WDQK Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: Captured Forcefully

“Lin Dong, the seats here are not something a little brat like you can hold on to. This old man is doing this for your own sake. If you’re smart, take the initiative and back off. Since you are somewhat related to the Lin Clan, this old man is willing to let go of the disrespect and dishonor you’ve given to my Wang Clan!”

Wang Tong’s had his hands behind his back as he stared and Lin Dong with an expressionless face while his cold voice echoed in the sky.

“Make your move.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were calm as he stared at Wang Tong and the numerous Wang Clan practitioners behind him and replied with a voice that was likewise like an still ancient well. Evidently, he had long expected this to happen.


Upon hearing this, a sneer flitted across Wang Tong’s eyes. He naturally understood that given Lin Dong’s character, he would never abandon this chance. Hence in a way, he now had an excuse to make a move. Even if others talked about it, he could say that it was Lin Dong who was arrogant, and not him who did not give the latter any chance.

“Uncle Lin Fan!”

When she saw the the Wang Clan was prepared to attack Lin Dong, Lin Ke-er’s beautiful pupils turned slightly distressed, while worry filled her pretty face, as she looked towards the elder beside her.

At this moment, the elder called Uncle Lin Fan furrowed his eyebrows. Wang Tong was indeed a little excessive, to think that he would actually gang up on a younger generation, he was really too thick-skinned.

Lin Fan and another elder exchanged a look, but just as they were about to speak, a cold voice entered their ears: “No need to bother. We are going to cooperate with the Wang Clan in an important matter and we cannot neglect the big picture because of a little incident.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan and the rest looked towards Lin Langtian who was on the stone platform. The voice from before clearly originated from the latter, and with regards to his words, even Lin Fan and the other older generations members of the clan found it difficult to object. Moreover, what he had said was indeed true, hence they could only secretly sigh before shaking their heads at Lin Ke-er.

When she saw this, Lin Ke-er lightly bit her red lips. Anxiety filled her heart, however she was powerless to do anything.

“Let me see how you can escape this time!” On the stone platform, Wang Yan icily chuckled. Although he was extremely astonished that Lin Dong had defeated the Ancient Sword Sect practitioners, he believed that the Wang Clan’s current formation was than enough to suppress Lin Dong until he could not crawl back up!

“Listen to my command and attack together. Capture this person who dared to humiliate our Wang Clan!” Wang Tong’s expression was sinister as a low shout suddenly rang out.


Upon hearing Wang Tong’s command,numerous Wang Clan practitioners immediately responded. One by one, vigorous Yuan Power auras abruptly erupted from their bodies. In an instant, the entire sky started to ripple due to the formidable Yuan Power undulations.

When they saw the Wang Clan’s line-up, the expressions of many people in the plaza changed a little. The Wang Clan was indeed worthy of being one of the four great clans, an ordinary faction would have practically no hope of achieving such power.

“Lin Dong is really going to suffer this time. To think that he would actually provoke the Wang Clan…” Some gazes were filled with pity as they looked towards Lin Dong. Though they rather admired the latter’s strength, in the end, a lone person’s strength could not be compared to a faction’s.

In the air, Lin Dong directly ignored those pitying looks. His eyes were as cold as a blade as they stared at the Wang Clan practitioners below. Based on their line-up, the Wang Clan clearly far exceeded the Ancient Sword Sect.

“Let’s see if you have the ability to catch me!”

Lin Dong’s expression was dark as he waved his hand. A figure instantly appeared in front of him. This was the high-grade Symbol Puppet he had obtained in the Symbol Puppet lair.

After summoning this Symbol Puppet, Lin Dong did not hesitate at all and directly injected fifty thousand Pure Yuan pills into the Symbol Puppet’s body.

Fifty thousand Pure Yuan pills was absorbed by the Symbol Puppet in an instant. Immediately, resplendent golden light which contained a terrifying energy swiftly spread out in the sky.

“What is that? Such powerful energy undulations. Even an advanced Qi Creation practitioner would not be able to give off such undulations!”

The energy undulations that had suddenly exploded in the sky instantly caused the entire plaza to be overwhelmed with shock, as incomparably astonished gazes looked towards the figure in the sky.

Above the stone arena, the cold smile that was on Wang Yan’s face froze. In fact, even Lin Langtian’s eyelids began to twitch. It seems like even he could not neglect that energy shockwave…

“That is…” Wang Tong was similarly stunned by this sight till his eyelids began to twitch violently. That energy shockwave even caused his heart to pound.

“This kid is really strange, to think that he actually has so many tricks!”


Just as countless individuals were in awe due to that terrifying energy shockwave, Lin Dong’s finger suddenly pointed towards Wang Tong. As he sternly commanded, that Symbol Puppet, which had taken in fifty thousand Pure Yuan Pills instantly transformed into a golden flash, before it tore through the air and flew towards Wang Tong!

“Stop him!”

When he saw that golden figure dashing towards him, Wang Tong was terrified out of his wits. Immediately, he hurriedly shouted out. He could sense that he was unable to withstand that energy shockwave.

When they heard Wang Tong’s voice, the various elite Wang Clan practitioners immediately regained their senses. Promptly, they activated their Yuan Power and executed a variety of Martial Arts, which filled their horizons and rained down upon that golden flash. Their formation was pretty impressive.

“Boom boom boom!”

However, even as it faced the vicious attacks from countless elite Wang Clan practitioners, that golden flash was just like an unstoppable force. Anywhere that it passed through, every Martial Arts would be instantly blown apart and it did not cause it to slow down at all.

This time, Lin Dong evidently understood that there were many elite practitioners in the Wang Clan. Hence, once he made his move, he directly injected fifty thousand Pure Yuan Pills inside the Symbol Puppet. That staggering amount of Pure Yuan Pills directly gave that Symbol Puppet an extremely formidable and explosive energy. Therefore, this time, Lin Dong was confident that among Qi Creation stage practitioners, no one could halt his Symbol Puppet’s attack!

Under countless stares from the crowd, that golden flash bulldozed through every elite Wang Clan practitioners martial arts and defences at an alarming rate, before its figure flashed and it directly appeared in front of Wang Tong.


When he saw that the golden flash had directly penetrated through the defences set up by several elite practitioners, shock gushed into Wang Tong’s eyes. Nonetheless, he was still a true-blue advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. Therefore, he immediately gripped his large hands, before a golden platform immediately materialized in front of him. Then, he viciously slammed it against the Symbol Puppet.

As it faced Wang Tong’s attack, that Symbol Puppet launched its fist, before that solid-looking golden platform was instantly blown away, before it exploded into golden dust with a loud bang..

After destroying the golden platform with a single punch, that Symbol Puppet’s palm lightning-quick jutted forth, while it carried an exceedingly formidable force wind before it viciously slammed against Wang Tong’s chest.

“Buzz chh!”

The Yuan Power defences on his body were instantly annihilated, while the clothes on Wang Tong’s body were instantly shredded. Then, his body flew off just like a cannonball, before he left a near hundred meter scratch mark on the ground. Finally, his body solidly slammed against a giant boulder. Immediately, he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

When they saw that Wang Tong was instantaneously defeated with one blow, a commotion erupted in the entire arena. In fact, awe filled the other three Great Clan members. This outcome had totally exceeded their expectations!

“How is that possible?!” Standing on the stone arena, Wang Yan was nearly in crumbles after witnessing this situation. Wang Tong was a true-blue advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. How could he be so easily defeated after one move?

“It’s that high-grade Symbol Puppet again!” Teng Lei’s eyes were dark as he stared at that golden flash, while his heart was filled with jealousy. After all, that item was supposed to belong to him, however it had now ended up with Lin Dong!

As he felt the countless pairs of bewildered eyes staring at him, Lin Dong remained calm. Then, he stared coldly at Wang Tong, who was still vomiting blood, before his mind moved and that Symbol Puppet once again transformed into a golden flash and dashed towards Wang Tong with a venomous killing intent!

That Symbol Puppet’s actions caused Wang Tong and the rest of the elite Wang Clan practitioners to become completely distraught. Before the former could shout, the rest of the elite Wang Clan practitioners hurriedly made their move again. Then, a variety of formidable martial arts were once again directed viciously towards that golden flash.

“Bang bang bang!”

Formidable martial arts filled the horizons. However, that golden flash was once again unstoppable. A series of explosions sounded out, before to his bewilderment, that golden flash once again appeared in front of Wang Tong. Then, it extended its icy-cold hands and grabbed onto Wang Tong’s throat before it slowly lifted him up.

As they stared at that flustered Wang Tong, who was struggling in the hands of the Symbol Puppet, the entire arena turned silent. Then, pairs of somewhat bewildered and fearful eyes instantly turned to look at that young man, who was hovering in mid-air.

Lin Dong’s face was calm as he looked down and surveyed the crowd. Then, his nonchalant voice once again sounded out.

“With regards to the ninth seat, is there anyone else with objections?”

That young man’s nonchalant voice slowly ricocheted around the entire large arena. However, no one dared to voice their objections this time.

Even a faction as powerful as the Wang Clan were thrashed by Lin Dong. Therefore, for the other factions, regardless of their own opinions, they no longer had the guts to provoke him…

The arena was silent. It seems like a domineering aura had involuntarily emerged from that young man hovering in mid-air. He was able to dominate the crowd with own his strength. After witnessing his splendid demeanour, a weird glint flashed across the eyes of several ladies in the arena.

“Thank you!”

When he saw that the crowd was silent, Lin Dong gently smiled before his figure flashed and he dashed up onto the stone arena and sat solidly down on that ninth seat!

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