we cannot let it escape!”

Upon hearing this, the left and right elders let out a bitter laugh as they replied: “Sect leader, that beast’s strength has risen considerably over this half a year. If faced alone, even the two of us can do nothing about it. Furthermore, its speed is incomparably swift, we have no way of catching up to it.”

“This time, the inescapable net is already in place. As long as it appears, it will have no chance of escaping!”

A sinister and cruel look faintly flashed in Teng Sha’s eyes. He stared at the sky and venomously said: “That beast continues to go against my Ghastly Puppet Cult, causing my Ghastly Puppet Cult to have no peace. Looks like it plans on avenging that brat Lin Dong. Hehe, even if that is so, after we capture it this time, I will extract its demonic spirit and refine it into a beast puppet!”

“I will make sure to let everyone know after offending this sect leader, I will make even a mere beast wish it was dead!”

Teng Sha clearly hated Lin Dong to the bone. Although they had searched for over half a year, there was still no news of him. But the hate in Teng Sha’s heart did not diminish in the slightest, since he could not find Lin Dong, he would capture this beast and mercilessly torture it to release some of the resentment in his heart!

While they watched the sinister looking Teng Sha, the left and right elders trembled with fear and no longer dared to speak. They knew that though half a year had passed and Lin Dong had very likely already become a corpse inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, the rage and hatred in Teng Sha’s heart instead grew increasingly stronger. Now that they had found something related to Lin Dong after much difficulty, they would not so easily let it go, even if it was just a Demonic Beast!

As the Ghastly Puppet Cult troops completely concealed themselves in this steep mountain, the sky gradually darkened and icy winds blew from the sky with a woo woo sound.


Not long after the sky darkened, a low tiger roar suddenly echoed out in the mountain. The roar was filled with a unique pressure, and under this pressure, many Demonic Beasts in the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range released low roars of fear in response.


The tiger roar gradually resounded, as a red flash swept out from the edge of the skies at an astonishing speed. It flapped its giant blood wings as it appeared in the skies above this mountain top.

The blood light gradually faded, revealing the enormous body within. Blood colored scale armor covered its body, reflecting a bloody light under the shine of the moonlight, making it look like a bloodthirsty beast. Moreover, a rather large blood python occupied the Demonic Beast’s back, hissing as an extremely icy aura overflowed from it.

If Lin Dong was here, he would be very astonished by this icy aura, because it was completely the same as the most terrifying Earth Terminus Cold Qi within the Mysterious Black Yin crevice!

Currently, the giant blood colored python’s triangular pupils were filled with an ice-cold light as they attentively scanned the mountain below.

This incomparably familiar figure was the Little Flame which had been separated with Lin Dong by the chaos within the Mysterious Black Yin crevice!

Little Flame flapped its blood wings as its eyes swept across the mountain below. Although it was as quiet as before, it did not know why but it faintly sensed a little danger. After living with Lin Dong for a long time, it seems to have been infected by the latter’s cautiousness.

As its strength increased, Little Flame’s intelligence had also become increasingly higher. For example, it knew what had forced Lin Dong into that land of death was the Ghastly Puppet Cult. thus, after escaping from the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, it immediately transformed into an avatar of vengeance. Over the past half a year, many many Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners had lost their lives under its sharp teeth…


Little Flame hesitated in the sky for a while before slowly descending in the end. However, while there was still some distance between it and the ground, the feeling of danger immediately intensified. It instantly shook its wings, transforming into a bloody flash of light as it fled this place.

“Activate the formation!”

Yet, just as Little Flame was about to flee, an icy shout suddenly rang out in the mountain top. Countless Yuan Power pillars quickly soared into the skies, transforming into a circular light screen which completely covered the skies above the mountain top.


Little Flame’s body slammed into the light screen, jolting it as a violent shockwave erupted, but it was still reflected back. Although its power had increased substantially over this past half a year, the Ghastly Puppet Cult this time were evidently determined to win as the amount of practitioners dispatched was rather large.

“Humph, evil creature, let me see where you can escape to now!”

While Little Flame was trapped, Teng Sha swept forth. Behind him, were not only the left and right elders but also several Ghastly Puppet Cult elders.


Upon catching sight of Teng Sha, a raging killing intent instantly flashed across Little Flame’s eyes. Evidently, it deeply remembered this murderer who had forced Lin Dong into the Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Immediately, its blood wings flapped as blood colored energy burst out, transforming into formidable blood blades which filled the sky and whizzed towards Teng Sha.

When he saw Little Flame attack, Teng Sha released a sinister chuckle. Casually waving his hand, vigorous Yuan Power condensed into a wall in front of him, completely blocking the blood blades.

“Beast, blame the fact that you’ve chosen the wrong master!” Teng Sha’s hand reached out as an enormous Yuan Power mountain directly took shape above Little Flame before ruthlessly slamming down.


The Yuan Power mountain heavily landed on Little Flame’s body, that ferocious force immediately causing Little Flame to emit a howl of pain. However, before it could strike back, the Ghastly Puppet Cult elders simultaneously attacked. Ten vigorous without equal Yuan Power transformed into Yuan Power chains, flying across the skies and directly binding Little Flame’s four limbs and wings.


With its body bounded, Little Flame frantically struggled. Wave after wave of wild blood colored energy endlessly gushed out, causing cracks to appear on the Yuan Power chains.

“Beast, you still dare to resist!”

Upon seeing this, Teng Sha’s expression hardened as another punch flew out. A ferocious Yuan Power force heavily crashed into Little Flame’s body, causing some blood colored scales to crack and split apart as it released a miserably cry. In the end, its tiger eyes slowly drooped as it entered an unconscious state.

“Go, bring it back. Three days later, I will torture this beast in front of everyone and refine it into a beast puppet. I want everyone to know that even a beast will pay its debt a hundred fold for offending my Ghastly Puppet Cult!”

Staring at the unconscious Little Flame, a malevolent smile instantly surfaced on Teng Sha’s face. With a wave of his hand, he turned around as a cruel laughter echoed about the skies.

“Lin Dong, if you are still alive, when we next meet, I will use the beast puppet made from your Demonic Beast to kill you, haha!”

In the depths of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, a black hole slowly squirmed above the source of the Earth Terminus Cold Qi. In the black hole, a figure silently sat like an old monk.


Suddenly, the figure’s tightly shut eyes abruptly opened. The instant his eyes opened, an extremely overwhelming aura unfurled from his body like a storm!

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          What really keeps me reading this is that most of the time the execution after the convenient power scale bending and situation building is pretty well done and the setting the author put out overall is still great.

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