WDQK Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Terminus Devil Body

In the Lin Family backyard, within a secluded small courtyard, a figure sat as still as a statue. Around him, the air rippled as portions of Yuan Power bubbled out. Under the suction force emitted by his body, the Yuan Power was completely absorbed.

On the figure’s palms was an alternating black and white pearl, which was also slowly spinning. Streams of exceptionally pure and potent energy gushed out from within as it endlessly poured into the Dantian within the body.

This quiet cultivation lasted for about two hours, before the figure’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

“Yuan Power cultivation is indeed more difficult compared to Mental energy.”

Lin Dong mumbled to himself. Currently, his Mental energy had already reached the third seal Symbol Master level, yet his Yuan Power was still stuck at the initial Yuan Dan stage. Although this was due to the events in the Symbol Master Tower, when he compared the two, the progress of his Yuan Power was indeed a little slow.

“At this speed, I will perhaps need a few months to reach the advanced Yuan Dan stage.”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, with regards to this pace, he was rather unsatisfied. However, if these words were heard by Lin Zhentian, he would likely vomit a mouthful of his old blood. Normally, one would spend several years to advance from the initial Yuan Dan stage to the advanced Yuan Dan stage. Lin Dong had only stopped at this stage only for a few months, if even this was slow, what would everyone else do?

“Brother Lin Dong!”

While Lin Dong was trying to figure out how to increase the pace of his Yuan Power cultivation, a girl in green suddenly dashed into the small courtyard. A little disappointment could be seen on her delicate face.

“Still unable to absorb Yang energy?” Upon seeing Qing Tan’s appearance, Lin Dong’s eyebrows once again tightly knitted together as he said.


Qing Tan nodded her head. Ever since she had advanced to the Heavenly Yuan stage, the swift growth of her strength had came to a halt. In the end, what caused her to be disappointed was that no matter how she tried to absorbed Yang energy, she was unable to achieve even the slightest success. When the Yang energy entered her body, it would be devoured by the terrifying Yin energy within her.

Faced with this situation, even Lin Dong was rendered useless. Qing Tan’s constitution was somewhat special, her innate Yin energy was too potent. Logically speaking, once one is able to reach the step of harmonizing Yin and Yang, one would be able to condense a Yuan Dan. Yet, Qing Tan’s circumstances meant that she would likely be unable to form a Yuan Dan for her whole life…

“Let me think of an idea, no need to worry.” Lin Dong indulged Qing Tan as he stroke her small head.

“Okay. Oh, by the way, father has broken through to the initial Yuan Dan stage a few days ago. Grandpa and the rest were practically leaping with joy.” To Qing Tan, Lin Dong’s words were akin to the final decision. Immediately, the disappointment on the little girl’s face dissipated, she believed that as long as Lin Dong said it, there was nothing that he would be incapable of solving.

“Oh, father has finally reached the initial Yuan Dan stage?” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong was pleasantly surprised, though it was not out of his expectations. After all, that Yin Yang Pearl was enough to achieve this.

Qing Tan smiled as she nodded her head, she playfully accompanied Lin Dong for a while before skipping away as she left. As he gazed at the girl’s lively figure, the smile on Lin Dong’s face grew even wider.

Over this period of time, the Lin Family was finally at peace. In Yan City, even the Blood Wolf Gang no longer dared to do anything to the Lin Family. After Lin Dong had showed his strength and revealed the the three great factions support, even Yue Shan was now a little fearful. If he was not assured of success, that crafty guy would not dare to take any rash actions against the Lin Family.

Over this peaceful period, the Lin Family’s strength had quietly risen. Lin Xia, Lin Hong and the rest of the younger generation members had successively advanced to the Heavenly Yuan stage. The Lin Family’s current wealth was enough to allow their cultivation speed to increase several fold.

Everything was moving in a favorable direction.

“*Sigh*…I had better think of a way to solve Qing Tan’s problem…”

Lin Dong scratched his head, throwing out all the useless thoughts in his mind. Soon after, his expression turned concentrated, ever since he had found out about Qing Tan’s problems, he had looked through several books about Yin related constitutions, but, he did not manage to find anything helpful.

“This girl’s constitution is really quite special…”

While Lin Dong muttered to himself, a glowing shadow condensed on his shoulder as the small marten appeared. It gazed in the direction Qing Tan had disappeared in, as if it was thinking of something.

“Yea, Qing Tan seems to have some kind of Yin constitution.” Lin Dong chuckled as he said.

“Tch, unknowledgeable brat, this girl does not possess some rubbish Yin constitution. If this grandfather marten is not wrong, it should be the Terminus Devil Body .” The small marten’s lips slanted downwards in disdain as it said.

“Terminus Devil Body?” Lin Dong was stunned, but he knew that this small marten was indeed a lot more knowledgeable than him. Quickly, he hurriedly asked: “Tell me more.”

“Some special things eventually appear in the world. This Terminus Devil Body is regarded as a type of extremely tyrannical Yin body. Other kinds of Yin natured bodies are perhaps able to absorb Yang energy and proceed the fuse the energies, but, this Terminus Devil Body is different, no Yang energy is able to exist in this body, extremely tyrannical.” The small marten explained.

“How can this be resolved?” Lin Dong very carefully inquired.

“Continue absorbing various kinds of Yin energy, the more potent it is, the better.” The small marten grinned and said: “You wanted her to continue absorbing Yang energy in hopes of neutralizing the Yin energy in her body. This was extremely foolish. It is impossible to neutralize the Yin energy in her body, and she is cannot condense a Yuan Dan like ordinary people.”

“If that is so, won’t Qing Tan’s cultivation be stuck at this stage?” Lin Dong’s expression changed as he said in a low voice.

“The Terminus Devil Body is not so useless, although she is unable to condense a Yuan Dan, she can instead condense a Yin Dan.”

“The so-called Yuan Dan is formed through the fusion of Yin and Yang energy, while the Yin Dan is purely made up of Yin energy. In addition, the Yin energy in this girl’s body is known as , Terminus Devil Qi and this kind of Qi can be condensed into a Dan. Heh heh, it’s might is truly somewhat frightening.” The small sable clicked it’s tongue as it let out a weird laugh.

“Truth be told, a pure Yin Dan or Yang Dan would be a little stronger than the ordinary Yuan Dan. But, these are unique to people with certain special constitutions, an ordinary person would be unable to condense them.”

Astonishment revealed itself in Lin Dong’s eyes, evidently, this was the first time he had heard that, besides the Yuan Dan, there were actually so many other Dan cultivation methods.

“Instruct that girl not to absorb Yang energy in the future and think of ways to give her some Yin energy. It is said that this kind of Yin Dan formation still requires a special method. However, I am not too clear about this matter. Some of the bigger sects would perhaps possess them, and they are also most fond of these kinds of pure Yin or pure Yang seedlings…” The little marten lazily explained.

“Many thanks.” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong also lightly nodded his head as he thanked the marten.

The small marten waved its claws as its figure faded into nothingness. Over this period of time, it had appeared more and more frequently and it seemed to be more open with Lin Dong.

“Pure Yin energy…this will not be easy to find.” Lin Dong softly sighed as he engraved this information in his heart, before walking out of the small courtyard and turning towards the courtyard Lin Xiao occupied.


As he had anticipated, Lin Dong found Lin Xiao seated in a stone pavilion within that courtyard. Immediately, he smiled as he walked over and called out.

“It’s Dong-er.”

Upon seeing Lin Dong, a smile surfaced on Lin Xiao’s face. Happiness filled his eyes as he gazed at the youngster before him. Ever since he had been beaten and crippled, his only hope was to nurture a talent for the Lin Family. ‘The heavens would not abandon a resolute person’, in the end, he had succeeded, furthermore, this person was not merely a talent, but, a true genius!

The Lin Family had practically relied solely on Lin Dong as they successfully moved from Qingyang Town to Yan City!

“Father, have you recovered from your injuries?” Lin Dong poured a cup of tea for Lin Xiao as he smiled.

“Yes, I’ve completely recovered. Now, I’ve also finally advanced to the initial Yuan Dan stage.” Lin Xiao chuckled as he nodded his head. He gazed at the youngster before him as he turned silent for a moment before suddenly speaking: “There are only about two years until the Lin Clan gathering…”

Lin Dong was slightly taken aback as his expression turned a little icey. He had recalled the person who had caused Lin Xiao to become extremely despondent for several years, and in response, also mother to wash her face with tears because of Lin Xiao’s despondency. This was also the first person Lin Dong had hated in his life.

Lin Langtian.

The one known as the most remarkable and outstanding genius of the Lin Clan over the last hundred years.

“Dong-er, returning to the inner circle of the Lin Clan is your grandfather’s only wish.” Upon seeing Lin Dong’s expression, Lin Xiao softly sighed. He was under the impression that Lin Dong was unwilling.

“Father, I understand.”

Lin Dong chuckled, although he did not know much about the Lin Clan, and did not care much for them, this was after all what the old man had worked all his life for. As his grandson, it was Lin Dong’s duty to fulfill it.

In addition, within the depths of the youngster’s heart, he also clearly remembered the ridicule and mockery Lin Xiao and the rest had faced after suffering a crushing defeat at that clan gathering. Lin Dong hoped that one day, he would be able to stand on the same stage and use force to tell those bastards, that the son of that loser could still fearlessly stand here, no matter who his opponent may be…

“I will make sure grandpa returns to the inner circle of the clan.”

The youngster pursed his lips, determination and confidence could be heard in his voice as he smiled.

“Furthermore… I will defeat that person.”

These last words were not spoken from his mouth, but instead, in his heart. Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed at his father’s smiling expression before him. He knew that when that person had humiliatingly defeated and heavily injured his father, the look on this face was extremely painful.

“Lin Langtian, for my father, I will make you pay.”

The youngster lifted his head and deeply inhaled a breath of air. Perhaps, he would need to invest a lot to fulfill this desire, but, this youngster would not forget this grudge…

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