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Chapter 177: Nirvana Heart

From a short distance away, Lin Dong gazed at the mysterious woman, whose bare lily-white feet stepped on the green lotus. He had finally come to realize her breathtaking beauty. Her clear eyes were like a calm and quiet pool, while her light colored dress lined itself neatly against her almost perfect figure.

This kind of woman was akin to a goddess who had fallen from the heavens into this mundane world, She possessed a stunning beauty, the kind of beauty that would shock one’s heart and move one’s soul, so beautiful that it was unreal, but, at the same time, it also caused one to feel a sense of being unattainable.

One that should be viewed from afar and never to be touched, like the green lotus below her feet.

As Lin Dong’s gaze swept over this mysterious woman, the awe in his eyes lasted for quite a while before it finally faded.

“Little marten, if we join hands, can be beat her?”

“Difficult, this woman looks rather young, but her strength is especially terrifying. It likely does not lose out in the slightest to Lin Langtian. Even if we join hands, we would more likely lose than win.” The small marten’s solemn voice quietly sounded out in Lin Dong’s mind. If it was at full power, it would naturally not care at all, but now, it did not have the capability to possess such an attitude.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong let out a bitter laugh. His eyes turned as he suddenly clasped his hands together at the mysterious woman and said: “I am known as Lin Dong, and I do not have the intention of contesting over the treasure with you. I only came in by mistake in hopes of finding out what the Nirvana practitioner had left behind. May I inquire as to what is this young lady’s name?”

“Even Lin Langtian and the rest had taken a wrong step and fell into the trap of the great formation. To have come here, you do indeed have some skill.” The veil on the mysterious woman’s face lightly trembled, her melodious voice was like precious stones tumbling down, and her tone seemed to have a little indescribable flavour. Evidently, she did not believe that Lin Dong’s words of entering by mistake. Not only did she have exceptional looks, she was also clearly highly intelligent.

“I am called Ling Qingzhu, since young master Lin Dong does not wish to contend, then Qingzhu will first thank him. Forcefully chasing away someone is not something Qingzhu is willing to do. Thus, I hope young master Lin Dong will not mind.”

In the air, Ling Qingzhu bowed towards Lin Dong, however, though her words were especially polite, Lin Dong was able to hear the faint threat behind them.

In response, Lin Dong could only spread out his hands. This woman was too terrifying, and he could not defeat her, hence, he could only play it out as a weakling and act according to the circumstances. Furthermore, Lin Dong also understood that he should not trust her words, he was certain that if he truly dared to try anything funny, this woman would not be the slightest bit merciful when she struck.

In Yan City, Ziyue was only cold on the surface, while she was considered pretty nice on the inside. Yet, this absolute beauty before his eyes was different, although she looked polite and even sounded gentle, her heart was likely akin to black ice.

This woman was too formidable.

So formidable that even the little marten was rather afraid of her, though this was also due to the current strength it possessed.

Upon seeing Lin Dong’s actions, Ling Qingzhu withdrew her gaze. She had determined Lin Dong’s strength. Even though she was still a little doubtful on how the latter had managed to enter this place, in the end, she did not care too much about him. She had seen way too many young geniuses before, and hence, she also had the confidence that even if Lin Dong stayed here, with her strength, she would be able to easily subdue him if he made any movements.

Therefore, the fact that she did not forcibly chase out Lin Dong was actually sort of looking down on him from a certain point of view. This was because she believed that no matter what Lin Dong intended to do, it could not possibly affect her at all.

Ling Qingzhu’s eyes shifted away from Lin Dong, as she looked towards the ball of light atop the stone coffin. She had likewise seen the Nirvana Heart hidden within it, however, even in the face of such a treasure, only a few tiny ripples surfaced in her limpid eyes. On her face, no delight was displayed. This kind of control was truly out of the ordinary.

“I did not expect that I would truly find a Nirvana Heart here…”

Ling Qingzhu’s melodious voice held a slight trace of surprise. Soon after, her lily-white hand gently raised, as a green light shot out from the tip of her finger, and transformed into a hand that directly grabbed tightly onto the ball of light.

“Buzz buzz!”

In response to Ling Qingzhu’s grab, the ball of light also quickly started to tremble as it emitted an extremely powerful resistive force.


Upon seeing how intense the resistance of the ball of light was, Ling Qingzhu once again pointed out in the air, as a petal dropped off from the green lotus below her feet, and transformed into a thread of faintly green light that heavily slammed into the ball of light.

“Buzz buzz!”

As the green light attacked, the ball of light immediately shuddered violently, as cracks quietly surfaced one by one. From the looks of it, it was clearly unable to withstand Ling Qingzhu’s attack.

This shuddering did not last for long and the ball of light exploded with a ‘bang’ sound. As the ball of light exploded, the jade heart within, which was formed by the essence of a Nirvana practitioner’s entire life’s cultivation, was also revealed in the air.

“Hua hua!”

As this Nirvana Heart was revealed, it was as if a tide of Yuan Power suddenly rose up in the stone hall, and the crisp sounds of water flowing actually sounded out.

Lin Dong lifted his head as he fervently stared at the glowing dark green energy heart. This was the most valuable and precious treasure in the old tomb.

However, the longing in his heart weakened substantially when he saw the beauty atop the green lotus. Lin Dong’s eyebrows tightly furrowed, although he truly did not want to admit it, he understood that if he made a move, the chances of success was not high. Moreover, he did not believe that this woman, who was so respectfully treated by even Lin Langtian and the rest, would truly so simply be at ease while he stayed here. Thus, towards his each and every move, the latter would surely be on guard.

In the air, Ling Qingzhu stared at the dark green Nirvana Heart which floated before her eyes. Her lily-white hand light grasped, as several green lights shot out from the green lotus below her feet, and shined on the Nirvana Heart.

“Ch ch!”

As the green lights shined on it, waves of white mist suddenly rose up from the Nirvana Heart. Meanwhile, signs of melting appeared on its surface.

“Swish swish!”

Lin Qingzhu did not find this scene unexpected, her empty hand gently raised, as more and more green lights swept out from the green lotus, before finally focusing above the Nirvana Heart.

As an increasing number of green lights gathered, the speed at which the Nirvana Heart melted also rapidly increased. A few minutes later, the Nirvana Heart had actually been completely transformed into a ball of emerald green liquid.

This liquid slowly flowed in the air, faintly emitting an extremely frightening undulation. At the same time, it also exuded an exceedingly strong pressure.

Under this pressure, Lin Dong’s body seemed to be several times heavier, such that even the Yuan Power circulating in Lin Dong’s body also became sluggish. Immediately, his expression turned extremely solemn.

This kind of pressure, which caused Lin Dong to feel as if he was carrying a mountain, did not seem to hinder Ling Qingzhu at all. Her clear eyes concentrated on the ball of emerald green liquid, soon after, she stretched out a white jade-like hand, and gracefully and gently lifted up a corner of her veil. Slightly opening her mouth, the emerald green ball of liquid in mid-air whizzed into her rosy red mouth.


Lin Dong did not have the time to admire the glimpse of Ling Qingzhu gracefully lifting a corner of her veil. When he saw that this woman had actually swallowed the Nirvana Heart in one go without the slightest hesitation, his fist involuntarily tightly clenched, and his gaze continuously flickered as he assessed the pros and cons of making a move now, and his chances of success and failure…

This flickering gaze only lasted for mere moments before it finally became calm again. Lin Dong’s expression was a little ugly, and his eyes were filled with unwillingness. After weighing his options, he still rationally chose to not to make a move. Perhaps, it was due to his Mental Energy, he kept sensing that the woman in mid-air was observing his every move.

“Forget it, though this Nirvana Heart is valuable, it is not worth for me to lose my life over it.”

Lin Dong’s helplessly consoled himself in his heart. Although he was still a little dispirited, he did not have an alternative. The situation was not favorable, and there were no benefits if he chose to fight.

While Lin Dong made the decision to give up, Ling Qingzhu, who had already gulped down the liquid formed from the Nirvana Heart, suddenly turned around. Her eyes gazed at the former, and soon after, an indifferent laughter sounded out: “Young master Lin Dong is indeed one who keeps his promises. Next, I will be refining the energy of the Nirvana Heart, I do hope that the young master will not disturb me.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong let out a hollow laugh, however, he still nodded his head in the end.

Ling Qingzhu also did not care how fake or real Lin Dong’s smile expression was. She gracefully sat down on the green lotus as her beautiful eyes slowly closed. Soon after, the green lotus emitted a layer of green light, which wrapped around her entire body.

“Ai, truly such horrible luck!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong could not help but curse in a low voice. He had painstakingly reached this final area, but in the end, he did not manage to obtain anything at all. Compared to his huge hauls previously, it was practically two extremes.

Cursing was after all just cursing, Lin Dong could do nothing about it. Ling Qingzhu’s green lotus was obviously an extremely powerful treasure, plus, the latter was still very clearly being on guard against him.

Thus, after cursing out, Lin Dong’s gaze could only sweep across the stone hall. When he saw the stone coffin, he hesitated for a moment before slowly walking over. Since he was already here, he might as well see if there were any other treasures.

When he reached the stone coffin, he saw a skeleton peacefully lying within, which should be the Nirvana stage practitioner. He looked about for a while, and found that besides this skeleton, there was nothing else, to which he immediately sighed in disappointment.

“Elder, I have taken quite a few of your things. This young one will just have to pay my respects.” As he cast a glance at the skeleton, Lin Dong helplessly said. After which, he bowed towards the skeleton.


However, just as Lin Dong was about to raise his body, his eyes suddenly discovered that there seemed to be some small words on one side of the coffin walls. Immediately, he hastily concentrated on it.

“During my life, I’ve advanced to the Nirvana stage through the power of Yin and Yang. What I’ve left behind requires Yin and Yang to understand. And if Yin and Yang do not come together, one would definitely be destroyed.”

This short sentence caused Lin Dong to be taken aback. He mulled over it for quite some time with his eyebrows furrowed, only then did he suddenly understand the meaning behind these words. Immediately, he looked towards the Ling Qingzhu in mid-air, as his face instantly turned extremely interesting and strange.

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