WDQK Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Extortion

“Little Flame!”

As he gazed at the huge beast which arrived from the skies, Lin Dong was stunned, but soon after, delight surfaced in his eyes.

In the sky, the huge beast stood in the air while its body was covered in a dark red crystal armor. From time to time, sparks flickered on the crystal armor, making it seem extremely similar to the Thunder Crystal Beast’s crystal armor. Furthermore, two electrifying wings of lightning grew from Little Flame’s back, and as they shook, they emitted the low rumble of thunder.

Evidently, after consuming the flesh and blood of the Thunder Crystal Beast, Little Flame had absorbed some of the essence within its blood and thus underwent its current transformation.

On Little Flames’ back was a huge python which was covered by a layer of scarlet red crystals. Meanwhile, within that python’s mouth, lightning seemed to flicker as it hissed, giving it a sinister feeling.

The current Little Flame had completely changed compared to before. No one could predict that Little Flame’s transformation would actually be so shocking after absorbing the essence of the Thunder Crystal Beast’s blood.


As if it heard Lin Dong’s voice, the impressive huge beast in the sky bent down and roared towards Lin Dong. The huge python on its back suddenly shot forward lightning-quick, as it charged into the midst of the Di and Liu Family troops. Immediately, lightning flashed as a powerful energy gushed forth, bringing miserable cries in its wake.

Little Flame’s current strength was clearly comparable to the Form Creation stage. The scarlet red crystal armor covering its body bestowed upon it a strong defensive shield. Lightning gushed about, causing its attacks to become rather formidable. Although the Di and Liu Families still had quite a few perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners, they were evidently already unable to do any harm to Little Flame. Hence, this intense fight was completely one-sided.

However, though Little Flame’s attack had caused them to fall into chaos, nonetheless, thanks to their overwhelming numbers, after they finally combined forces, they were barely able to withstand the lightning attacks.

“Hey, if you keep being so troublesome, you will likely have to collect their dead bodies.”

As he saw Little Flame toying with the troops from the two families, Lin Dong said with an indifferent tone. At the same time, the halberd in his hand moved closer to the Di Teng duo’s throats, causing them to freeze in fear.

Lin Dong’s words instantly caused the Di and Liu Family troops to stop struggling. When they saw the sight before them, they already understood that this time, both their families had lost to a youngster who looked extremely youthful…

“What do you want?” Di Teng’s body trembled slightly. The sharp pain from his mind made him understand that his injuries this time were extremely severe, and if not treated properly, there would be serious repercussions. Of course, there was no point in thinking about these things now, the utmost priority was to first protect his own life…

He was an intelligent person, based on the fact that Lin Dong did not immediately kill them, he could tell that Lin Dong currently did not have the intention to kill them. Or else, Lin Dong would not have let him talk so much nonsense.

Upon hearing this, a small smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. In response, a sinking feeling appeared in Di Teng’s and Liu Kui’s hearts.

“Want your lives? Then use Pure Yuan pills to buy them.”

When they heard the casual chuckle that sounded out in their ears, Di Teng and Liu Kui sighed in relief in their hearts. As long as they were able to survive, that would be for the best.

“Two hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills per person.”

However, before they could completely relax, Lin Dong’s following words almost caused them to choke to death.

“Two hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills, even if you sell my entire Di Family, we will still be unable to obtain such a sum!” Di Teng’s face was green as he growled. How could they possibly afford such an astronomical figure. Did this guy really think that they were a pill production factory!

“Two hundred thousand, I think it will be better for you to just kill us. After we pay this amount, our families would be rendered useless anyway!” Liu Kui gnashed his teeth as he said.

After seeing the violent reactions of the duo, Lin Dong rubbed his chin. It seems like the number he had off-handedly said was indeed too tremendous, or else it was unlikely that this duo would rather give up on their lives.

“How about this, I’ll give in. One hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills per person. No more bargaining.” Lin Dong muttered to himself for a while before he casually said.

When they heard the trace of impatience in Lin Dong’s voice, Di Teng and Liu Kui, whom were just about to speak again, instantly shut their mouths, . Though one hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills was likewise not a small sum, their two families were at least able to afford it.

Nearby, the Liu and Di Family troops were dumbstruck as they watched the negotiation that was occurring before their eyes. For a moment, their gazes turned somewhat strange as they looked towards Lin Dong…

“Eh, stop looking and hand over the Pure Yuan pills. One hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills per person. Thank you.” When he saw their strange gazes, Lin Dong involuntarily chuckled as he said.

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s calm voice, the place turned quiet while Di Teng and Liu Kui could only take out the Qiankun bags which they stored Pure Yuan pills in. Yet, one hundred thousand was evidently too huge a figure, hence they duo still fell short of about fifty thousand Pure Yuan pills after clearing out all their Qiankun bags.

As he watched the stiff expression on the Di Teng duo’s faces, Lin Dong could not be bothered with them, and grinned before he said: “Eh, you still have so many underlings here. Let them top up the rest, without two hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills, I will not let anyone go.”

Upon hearing these words, not only did the Di Teng duo start to tremble involuntarily, but even the sight before the Di and Liu Family troops began to turn black. This guy would not even let off small fries like them…

“You guys go gather fifty thousand Pure Yuan pills.” Di Teng swallowed a mouthful of saliva, as he stared at the sharp halberd at this throat. He had no choice but to thicken his skin and command the Di and Liu Family troops.

Upon seeing that even the family head had spoken, the troops from the two families could only force a smile. Then, the hundred or so men huddled together, before they finally gathered fifty thousand Pure Yuan pills and handed it over to Lin Dong.

As he held the Qiankun bag in his hand, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy scanned it. Soon after, he nodded his head in satisfaction and kept all of the Pure Yuan pills into the high class Qiankun bag he had snatched from Wang Yan. Then, he smiled as he stuffed the Qiankun bag into his clothes.

“We’ve already given you the Pure Yuan pills, you can now release my father and the Liu Family head right?” The youth in black’s face was green as he said.

Lin Dong cast a glance at him. Under Lin Dong’s gaze, the youth in black hastily withdrew several steps, and hid in the crowd. Now that practically all their Pure Yuan pills had been taken away by Lin Dong, if he was caught by Lin Dong to be used as blackmail, there would be no more Pure Yuan pills to save him.

“Haix, my old friend Di Teng, originally, you did not have to lose these Pure Yuan pills…” Lin Dong turned his head and smiled at Di Teng. Soon after, the halberd in his hand suddenly jerked before he viciously flung the duo towards their men like sand bags.

“Heh heh, many thanks to the two of you for your presents this time, I hope that we will meet again someday.”

Lin Dong kept the ancient halberd in his hand , before clasping his fists towards Di Teng and the rest. With a leap, he once again appeared in Little Flame’s back, as the latter’s lightning wings shook. The sound of thunder rumbled, as they transformed into a flash of lightning and flew away.


As they watched Lin Dong’s fading figure, Di Teng and Liu Kui were so angry that they almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Not only were all their efforts this time wasted, they had even lost a hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills each. Even to factions like theirs, it was a tremendous blow.

However, though they were angry, they could not do anything about it. The power that Lin Dong had displayed caused fear to arise in their hearts, especially since Little Flame had also advanced to the Form Creation stage and its strength had soared. They did not doubt that if Lin Dong truly wanted to finish them off, rivers of blood would flow and their losses would be horrible.

Compared to this kind of outcome, losing a hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills was already the best situation.

“Where did this bastard appear from, since when was there such a frightening youngster in Dayang Province. Reaching the Form Creation stage at such an age, even in the Great Yan Empire, his potential is extremely outstanding. Why would he appear in such a deserted area!” Liu Kui had a belly full of fire as he said.

“When we first encountered him, he had already extorted twenty thousand Pure Yuan pills from us…” Di Teng was silent for a while before he said.

Upon hearing this, Liu Kui was taken aback, as he looked towards Di Teng with a little sympathy. It turns out that it was already the second time that this guy had been enjoyed such treatment.

“What now?” Liu Kui asked.

“What else can we do? That brat’s strength is likely already comparable to an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner. Can we find such a practitioner for help? Furthermore, don’t forget that this guy still has a pet that is not weaker than us.” Di Teng had a gloomy expression on his face as he replied.

“Truly such horrible luck. If I knew this would happen, I would not even make a move against the Thunder Crystal Beast. Now, all the benefits has gone to someone else!” Liu Kui was indignant as he complained. An underling supported him as he stood up, before he waved his sleeves and left in rage.

“God damnit, let’s go!”

After seeing this, Di Teng resentfully cursed out, as he brought his troops and left.

Above the vast forests, lightning streaked across the horizon, bringing with it the low rumble of thunder.

“Kid, are you just gonna let them go this way?” Little Marten once again appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder, looking back as it chuckled.

“Although the Di and Liu Families are not weak, they do not pose any threat towards me. We are only stopping here for a short time, even if they want to, they can do nothing about it. Moreover…I believe that as long as they are not fools, they should not have the courage to anger me again.” Lin Dong casually smiled as he said.

With his current strength, Little Marten and the Symbol Puppet, they were basically equivalent to four Form Creation stage practitioners. It would not be too difficult for them to exterminate the Di and Liu Families with such a line-up.

With power, one naturally had no need to fear.

“This time, you’ve reaped quite a harvest. Not only did you master the Great Sun Thunder Body’s Bronze Thunder Body, you’ve also advanced to the Form Creation stage and the fourth seal Symbol Master. In the Great Yan Empire, this kind of power can already be considered strong.” Little Marten nodded its head, as it looked at Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong laughed in response. The benefits from refining the thunder source had indeed far surpassed his expectations.

“Now, let’s head directly to the Great Desolation Province. I am rather curious about this so-called most wonderful and chaotic place in the Great Yan Empire…”

Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed into distance as he softly mumbled.

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  1. wow… i mean just wow… isn’t the mc suppose to be the “good” guy in some way? i know in mga everyone look at him as he’s bad guy, but in reality ppl provoke him and he just kill them, and same thing with almost every other wuxia that i have read, but here… someone tried to catch little flame, but than he paid him back with Pure Yuan pills, but now he stole something from the guy’s family, stole something from other’s guy family which he never met before, and now he wants more Pure Yuan pills so he won’t kill them… just wow… i’m not going to stop reading, i’m that far already, but i’m kind of disappointed…

    1. Errm, Mc being the “good” guy is an assumption on your part. MC only has to be the MC, that’s all that is required.
      He was attacked once. Profit.

      Taking advantage of their work to get a treasure does not = theft. The only one robbed was the Thunder Crystal Beast. Profit.

      They attack him again. Profit.

      He hasn’t done anything heinous, calm down.

      1. they literally both families spent time and resources to find this beast which in their view is profit, this guys, mc, come from no where steal their profit, and yes it’s stealing, he literally just came from no where and took something that isn’t his, he didn’t even help them kill the beast, and ran away, and than obviously what every normal person respond will be is to catch him, but than he almost killed them and took all their “money”, i haven’t read such a case in any wuxia i read so far, and i read atg, issth, de, cd, tdg, tgr, hjc, and in none of them the mc had ever stole, rob , or killed someone for no reason(except beasts)… unless i don’t remember clearly, and it would be nice if you could remind me….

        1. Well lets look at it this way. This a strong eat weak world right? So he just followed that to the tee and ate the weak. Also in the other wuxia a lot of the stuff they reaped ATG, MGA etc. they either had someone else fighting for it, or they just happened to find it right? Also ik for a fact in all of these the mc heard info from someone or some family about them finding something then they go and reap it for themselves. So yeah honestly Lin Dong is just doing it a wee bit differently than other wuxias lets be honest.

          1. ty you for your honesty, i’m not going to drop the series just because of something like that, i just wanted to point it out since that’s the whole point of the comments, to thank our great translators and share our opinion :3, but i just hope it won’t happen repeatedly, after all for myself, i enjoy reading wuxia because i like that the mc is mostly fair and just, or at least just ( i mean that he wont pick on weaklings for the sake of power like the “bad guys” in most wuxia) and to read him come back stronger and beat the ones who bullied him before.

          2. I just want to remind you guys that in this world what is just and good is a very gray area. Yes Lin Dong technically stole from those guys to get strong. But who is going to help him get strong if he did not do what he did? Talking about justice n honor is great if you have power, but when you are weak like the mc and those from yan city, infront of a powerhouse, talk of justice n good is just naive n childish. In the end it all boils down to who has the ability and who doesnt. This is a cruel n oppressive world. Only those who can face reality and are mentally strong survives, even if it means stealing from others hardwork because there will be others who will steal from you if u are weak. Strength is freedom from suppression, for now at least.

        2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what he did actually. It’s like if I saw two people fighting over a $1000 bill on the floor that they saw. They’ve been arguing for a while so are a bit preoccupied. I get that it’s a little “rude” to just take the bill away while they’re distracted, but they don’t own it in the first place so there’s really nothing wrong with me picking it up. Sure they can get mad, and I see nothing wrong with them getting mad at me for what I did either. But that makes neither of us wrong or right.

          If they go to the cops and tell them I took the bill that was on the floor that they had been arguing about who saw first, do you think the cops would take the money away from me? Seeing something first doesn’t make it yours.

          But regardless, we can’t judge them using our own moral and social standards. They live in a kill or be killed world. Law of the jungle and all that. If two predators were fighting over the corpse of a prey, and a 3rd bigger predator came in and took it. Would you care so much about the injustice that the 2 predators experienced? Would you deem the 3rd predator evil because it muscled the two out of their prey?

          1. true to certain extent but its different if you 2 people fight with each other for $1000 bill and you come and pick it up, and 2 people hunting this elephant and argue on the tusk and you come from no where and take it… and my whole point is that i didn’t expect mc to act in according to the laws of the jungle, i expect him to act like the king of the jungle, which he will kill only to eat, which in wuxia is either i die or you die, or he will kill who ever provoke him, i don’t expect him to kill to gain benefit (which almost always happens when someone provoke him which in my opinion i don’t mind) btw when i say kill, i don’t literally mean kill, but i more like… fight? bully? beat up? idk…

            btw i mentioned it in another comment, but there was another family which didn’t have anything to do with him, and i wouldn’t mind if he asked “money” only from di family, but he also asked for “money” from liu family which they didn’t offend him in anyway, and i’m just not used to it and a bit disappointed, but that’s my opinion and who am i already? just another reader(cough cough leech who read online for free, even though i wish i could donate, but i don’t have money for myself lol D: )

        3. Meng Hao the Con-man, Yun Che who is “everything that you have belongs to me”, Ji Ning who prefer the kill insted of conning/robbing, Wang Li the despicable, suo jia the kid that can anhilate whatever is in his way for money, Chu Yang from Ao shi jiu chong, Yue Yang from long live summons, Qin Yu from st another con-man. Aaaaand so many others…
          sorry for my bad english, not my first idiom.

          1. Lol totally agree with you, there are much more ruthless mc’s out there. Stealing alone Meng Hao takes the crown. Wang Li, is it supposed to be Wang Lin from Xian Ni? If not which novel is it? =D I’m trying to read as many Xianxia novels as possible.

    2. lol. He’s one of the kindest Xianxia MCs I’ve read about except for Long Hao Chen. If this was Chu Feng, he would’ve killed everyone here. On the other hand, Lin Dong just extorted some money and let them go. Besides, thunder source wasn’t theirs in the first place, so it ain’t stealing at all. As for the Yuan Pills he robbed from them, that’s quite reasonable as he heard in the past few chapters using his mental energy that they’ll kill Lin Dong for protecting Little Flame and for getting 20k Yuan Pills from that black clothed youth as compensation. Now if someone wants to kill you, won’t you kill them? An eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth. BUT–big but–Lin Dong still let them go. See how much more magnanimous he is compared to other Xianxia MCs?

      1. first of all, if you worked hard to hunt some deer in the while and i came from no where and “took” the meat away from you, if that’s not stealing, than what is? and beside chu feng would have killed the guy who tried to capture little flame even before the head of the family showed up, which would have lead him to massacre them, and beside, the other family haven’t done anything wrong, which in che feng case he probably would have joined them or something like that…

        1. So you’re saying they’re entitled to the beast even though they don’t own it? As for your deer analogy, it is completely void in this case, as demon beasts have sentience and can totally understand human action. Are you saying they don’t have rights? That they just exist simply to be enslaved / captured / killed? As for your 2nd scenario, that’s a huge ‘but’. That specific scenario didn’t happen–he got saved–so we’ll never know if he’ll die otherwise. Even if he died, so what? He tried to forcefully capture Little Flame? If someone someone kidnap your friend–I’m saying friend, not pet, because Little Flame has sentience–would you be alright with that? Will you not fly into a fit of rage and deliver rightful retribution?

          1. Both families are despicable, if you look at it, lin dong only robbed them because, one of the families master said he would enslave or kill lin dong, the other family master dont fall behind as you can see he tried to sneak attack during the fight against the thunder beast.

          2. the reason i call it beast even though it has sentience is because it’s demon beast, i mean… that’s different subject, in cd plants became deities and even sovereigns and yet mc eat both… but that’s not the point, the point is that it’s beast and not human, even though we can have huge debate about that fact, but we shouldn’t, and please don’t drag it toward that direction… beside mc killed little flame’s parent, would you kill your friend’s parent? so we conclude that little flame is his “beast” friend, but the guy saw beast in the wild and he wanted to capture it and that’s how it started, his dad paid back for the enmity and the problem should have been solved… but it didn’t and mc came back and stole it, and we are going back again to that subject, they both hunted it, they worked hard to almost kill it, but he came from no where and stole(in your view took it) the thing, if 2 people work hard for the same thing, and than when they about to get it and start to fight each other, and you come and take it away from them when you literally didn’t contribute anything, i call it stealing…

      2. Don’t think we’ll ever dethrone Long Hao Chen from Xianxia’s kindest MC. I also think that Lin Dong is one of the more kinder mcs. I’m currently reading Chaotic sword god. Now there is a mc that kills at the drop of a hat, forget about stealing >.> once they are dead everything belongs to him.

    3. never i have imagined it would become so big, and i’m sorry about that lol, it’s in my mentality to prove people that i’m right unless they prove me clearly (at least clear to me) that i’m wrong(which mostly meaning that they leave me without anything to say) …

      1. lol. I can’t reply to your other comment. Website not working right for me. Anyway, yeah, you’re right, let’s not turn this into a debate. Though it’s quite obvious you won’t be moved no matter how many of us say how biased your understanding of ‘good’ is in a magical world where their morals, society, and understanding of common sense are completely different than ours. I admit that your beast analogy does make sense and I clearly overdid it in that respect, so I’ll put it this way–if someone stole something dear to you, wouldn’t you be enraged? By something, not a person nor a pet, just an important thing–let’s say a medicine to cure a relative’s critical condition for example–that costs a fortune. As for them both hunting it, they’d originally battle each other anyway even without Lin Dong and that battle would obviously lead to deaths of their clansmen. Nothing wrong with Lin Dong reaping the rewards due to their negligence. Not to mention, as I previously said, they already clearly shown Lin Dong that they’re up to no good just because their ‘pride’ was hurt, and they had plans to kill / capture Lin Dong. Nothing wrong with taking the initiative in preserving his life and exacting his own version of justice.

        PS Not gonna reply after this anymore. It’s clear you won’t give up. You’re one of ‘those’ kind of people as you previously said. Let’s just leave it at that and enjoy the novel as fellow readers. Besides, I can’t change your mind; nor can you change my mind. This is getting pointless. ~_~

        1. i mean, i get the whole point of they were the bad guys from the beginning so they deserve punishment, but… we know they are bad because we are the readers, the mc doesn’t, and i mean, i don’t have problem with him reaping off the rewards, but in my opinion, i think he went too far with taking away their “money”… he couldn’t not beat them up, and sure he could have killed them, but if you decide to let them live why would you rob them? the whole fight was caused by him, well to be more precise it was domino effect that he started by, i mean he really shouldn’t have asked for 20k from the family head, it was complete humiliation for him which triggered this whole thing, short story long, i can see your point of view but i just can’t accept it lol

          1. Did you read what he said? They had to pay for their lives. That’s not robbing them, in this fantasy world of “might makes right” and “survival of the fittest”, and “no pansy little cry babies talking about their own version of justice exist, because they usually end up dead fast”, it’s a very legitimate business deal. They hunted him down and tried to kill him, they needed to get their ass beat and pay restitution. Its like suing someone for emotional and physical distress without the courts or lawyers. Just pure power, quite beautiful actually. He’s actually the nicest mc I’ve seen.

          2. wth marisha? your comment pisses me off, “did you read what he said”? did you even read what happened in the story? they chased him off because he stole the lightening thing from them, and if you read in my previous comments you would have understood why in my opinion it counts as stealing, next time when you comment, don’t type “did you read what he said?” just start with “They had to pay… and he even mentioned it in there blalala…” your comment is one of those that pisses off people, you are literally making me feel like you are calling me stupid indirectly…. and if you are… well just don’t comment you are making a debate into argument which is something unnecessary.

          3. He didn’t steal anything from them, that’s your own opinion, based on your modern western ideals. If you feel like Im calling you stupid, that’s your problem. I read your previous comments, and they made no sense. You’re harping about him taking the lightning beast, in a story where his clan almost got wiped out because they had those yuan stones and nobody in this world bats an eye about it, thanks to the mc’s plot armor they didn’t all get killed. You really shouldn’t try to bring your own morality in this because this is not the modern world where people are worried about all of that. You do know that this story is influenced by the ethnic history and culture of the authors, this is what they did in Ancient China, they were ruthless. Modern ideas and values are not relevant in stories like these. If you don’t like it then stop reading it. You made a comment in a public board, and you can’t handle negative criticism? Shouldn’t comment anything at all.

          4. for some reason a conversation with someone like you will go no where, since you don’t know the different between definition of the word “steal” and the meaning behind the word “moral”, good job you did there, in your point of view terrorists are good people because for them it’s okay to kill for their cause… even though we view them as murderers, you basically say it’s okay for them to do what ever because it’s not their morality, now it makes sense why what i have written doesn’t make sense to you. debating with you will lead to arguments, the fact that you don’t even deny calling me stupid just prove to me that you meant calling me stupid indirectly, doesn’t seemed like you even cared… from now on i live based on old eastern ideals, and i’m going to do what ever i want, and since i live by those ideals, in your point of view, i guess it’s okay, right?

            lets put all this aside, taking something that is not your is stealing, if you deny that, you are stupid( i will be blunt about that, you pissed me off), stealing because everyone else steals doesn’t mean it’s okay, which shows how stupid you are for saying it is… almost every single comment here was “negative criticism” but none of them insulted me, they just clashed against my ideals, and we had a nice debate((in my opinion, hopefully theirs too) ), i handled all of them normally… handled? i’m not controlling people, i don’t have any problem to solve, it would have been nice if you could explain me how do you handle it… if you had something to handle, i mean i don’t know what i’m suppose to handle? am i hosting some kind of event or something? saying that none of my comments make sense even though i clearly said that i will not drop it, now you tell me to stop reading it… just stop commenting…. you are embarrassing yourself with this ideology of everyone is doing it so it’s okay to do it too. next time don’t comment at all if you have nothing useful to say, first you are talking none sense, than you bring stupid ideology which i mentioned before, than you tell me to drop it when i said i wouldn’t, telling me my comments make no sense… what’s the next “smart” you are going to tell me? you don’t understand my comments? they don’t make sense to you? so how do you even respond to those comments? before you comment next time, think, use your brain, google things you don’t know, make sure you make sense and than comment. (just in case you didn’t understand your own ideology, you are saying the what ever the mc does it’s okay because he lives at different time and different ideology, which in another words, it’s like saying if everyone does it than it’s okay for me to do it…)

    4. He already is an angel by not killing them which he deserves to get ntr’ed for. If you think he is not a good guy go read some 5 year old bedtime stories where everyone holds hands and sings songs. Don’t read this genre.

    5. Really it’s been going through out the whole series he got little Flame by stealing it while the Lei and Xie families were dealing with the mother, he stole the ice swords from Symbol Master who called him trash, stole fire sword and extorted pills from him and ice sword guy, robbed Wang Yan. Also those are just the ones left alive there were several others he killed and looted the bodies.

    6. I agree with you. Lin Dong settles things in a more ruthless way compared to the typical MC in any story out there. He doesn’t forgive, he avenge, he takes fight prizes from his opponents, and he kills. (unlike the typical naive, kind-hearted, justice-serving MCs we see often). But I think it’s a refreshing idea and that’s what makes WDQK special.

  2. He should have just killed them all….

    He’d have gained a bit more battle experience and he’d have even more treasures….

    Plus, if he stole all their cultivation and tried to have it refined… it might help him improve greatly…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  3. thank you very much—!
    awesome job, lin dong! lol, extortion! but rightfully so! he has to get something for all his efforts, right? yay—! go lin dong and little flame!

  4. To those complaining the mc did was a dissappointment, you guys are really naive. There is no good or bad, only strength and ability. Plus he didnt kill them, if the table was flip the other way around, would those di teng n liu let lin dong off with his life? If i recall correctly they were going to hire a soul symbol master to extract the thunder essense out of lin dong and in the process lin dong will DIE. when one has the advantage take it, otherwise others will take advantage of you. Reality is cruel and harsh if one is weak.

    1. Meh, they just can’t leave their own personal ideals out of this story. They must not have realized that this LN, like most of them, are influenced by the perspective history and culture of the authors. Most of these LN’s have Ancient Chinese civilization influence. That’s why I love stories like these, it’s survival of the fittest. If I remember correctly, ancient civilizations were ruthless, not just China. There was no political correctness, or safe zones. Just a simple fact of might makes right.

  5. By the way why is everyone so focus on the negative and forget to focus on the positive. I want to share with everyone that in all these novels in Wuxiaworld, there is a common characteristic in all the novels and that is PERSEVERANCE. Without perseverance none of these mc’s will be where they are right now. For example, Meng hao is far from being a righteous hero, however, the theme of persevering is always there everytime he is about to have a breakthrough. Actually if you think about the author Er Gen, he focuses more on perseverance than talent, and why is that? I believe Er Gen wants to inspire his readers in that you dont have to be good looking or have the highest IQ to rise to the top in whichever field/industry you are in. Through perseverance you have a chance to rise to the top.
    Bringing this topic back to home, RWX is someone I respect. Why? Because of his perseverance, commitment n just a great guy. Do you guys think without perseverance he could finish translating that AWESOME novel Coiling Dragon for the whole world to read for free?
    I hope that when everyone read these stories they will remember some positive moments that will inspire them in dealing with their struggles or just have some sort of motivation when they feel like they’re stuck.

  6. Lol, all that discussion with complaining about MC being dishonorable/a thief, and here I am… mad because MC is being incredibly stupid and arrogant. He should NOT have let these people live. Yes, it’s ruthless, but the downsides to letting these people live, potentially, are far worse! MC was smart in not revealing his name to any of them, but he is still easily identifiable. First, he hasn’t been traveling that long so his home town can’t be too far away. He is an up and coming genius who came from nowhere, meanwhile his whole city is probably full of gossip & shock about their unparalleled young genius from the Lin Clan… it doesn’t take a spy satellite for someone to make the connection here! All they have to do is send some scouts to nearby cities or hear rumors etc. and they can work out who he is, and who his family is. And as for his family… he is being incredibly conceited! They may not be able to threaten him but these two families are easily stronger than the city lord let alone anyone else in his city. He could totally come back in 2 years to discover his entire family died 1.5 years ago because of his own ‘mercy’. And don’t say they wouldn’t do it – he just stole something they planned for months and then extorted them, if they didn’t gnash their teeth in fury thinking about him for years I would be shocked! What will they do when they discover that he has a family & it’s practically defenseless? It’s obvious! But not to MC, and plot armor will ensure none of this happens, but that’s just bad writing for you.

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