WDQK Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Surge in Strength

Wu wu.

Inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, countless streams of Earth Terminus Cold Qi howled just like numerous dark large pythons. While he was being wrapped by countless Earth Terminus Cold Qi, a figure hovered above. Behind him, a black hole slowly extended. At the same time, an extremely powerful devouring force slowly emerged from within that black hole.

Little Marten stared at Lin Dong, who was being completely wrapped by Earth Terminus Cold Qi, while shock flashed across its eyes. It was keenly aware of just how vicious the Earth Terminus Cold Qi in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice was. In fact, even an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner could not withstand an onslaught of such a large amount of Earth Terminus Cold Qi!

When they first entered the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, Lin Dong had nearly died due to those Earth Terminus Cold Qi. However, right now, he actually dared to directly draw this amount of Earth Terminus Cold Qi…

“Kid, don’t end up killing yourself…” Little Marten muttered. Even though there was a hint of mockery behind its words, it goes to show just how fearful Little Marten was towards the Earth Terminus Cold Qi.

Just as Little Marten muttered to itself, Lin Dong calmly stared at the black python esque Earth Terminus Cold Qi dancing around his body. Promptly, he hovered and sat in the middle of the black hole, before with a flick of his mind, that black hole actually started to squirm rapidly .

“Boom Boom!

When that black hole squirmed, the devouring force that was emitted from within instantly swept forth manically. Then, with the force of a thousand dragons, it directly sucked in all the Earth Terminus Cold Qi surrounding his body.

Countless Earth Terminus Cold Qi swarmed into that black hole. Furthermore, the instant the Earth Terminus Cold Qi touched the black hole, it was immediately devoured by that black hole!

Swish! Swoosh!

Of course, these Earth Terminus Cold Qi did not merely vanish. The instant they were swallowed by that black hole, Lin Dong, icy cold shockwaves immediately erupted from within Lin Dong, who was seated in the middle of that black hole. Meanwhile, his bones continuously rattled. It seems like all the Earth Terminus Cold Qi was actually directly devoured by his body.


The potent Earth Terminus Cold Qi coursed through his body just like a tidal wave. Furthermore, before these Earth Terminus Cold Qi entered into Lin Dong’s body, the vicious icy cold energy contained within was all devoured by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, all that was left for Lin Dong, was most potent and pure energy source!

The icy cold energy continuously coursed through Lin Dong’s limbs and skeletons. Meanwhile, the icy cold energy within continuously refined Lin Dong’s muscles, bones and cells…

Thanks to this constant rejuvenation, Lin Dong could clearly feel that his physical body was actually gradually becoming stronger.

Earth Terminus Cold Qi originally possessed the ability to temper one’s body. However, the icy cold energy within was simply too savage. Therefore, even a Manifestation stage practitioner did not dare to absorb it into his body. However, right now, Lin Dong was no longer fearful of it. With the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, there was nothing in this word that he could not subdude. What’s more this so-called Earth Terminus Cold Qi!

As his physical body was being slowly strengthened, Lin Dong could also feel the Yuan Power inside his Dan Tian gradually being rejuvenated. In fact, even the size of his Dan Tian began to slowly grow.

Earth Terminus Cold Qi not only possessed tempering properties, but it also contained extremely potent Yuan Power. Therefore, by absorbing it greedily, it was extremely beneficial towards Lin Dong’s Yuan Power cultivation as well!

“Haha, awesome. Let’s do it again!”

Streams of Earth Terminus Cold Qi continuously flowed into the black hole, while Lin Dong’s robes continuously rattled. Promptly, he released a hearty laugh, while his laughter was just like thunder as it ricocheted across the Mysterious Black Yin crevice.

“Boom boom!’

Just as Lin Dong’s laughter ended, the black hole surrounding him actually began to slowly expand. Instantly, the devouring force extending from within grew increasingly stronger.

That black hole squirmed just like it was the most terrifying object in the know universe. The entire Mysterious Black Yin crevice instantly begun to rage, as countless Earth Terminus Cold Qi came swarming in from every direction, before they were directly devoured by that black hole and transformed into potent energy source that coursed through Lin Dong’s body.

Based on the current scene, it seems like right now, Lin Dong was a glutton with a bottomless appetite. Regardless of how much Earth Terminus Cold Qi streamed in, he was never satisfied!

However, this injection obviously had quite a beneficial impact. Not only was Lin Dong’s aura growing increasingly stronger, veins were squirming on his body’s surface. Furthermore, each time they squirmed, an extremely formidable force would erupt forth!

In the windless zone, Little Marten stared at Lin Dong’s domineering actions as it involuntarily scoffed in glee. That was how domineering the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was; it could devour anything in the world!

In the past, even if Lin Dong had reached high-grade Symbol Master, he would not dare to act in such an arrogant fashion in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, not to mention devouring the Earth Terminus Cold Qi, that will cause anyone to shudder in fear, just like it was a tonic…

“The attacking potential of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol does not seem as powerful as the “Flame Ancestral Symbol” that I have encountered before. However, its devouring ability is exceptionally domineering. Utilizing it to boost your cultivation is definitely ideal.”

A tinge of envy flowed across Little Marten’s eyes. Even though right now, Lin Dong was unable to fully utilize the abilities of the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”, as he slowly progressed, the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” would only become stronger, until eventually, he would be able to completely bring out its potential. At that time, with a breath alone, Lin Dong could probably devour all the Earth Terminus Cold Qi in this Mysterious Black Yin crevice. At that stage,, he would truly be able to dominate the entire world!

“At this rate, Lin Dong should be able to reach the pinnacle of advanced Qi Creation stage. However, it is not going to be so easy to breakthrough to Manifestation stage…”

Little Marten’s eyes glimmered. Even though Lin Dong had the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”, it did not mean that he could endlessly absorb the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth. After all, the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” could only help him to devour energy, but he had to control the energy that he had devoured. In a manner of speaking, “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” was an extremely powerful water-pump, while Lin Dong’s body was the water tank. Regardless of how powerful the pump was, the tank would eventually be filled…

“Wu wu!”

Inside the Mysterious Black Yin Crevice, the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth continuously raged. Furthermore, the source of the commotion was from Lin Dong, who was deep within the crevice. Thankfully, he was located in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, or else, such an earth-shattering commotion would surely drew many people to snoop by and Lin Dong would not be able to train in peace.

Streams of black large python esque Earth Terminus Cold Qi continuously gushed into the squirming black hole, before they eventually turned into potent Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s body…


As more and more Earth Terminus Cold Qi flowed into Lin Dong’s body, his body suddenly jerked, while the Yuan Dan in his Dan Tan had almost swelled into the size of a fist. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s aura instantly surged.

“Advanced Qi Creation stage!”

A bright glint glimmered across Lin Dong’s eyes, before he released a hearty laugh. Even though he was already at the pinnacle of initial Qi Creation stage, at his usual cultivation pace, he still needed some more time to breakthrough. However, right now, in merely a day, Lin Dong was able to directly breakthrough to advanced Qi Creation stage!

There was no question just how domineering the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was!

Potent Yuan Power shockwaves swivelled around Lin Dong’s body. Then, his figure flashed before he headed into the windless zone. Without further ado, he sat down and silently relished the awesome sensation as his strength began to grow.

Lin Dong quietly relished it for an entire hour, before he slowly opened his eyes.

“Wow, you have broken through to advanced Qi Creation stage so quickly!” Little Marten, who was standing beside him, gasped in shock. His training pace was simply too astonishing.

“I was already at the pinnacle of initial Qi Creation stage. Therefore, I was merely a step away from ranking up. This time around, I merely seized the opportunity to make a breakthrough.” Lin Dong smiled as he was not too surprised. Then, he lifted his head and stared at the dark Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Right now, countless Earth Terminus Cold Qi howled and extended across the entire crevice. This item, that was deadly to most elite practitioners, was just an extremely beneficial cultivation tonic for Lin Dong!

“I intend to stay here for two more months and try to see if I can borrow the Earth Terminus Cold Qi here to breakthrough to Manifestation stage!”

Lin Dong was keenly aware that it was no easy feat to reach Manifestation stage. However, right now, this Mysterious Black Yin crevice provided him with an ideal training arena. If he chose to give up now, it would be too much of a waste.

Little Marten also nodded it’s head. This opportunity was simply too precious for Lin Dong to give up.

With this idea in mind, in the following two months, Lin Dong once again displayed his maniacal training potential. Everyday was spent inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Meanwhile, the black hole slowly grew as it manically swallowed streams of Earth Terminus Cold Qi inside the crevice. At the same time, Lin Dong could enjoy the pleasant sensation as his body was being refined by that cold energy!

As he tirelessly trained, an aura inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice was growing increasingly powerful day after day…

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