WDQK Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Mu Qianqian

The enormous city quietly set on the plains. In the dim light of the night, it looked like a ferocious beast from ancient times, which gave off a heart palpitating aura.

The walls of the city were extremely tall and majestic. Even when it extended to the limits of one sight, one was unable to see its ends. From this, one could tell how terrifyingly huge Great Puppet City was.

Lin Dong rode Little Flame, and descended a distance away from Great Puppet City. Little Flame once again transformed into a small cat-like state, before tunnelling into his bosom.

Although they was still quite some distance to the city, the roads were rather populated, and appeared extremely busy. Compared to Yan City, this place was much more popular.

Carrying Little Flame, Lin Dong looked about. Soon after, he smiled a little, and steadily walked towards Great Puppet City. At the city entrance area, though the city entrance was rather wide, the tremendous traffic caused it to be jam-packed, so much so that Lin Dong had to queue for some time before successfully entering into this humongous city.

The scene was magnificent.

Lin Dong looked about when he entered the city. When he saw the seemingly endless buildings, he deeply breathed out. Such an enormous city was practically a small size country.

Lin Dong’s awe did not last for long as he stood on the crowded and noisy street. He squeezed into the crowd and first randomly found a quiet inn in the city. For the sake of participating in Great Puppet City’s grand auction. he had continuously travelled for several days. Now that he had reached his destination, it was most important for him to quickly rest and reorganize.

After resting in the inn for a night, Lin Dong’s weary mind finally recovered. Meanwhile, he also took the opportunity to obtain some information about Great Puppet City from the inn worker.

According to the information he had obtained, there were a great many factions in Great Puppet City. Furthermore, they were tangled and complicated, and one could not know how deep the water was here. In comparison, Yan City was sparkling clean.

Among the numerous factions, three factions could be considered the rulers of Great Puppet City. These three factions were not unfamiliar to Lin Dong, they were the famous factions of this Great Desolate Province, the Ghastly Puppet Cult, the Great Devil Sect and the Martial Alliance.

Of course, this did not mean that the headquarters of these three great factions were located in this place, but a comparatively larger portion of their forces were stationed here. Even so, no other faction could match up to this kind of power. Hence, more than half of the resources from Great Puppet City were split up among these three great factions.

The fact that a mere subdivision allowed them to possess such status in Great Puppet City indicated that the power of these three great factions was indeed rather frightening.

Lin Dong’s current target was the so-called auction, and its organizer was the Martial Alliance.

As the faction with the greatest numbers among the three, perhaps the elite of the Martial Alliance might not compare to the other two great factions, however, its numbers far surpassed the sum of the Ghastly Puppet Cult and the Great Devil Sect. And only this Martial Alliance, which had a tremendous network, was able to possess such an astonishing rallying power in the Great Desolate Province.

Moreover, because the Martial Alliance was holding an auction, in a short span of a few days, the number of people streaming into Great Puppet City was climbing at a terrifying rate. Those who were of the same mind as Lin Dong were quite substantial. The time to the weakening of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal was fast approaching, and everyone understood the value of sharpening tools before using them. If they were able to obtain some powerful Soul Treasures or martial arts before they entered the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, they would increase the chances of obtaining treasures within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

Thus, this auction was held at the most appropriate time, like rain after a drought.

When Lin Dong reached Great Puppet City, there only three days left before the start of the auction. In these three days, after obtaining the information he needed, he did not go outside excessively, and instead quietly cultivated in the inn. It was only when the morning of the third day arrived did he finally open his tightly shut eyes.


Today, Great Puppet City was undoubtedly more bustling and noisy than before. Even from the inn Lin Dong stayed at, he could hear that astonishing hubbub from outside. Immediately, he shook his head and packed his things, before exiting the inn. Then, he rushed towards the northern district of the city. That was the Martial Alliance’s territory, and the auction was to be held there.

In a place like the Great Desolate Province, the most important factor in holding an auction was the power of the organizer. Or else, it was very likely for the situation of forcefully snatching the auction items to occur. After all, strength was respect in this Great Desolate Province, while order and other things were extremely weak here. Therefore, if one’s fist was not hard and did not have the power to intimidate, holding an auction would only bring humiliation. Fortunately, no one dared to question the Martial Alliance’s strength, hence, in the end, this auction gave one a feeling of security.

After quickly travelling through the city for half an hour, Lin Dong finally arrived at the auction location. As he stared at the enormous auction area, which could contain several tens of thousands of people, admiration once again surfaced in his eyes. In comparison, the Thousand Gold Association’s auction house looked rather shabby. Of course, the power of the two factions likewise could not be compared, and this disparity between them was not strange.

A great number of Martial Alliance disciples were maintaining order outside the auction area. Of course, what supported this kind of order was the tightly gripped weapons in their hands and their stern gazes.

There were several passageways which led into the auction area, however, Lin Dong did not take the most congested one. Instead, he rather familiarly entered from another passageway. This could be considered a kind of high class passageway, and ended in a rather good seat within the auction area. However, one needed to pay a thousand Pure Yuan pills.

One thousand Pure Yuan pills. If this was before, Lin Dong would have been greatly pained in his heart. However, the current him could be considered to have some wealth, and he could still afford this little bit of money.

After paying the Pure Yuan pills, he smoothly entered the area, and found a good seat near the auction stage. Currently, a black bamboo hat had once again appeared on his head, completely covering his face. Although there was the Martial Alliance to maintain order, not revealing one’s wealth was something Lin Dong understood, especially with so many crooks around in this auction. There was nothing wrong with being a little more careful.

After Lin Dong took his seat, people endlessly swarmed into the huge auction area like ants. In a mere hour or so, the auction area which could contain several tens of thousands of people was gradually filled by the black bobbing heads of the crowd, and various noises encroached from all directions like magic.

Lin Dong’s eyes were tightly shut under the bamboo hat, like a old monk, and the noise was completely filtered away by him. This state lasted for about ten minutes, before his mind suddenly flicked, as the surrounding hubbub seemed to converge together.

His tightly shut eyes slowly opened, as Lin Dong gazed towards the front of the auction area. There, a graceful woman in black clothes sat. This woman looked to be extremely young, her skin was fair as snow, and her supple, fine black hair that was casually bounded by a simple jade hairpin instead gave her a slight charm.

Due to his angle, Lin Dong could only the side of her face, but he was still able to sense her exquisite and beautiful contours. One could imagine that this woman’s looks were on the level that would cause calamities.

Of course, from the countless gazes around that suddenly turned passionate, one could also arrive at this conclusion…

Moreover, Lin Dong was most surprised that this woman was actually able to sit at the best VIP seating area of the auction. From this, one could tell that her identity was not simple at all.

“Heh heh, to think that even the Great Devil Sect’s genius would be drawn to this auction…”

“That is the Great Devil Sect’s Mu Qianqian right? Tch tch, this little enchantress is known as the Great Devil Sect’s genius of the century. Her looks are even considered to be at the calamity level. It is said that several outstanding youths of the Great Devil Sect had a huge fight over her. If it some elders had not stepped in, it would have been even worse.”

“Haha, how many youngsters in the Great Desolate Province do not have any thoughts about this little demoness. If I could hug such a beautiful woman in my arms, I would be willing to live ten years less…”


When Lin Dong heard the whispers from all around, his heart moved a little. In a flash of understanding, he realized that she was from the Great Devil Sect. No wonder, she was able to receive such treatment.

“This Mu Qianqian’s strength should have reached the initial Qi Creation stage…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips, and could not help but inwardly smack his lips. There were indeed many hidden talented individuals in this world. The Great Yan Empire’s so-called young talents could not be represented by just Wang Yan, Lin Langtian and the rest alone. At least, the little demoness from the Great Devil Sect before his eyes also possessed the qualifications to match up to them.

“I wonder how strong the Martial Alliance’s Heavenly Martial Dojo’s and Ghastly Puppet Cult’s most outstanding younger generation member are…” Lin Dong’s gaze flickered, as a fire was lit in his eyes.

While Lin Dong was staring at Mu Qianqian’s wonderful figure, the latter seemed to sense him. Slightly tilting her head, peach flower-like eyes locked onto Lin Dong. Her long eyelashes winked, giving off an inexhaustible enticement. Under that gaze, as long as one was young and full of vigor, a nefarious flame would be faintly lit in one’s body.

“Charm Technique!”

When he sensed the changes in his body, Lin Dong suddenly felt a chill in his heart. This so-called Charm Technique was a type of application of Mental Energy, and was able to cause one’s mind to be controlled.

“It’s not a Charm Technique. This woman was born with a naturally mesmerizing body, and is able to seduce one’s soul with a smile or frown. Tch tch, truly natural and extraordinary beauty indeed.” Little Marten’s voice was filled with astonishment as it sounded out at this moment.

“Naturally mesmerizing body.”

Lin Dong was stunned. Soon after, he deeply breathed out, as Mental Energy gushed out of his Niwan Palace, and guarded against the charm from Mu Qianqian’s eyes.

While he defended, Lin Dong tilted his head and looked to his left and right, only to see some guys had flushed red, as their bodies slightly trembled, while their lower body area swelled and stood tall. An extremely sorry sight.

“Damnit, she is indeed a little succubus…”

Upon seeing this scene, the corner’s of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched. With a single glance, this woman was able to play make men dance at the palm of her hand. This was indeed a little terrifying.

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    1. Thank god I’m not the only one that noticed. In Xianxia, only women have special types of bodies (don’t get me started on the type of bodies that have too much Yin or something. Is it some kind of writing trend?)

        1. there is also chu feng from MGA… Linley (actualy more his brother than him) from CD… those are the first that comes to my mind but I’m sure there are probably other… it’s just that male with special body are either the MC or some antagoinst (only a few ecception to this)… if they are antagonist they’r bound to be beaten and than forgotten (except in novel where the antagoist is a recurring enemy… but most are just passing star)… female with special body instead often end up being either love interest or recurring characters… that is why we often remebr them ^^

          1. The fellow in CD also had the split soul deal going on. There are a lot more. I think the real issue is that the authors wanna stir up the men reading these fics so they make a huge deal out of women who possess such bodies. Not only are they powerful, but they HOT!!! fairy this.. seductive that.. special virgin power(ATG)………… (o_o”) gotta get that booty! lol.

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            And conversely using women for cultivation, like the ATG version, or the Gate of Good Fortune one where they use them as furnaces or worse.

      1. Men are made of Yang, and women of Yin. It’s why you will probably never see a woman too hat because there is too munch Yang in her body.
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        ATG for example has Xia Yuanba having a special body and of course so does Yun Che (though Yun Che’s was given and not inborn)
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