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Chapter 140: Willpower

While Zhou Tong was staring at Lin Dong, the latter also became aware of the former as he lifted his head to look back at Zhou Tong. A smile could not help but form on Lin Dong’s sweat covered face as he said: “At long last, I’ve caught up.”

“Are you Lin Dong?”

In the spacious and empty seventh level of the Symbol Master Tower, Zhou Tong stared at Lin Dong. It was a good while before the former opened his mouth and spoke.

Lin Dong chuckled as he clasped his hands together while his gaze swept across the most outstanding Symbol Master among the younger generation of Sky Fire City. The latter’s appearance was far from Liu Long’s level, yet, under that ordinary appearance, a talent that no one dared to look down on was hidden.

“This time, I’ve misjudged.”

After getting over his initial shock, Zhou Tong’s voice regained its calm. No matter what happened, he had complete faith in his own abilities and he believed that only a handful among the younger generation Symbol Masters in Tiandu province surpassed him. Though this Lin Dong before his eyes had somewhat exceeded his expectations, it had yet to reach a stage where he was willing to concede defeat.

“Brother Zhou Tong flatters me. This one had only managed to get here through luck.” Lin Dong smiled as he said. He did not have any ill will towards Zhou Tong, after all, the two of them had only just met. Perhaps they might be competing against each other, but that was only because they came from different factions.

“Luck does not exist in the Symbol Master Tower, your strength is even greater than Miss Zi Yue’s.” Zhou Tong smiled in an indifferent manner. His voice paused for a moment before he continued: “However, in the Tower Battle this time, I must win this Symbol Master Tower for Sky Fire City.”

“I will also do my best to for Yan City to ensure that the Symbol Master Tower stays here.” Lin Dong lightly smiled, but his expression was especially earnest.

“If that is the case, let us both rely on our respective abilities. I hope that you will be able to exceed my expectations once again.” Zhou Tong casually smiled, before no longer paying any attention to Lin Dong, as he turned and mobilized all the Mental Energy in his Niwan Palace to resist the Mental Energy pressure which permeated through his every pore. With heavy footsteps, he slowly walked towards the center area of the seventh floor.


When Zhou Tong moved once again, Lin Dong also deeply sighed in relief. The Mental Energy pressure of the seventh level was several times stronger than the sixth level. The Mental Energy here was already extremely viscous and walking through it was like walking through a swamp, causing one to feel that even breathing was difficult.

After taking a look at Zhou Tong’s back, Lin Dong tightly pursed his lips. Although this kind of pressure was extremely difficult to bear, he was not one who was pampered and spoilt since young. An unwavering determination and stubborness could be found within his bones. This point could be seen from how he was able to endure the trials of the Mind Millstones everyday. In fact, even the mysterious small marten had some lingering fear of that immense pain, yet, Lin Dong had managed to endure it day after day, and even gradually gotten used to it.

Others only thought that his Mental Energy grew very swiftly, but how could they know how much he had suffered for that kind of progress…

Vigorous Mental Energy endlessly gushed out from his Niwan Palace. Soon after, it layered itself around Lin Dong’s body, while he also lifted his seemingly lead-filled legs with some difficulty as he slowly proceeded.


The sounds of heavy footsteps reverberated across the empty space of the tower. Every time this sound rang out, a pool of sweat would also pour down.

When he heard the heavy footsteps that sounded out from behind, the corners of Zhou Tong’s eyes slightly twitched for a moment. But, he did not turn his head and instead maintained his silence as he slowly moved forward step by step.

In the spacious seventh floor, two figures were silent. One was in front while the other was behind as they approached the center of the seventh level at an extremely slow but especially steady pace.

The duo’s temperament were both fairly determined. Even under the heavy weight that caused the muscles all over their body to ache, they still resolutely gritted their teeth and firmly refused to stop.

The duo travelled this short distance of less than a hundred steps for almost half an hour…


Within the silence, a low sound suddenly rang out. In the front, Zhou Tong had suddenly fell to his knees. His palms were pressed onto the floor to support his body as he gasped for breath as violently as a windmill.

At this time, three steps from Zhou Tong, one could already see the Mental Energy barrier to the eighth level. Yet, these three tiny steps were just as difficult as crossing the endless skies.

The nearer to the center, the greater the Mental Energy pressure. In particular, the pressure of these last three steps were several fold stronger than when just entering this level. Just as Zhou Tong had taken a tiny half step, his body was directly overwhelmed and forced down. From this, one could tell how terrifying this Mental Energy pressure was.

“Drip drip…”

Sweat formed into lines of water as they continuously poured down Zhou Tong’s face. He opened and closed his exceptionally dry mouth before gritting his teeth as he slowly stood up under the terrifying Mental Energy pressure and once again took a step forward.


As Zhou Tong made this step, his body immediately sunk downwards a little. His knees were bent while his body constantly trembled. Evidently, he was trying his utmost best not to be forced down onto his knees again.

“The final two steps…”

As he stared at the Mental Energy wall that was so very close, a little helplessness surfaced within Zhou Tong’s heart.


While Zhou Tong stared at the Mental Energy wall that was almost within reach, a heavy footstep sound echoed out from behind him. From the corner of his eye, he saw a figure dripping with sweat appearing a single step behind him.

“This guy…” When he saw that Lin Dong had actually managed to catch up step by step, Zhou Tong’s heart was in turmoil as he slightly turned his head. This was the first time he had finally acknowledged this young man.

“As expected of the Symbol Master Tower…such an overwhelming Mental Energy pressure.” As he stared at Zhou Tong, who was right beside him, Lin Dong’s voice was hoarse as he commented. After he finished speaking, he resolutely gritted his teeth and took another step forward.


When Lin Dong took this step, his body likewise sunk slightly. Meanwhile, a faint noise emerged from within his body. It was as if even his bones were somewhat unable to bear the pressure.

As his foot landed, Lin Dong’s body began to tremble slightly. Then, as he tenaciously gritted his teeth, to Zhou Tong’s astonishment, Lin Dong defied the overwhelming Mental Energy pressure as he once again slowly straightened his body.

As he straightened his body, Lin Dong’s gaze fixed itself onto the Mental Energy wall, a determined look flashing in his eyes. Grandmaster Yan had mentioned that there was a Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill in the eighth level. Therefore, if he wanted to obtain it, he must ascend to the eighth floor!

“I am going to the eighth floor.”

When he heard the young man’s coarse voice, Zhou Tong’s pupils slightly shrank, before he slowly shook his head: “It’s impossible!”

It was indeed impossible. These final two steps were already a problem for them. Furthermore, there was still that massive repelling force of the Mental Energy wall. Therefore, even though he wanted to charge to the eighth floor, reality told him that that based on their current strength, it was an impossible feat!

“Who knows until you’ve tried?”

Lin Dong smiled. Without further ado, he took another step forward!


As he took a step forward, the ever present Mental Energy pressure suddenly rose dramatically, causing Lin Dong’s body to almost instantaneously kneel down on the ground. When his knees landed on that solid floor, a clear and crisp sound rang out.

When he saw Lin Dong being thoroughly restrained by that Mental Energy pressure, Zhou Tong let out a bitter laugh. He did not mean to mock the former, rather, he understood that if he took this step too, he would likely encounter the same outcome.

“Forget about it, just give it up. In the following days, we will be competing on who can last here the longest.” Zhou Tong was usually a silent individual that hardly talked, furthermore, this person was his opponent. However, he was fairly impressed by Lin Dong’s willpower.

“Haha, how can i give up so easily. I am going to the eighth floor.”

Lin Dong, who was being forced down on his knees by that overwhelming pressure, suddenly released a hoarse laugh. Then, under Zhou Tong’s astonished gaze, his trembling body once again very slowly stood up.

“Creak crunch!”

When Lin Dong stood up, Zhou Tong could see that his skin had actually turned somewhat flushed. Drops of blood gathering near his pores, this was a sign that his body was unable to endure the heavy pressure.

“This fellow is completely insane…” When he saw Lin Dong’s crazed actions, Zhou Tong involuntarily murmured to himself.


However, just as he finished murmured, Lin Dong actually took another step forward. This time, the surging Mental Energy pressure directly caused his entire body to be flattened to the ground as trails of blood directly spurted out from his pores.

Lin Dong’s body continuously trembled. Even his eyes were now covered in bloody lines. He slowly lifted his head to stare at that Mental Energy wall that was so very close, the stubborness in his eyes was extraordinarily terrifying.

Then, the expression on Zhou Tong changed as Lin Dong’s trembling body once again attempted to stand.


When Lin Dong slowly lifted his body off the ground and stood up, his shirt was immediately dyed red by blood. Drops of fresh blood were flowed off his shirt and formed puddle of blood at his feet.

“Stop it. Victory or defeat has yet to be decided. If you continue to press on, you will definitely lose!” As he stared at the dazzling bright red before him, Zhou Tong sucked in a deep breath as he said in a low voice. He could not figure out why this young man before him possessed this kind of willpower.

Instead of willpower, it might as well be called stupidity and pigheadedness. Right now, all the remained of the world in Lin Dong eyes was Mental Energy wall in front of him. His actions seemed reckless but he possessed a mountain-like will. In martial arts cultivation, the most important thing was willpower!


As he slowly straightened his body, both of Lin Dong’s ears started to buzz as an extremely severe ache began to spread out inside his mind. Meanwhile, his vision began to turn blurry as well. This was a sign that he was reaching his limits.

“Buzz buzz!”

Lin Dong’s vision turned increasingly fuzzy. However, just as he was about to blackout, a peculiar buzzing sound echoed out from his Niwan Palace…

Inside his Niwan palace, faced with the overwhelming Mental Energy pressure, his two Destiny Soul Symbols suddenly began to distort. Promptly, they automatically turned into two Soul Symbol vortexes and slowly began to spin.

Just as these two Soul Symbol vortexes appeared, Lin Dong suddenly felt that the overwhelming Mental Energy pressure surrounding his body was suddenly swiftly being sucked into his Niwan Palace, before they were completely devoured by the two Soul Symbols!

This surprising change in his Destiny Soul Symbols greatly reduced the pressure on Lin Dong. Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately took a step forward. Then, under the shocked gaze of Zhou Tong, he finally passed into the Mental Energy wall!

“Buzz buzz!”

As Lin Dong stepped in, an extremely terrifying Mental Energy undulation immediately exploded forth from within the Mental Energy wall. This Mental Energy undulation directly exploded inside the seventh floor, causing Zhou Tong, who was nearby, to be completely blown away as he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

As he hideously landed on the ground, Zhou Tong did not bother with the internal injuries that he suffered as he quickly turned to look at that Mental Energy wall. Then, his eyes turned dull as he saw Lin Dong’s body slowly disappear into the Mental Energy wall…

“He…has he really… done it?”

As he stared at Lin Dong’s disappearing figure, even one as strong as Zhou Tong deeply sucked in a breath of cold air. His eyes were filled with disbelief and awe.

Just as Zhou Tong was completely stupefied at the sight of Lin Dong’s disappearing figure, outside of the Symbol Master Tower, a frantic commotion had also erupted.

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