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Chapter 157: Lin Chen

“Such powerful Mental Energy!”

Lin Feng’s expression was colored with shock, he had utilised all the Yuan Power in his body, but, the Mental Energy that pushed down on his body was still like a mountain. He was unable to move at all and even breathing felt extremely difficult.

“How is this possible! How can a kid from a branch family be this strong?!”

A shocked expression on his face, Lin Feng’s heart was filled with disbelief. Although he was not considered the cream of the crop among the younger generation in the Lin Clan, he was still no mediocre member. Yet, the reality before his eyes told him that the youngster in front of him, who looked even younger than himself, was several times stronger than him!

To one side, Lin Qiang his buddy gazed at Lin Feng, who was practically kneeling before Lin Dong, as waves churned in their hearts. However, the sharp swords that hovered at their necks caused them to not dare to make even the slightest movement.

Lin Dong coldly looked at Lin Feng, who was tenaciously resisting the Mental Energy pressure, suddenly, the former lightly stepped forward.


As Lin Dong’s foot stepped forward, the Mental Energy pressure on Lin Feng’s body once again intensified. Instantly, the latter’s complexion turned deathly pale and his entire body was forcefully pushed flat onto the ground. He now looked to be in an extremely difficult situation.

“Shameless bastard!”

With the soil on the ground smeared on his face, Lin Feng almost instantly turned purple. Within his Dantian, vigorous Yuan Power frantically bubbled out and in that same moment, the Mental Energy pressure which was pressing down on his body suddenly dissipated. This kind of feeling where his energy now had no outlet to be released caused Lin Feng to feel a little depressed, until he wanted to vomit blood.


Now that the Mental Energy pressure was gone, Lin Feng started to cough violently. Lin Dong indifferently glanced at the former, with a wave of his hand, the Mysterious Ice Swords on the other two’s necks also returned.

“You seem to have many objections to me teaching martial arts?” Lin Dong turned his head and looked towards Lin Qiang and the rest as his icy voice sounded out.


Under Lin Dong’s gaze, the hair on Lin Qiang and his body stood at ends. They looked at Lin Dong, terrified, as they hastily shook their heads. Even Lin Feng, who had reached the initial Yuan Dan stage, had been completely suppressed by Lin Dong without any chance to retaliate. If Lin Dong wanted to deal with them, he perhaps would not need to lift even a finger to force them to their knees and be unable to move.

“My god, how did such a monster appear in the branch family. With his strength, perhaps only big brother Lin Chen would be able to handle him…”

The two exchanged a look, both could see the astonishment in each other’s eyes.

“If you have nothing else, please leave.”

Lin Dong casually said, while looking at Lin Feng, as he crawled up from the ground while wearing an extremely ugly expression. Lin Dong then walked back to the training area, as his voice sounded out: “Continue training.”


After hearing Lin Dong’s words, all of the Lin Family younger generation members gave a lively and concerted shout in reply. As they looked towards the former, their gazes became increasingly feverish. In their hearts, the Lin Clan had always been an especially formidable existence, yet, today, Lin Dong had used reality to tell them that this so-called main clan was not impossible to beat.

“Brother Lin Feng!”

Upon seeing that Lin Dong had turned and left, Lin Qiang and his buddy finally dared to come over and help Lin Feng. All of them now wore pained looks on their faces, originally, they had wanted to go around and show off their might to these younger generation members of the branch clan, whom they did not have much knowledge of. Never did they imagine that, not only were they unable to show off, they had even lost quite a lot of face instead.

Lin Feng’s face alternated between green and white as he fiercely shook off Lin Qiang and the rest. He maliciously stared at Lin Dong’s back before turning to leave.

“Go, let’s look for big brother Lin Chen.”

Upon hearing Lin Feng’s low voice, joy surfaced in Lin Qiang’s and the rest’s eyes as they hastily caught up.

Lin Dong sat in the training grounds as he cast a glance to Lin Feng’s and his party’s leaving figures. His eyebrows once again slightly knitted together, he truly did not have any good feelings towards these Lin Clan members. Although they shared the same family name of ‘Lin’, the blood ties between them was likely already so weak that it was practically negligible.

“This time, the Lin Clan has come because of the old tomb, I wonder how many elite practitioners have been dispatched…”

Lin Dong thought to himself, it seems like the lure of the old tomb was indeed not small, even a faction at the level of the Lin Clan had been drawn here. However, this would mean that his chances to obtain something good from the tomb were also now a little smaller.

Somewhat helplessly sighing, Lin Dong shook his head and temporarily pushed aside such thoughts. This time, he needed to make a trip to the old tomb to put an end to the pain Qing Tan had been suffering from due to the her Qi devouring her body. As for other extremely precious treasures, which were enough to trigger huge battles, he would have to depend on his luck.

In any case, with Lin Dong’s power plus the little marten’s aid, as long as they did not encounter a Creation stage practitioner, they should be able to deal with anything else that came their way.

Lin Dong withdrew his thoughts as he continued to give guidance to the martial arts practising crowd. After about half an hour, a beautiful figure suddenly ran over while gasping for breath.

“Sister Lin Xia, what’s wrong?” As he gazed at the beautiful figure which had ran over, Lin Dong chuckled as he asked.

“Grandpa wants you to go to the hall.” Lin Xia held her stomach as she panted before suddenly speaking again: “Did you take care of those guys from the Lin Clan?”

“Why? Did they complain?” Lin Dong casually replied.

“There were no complaints but they seemed to have called for some reinforcements.” Lin Xia covered her mouth as she softly laughed. Soon after, her expression turned a little sterner as she said: “This time, I’m don’t know why, but quite a few people from the Lin Clan have come. Most of them are of the younger generation, with your strength, you have no need to worry about Lin Feng and the rest. However, there are two people you should be careful of.”


“The two are one male and one female. I heard my father say that even among the main clan of the Lin Family, these two are considered elites. The male is called Lin Chen, while the girl is known as Lin Ke-er.” Lin Xia solemnly said.


Lin Dong slightly smiled as he nodded his head, before he stood up and walked towards the guest hall while Lin Xia quickly followed. When they saw the two of them leave, the younger generation members in the training grounds also stopped their training. Their intuition told them that the following events would perhaps be rather exciting. Immediately, they turned to look at each other before stopping their training and quietly following.

When Lin Dong reached the guest hall, he was just in time to hear laughs from within. Soon after, he stepped through the door as his gaze swept across the interior of the guest hall.

Within the guest hall, there were quite a few people. Besides Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest, Lin Feng and his gang, who had been sorrily driven out previously, were also here. When they saw Lin Dong enter, a sneer seemed to flit across their eyes.

Lin Dong’s gaze merely swept over Lin Feng and his gang before pausing at the two who were seated in front of them. The two consisted of one male and one female, the male looked about twenty four or five years of age, he had a tall and well built figure, while his appearance was also rather handsome. Dressed in splendid clothes, he truly looked like no ordinary individual.

The girl wore white female clothings and her elegant looks were quite moving. The most amazing thing about her was that there seemed to be two pupils within each of her eyes. At the fringe of her pupils, blue light seemed to flow, making it look extremely enchanting.

Among the younger generation in this place, only these two were able to cause Lin Dong’s heart to shiver a little.

While Lin Dong was observing the two, both of them likewise cast their gazes towards him. The male slightly raised his eyebrows, on the corners of his mouth hung a mysterious smile, meanwhile, a little surprise flashed across the white clothed girl’s beautiful eyes.

“These two should be the ones sister Lin Xia had mentioned, Lin Chen and Lin Ke-er…”

This thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind as he walked into the guest all and bowed respectfully towards Lin Zhentian, who was seated on the head’s seat.

“Hehe, Dong-er, this is the leader of the Lin Clan party this time. You should greet him as old mister Tao.” Upon seeing Lin Dong enter, Lin Zhentian indicated towards an elderly man in grey beside him as he chuckled and said.

“This young one greets old mister Tao.”

Lin Dong looked at the elderly man in grey as his expression slightly shivered. This old mister Tao’s strength was likely already at the perfect Yuan Dan stage. The Lin Clan’s power was indeed not to be underestimated, even a mere group leader possessed this level of strength.

“Hehe, he is indeed a talent. Looks like your wish will finally be fulfilled in the clan gathering two years later.” Old mister Tao chuckled as he looked at Lin Dong.

“Old Tao, the clan does not acknowledge one base on his looks.” Upon hearing old mister Tao’s words, the man seated beside the girl in white could not help but softly chuckle as he spoke.

After hearing this, old mister Tao also seemed a little embarrassed. He helplessly glared at the man before turning his gaze towards Lin Zhentian: “Old friend, for our trip to the old tomb this time, you want me to bring Lin Dong?”

“Yes, Lin Dong is an excellent seedling, experiencing trials would be good for him. This time, I hope that you will take extra care of him.” Lin Zhentian earnestly said.

Old mister Tao muttered to himself for a moment before finally nodding his head: “Since you’ve asked, I might as well. I will do my best to ensure his safety.”

“Many thanks old friend.” Upon seeing him nod in agreement, Lin Zhentian was delighted, but, he was completely oblivious of Lin Dong’s depressed gaze.


Just as Lin Zhentian expressed his thanks, a voice suddenly rang out at this inopportune moment. Old mister Tao’s eyebrows lightly furrowed as he looked towards the man who had spoken and said in a helpless tone: “Lin Chen, what is it now?”

“Old Tao, our trip to the old tomb this time is fairly important. If we so casually let anyone join and he becomes a burden, how would we be able to explain this to the elders when we return?” Lin Chen smiled as he spoke.

“Hehe, you do not need to worry about this. Given Lin Dong’s strength, he will not become a burden.” Lin Zhentian hurriedly smiled as he said.

“Oh, old…mister Lin Zhentian, for this matter, words are useless. If he wants take advantage by following us, he should show that he has a little skill.”

Lin Chen raised his chin at Lin Dong, all smiles as he said: “Don’t you agree?”

At this point, everyone else also understood that this Lin Chen clearly desired to provoke Lin Dong. Behind Lin Chen, sneers were revealed on Lin Feng and his party of four, while Lin Zhentian’s the rest’s expressions turned slightly ugly.


Lin Xia was not used to this guy’s domineering attitude. Immediately, her long, shapely eyebrows erected, while anger was revealed on the younger generation Lin Family members, who had already surrounded the guest hall.

“What do you want?”

As the implicated party, Lin Dong appeared rather calm.

“Have a friendly bout with me, if you can last ten rounds with me, I will give you the qualifications.” Lin Chen stood up as he coldly said.

Lin Dong turned and walked out of the guest hall.

“If I beat you, don’t mention this topic ever again!”

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