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The Great Yan Empire exists in a world where respect can only be earned through strength. Within this Great Yan Empire, the four great clans have always stood above the rest. Among them, a particular incident in the Lin Clan resulted in the banishment of a certain individual who went on to start his own family, in hopes of one day being recognized again by the Lin Clan, and rejoining them…

Hailing from a banished family of the Great Lin Clan, when Lin Dong was very young, he watched, powerless, as his talented father was easily crushed and crippled by the overwhelming genius of the great Lin Clan, Lin Langtian.
With a despairing father, a heartbroken grandfather, and a suffering family, ever since that fateful day, Lin Dong has been driven by a deep purpose; to take revenge on the man who had taken everything and more from his family.

Armed with nothing but willpower and determination, join Lin Dong as he unknowingly discovers a destiny greater than he could ever hope to imagine when he stumbles upon a mysterious stone talisman…



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  1. This is not really a good novel, or maybe I’m just comparing it to the bests of the Wuxia, The plot is not well developed, the cultivation is not well explained and many times rushed, It is more like the story of a jewel who found a man than the other way around. It really is lacking in the plot, It could be really more interesting if the author had more ‘patience’ with the story and the development of the character, explaining a bit more about his progress and his development as a person.

    I’ve just read 40 chapters so maybe I’m being too harsh but it really does not incite you to want more. Maybe it will get better later ?

          1. WDQK is an early work of the author which explains its flaws, on the opposite, BTTH is his masterpiece 🙂

          1. Best is very subjective. I thought ISSTH was good in some ways, but overall had an absolutely trash cultivation system/progression. One of the worst actually.

          1. It SHOULD be one of the best…

            Although it’s a complete bummer that it’s updated once a month.

            But its narration, story, plot, and settings was really well done and it gets you hooked for years. Look at us, we’ve known that the author had lost his spark and the story is rushed, still, even if it’s just a once a month update, we still really crave for its updates because the story itself is really pulling you in.

            So I say it should be one of the best… despite its lackings from the author’s side.

          2. Sure, people will know how good TDG is after they finish the novel in 3017.

            Of course, we’ll be all dead by then.

        1. MGA?

          I don’t know, man…

          The story’s dull and 99% predictable.

          The MC is an unbeatable 4stars leaping character who, amongst every character in the story, was the only person that has the right to be called a genius. The rest of the so called genius of the world of MGA can only be called [Temporary Characters] whose only purpose is to increase the chapter and word counts fr the author.

          I mean, hello, it’s really dull and predictable.

          The plot lines are repeating over and over and if there’s something new, then that would only be the fact that the venues changes but the things that will happen around the MC will always be the same things that had happened in the previous arcs and places he had visited.

          Two months ago, he’s weaker than a villain.

          Two months later, he gets LUCKY and happens to be the only one who gets the reward on every place he visits and then beats the villain.

          The villain has a friend/family/sect/etc. who gets in the way at the last second of villain’s death and the villain(s) gets away or the MC runs away and finds resources to get stronger… while all the while the villain turns out to be in the justice side or gets berated heavily by an even stronger side character on MC side…

          After this meeting, long plot armor talks and side character quests and then finally resources quests…

          Then after that, he leaps stage ranks and meets villain again and finally beat villain… finds a new place to go to… meet new villain, provoke-provoke word plays… etcetera etcetera… and then the same boring cycle repeats itself with the ending already in sight.

          So how come it’s one of the best?

          Just because it has so many chapters doesn’t mean it’s one of the best. The translation is SUPER QUALITY I must say but the story is trash and predictable like the author is making the readers look stupid as if these elements aren’t noticeable.

          Many people read it only because they want to know what happened to his harem and his forbidden arts user friend. Aside from those, its material is dull and redundant, it made the read boring and predictable. There’s no excitement whatsoever.

          I am not picky but I have forgiven the story many times and given it the chances to redeem itself starting from the moment MC entered the Holy land of Martialism-shet… I just hate the fact that the author stubbornly used these same elements over and over that he conceitedly proclaimed his MC as the only one that has the right to be strong.

          The author disappointed me and I feel worse that I noticed these repeating elements.

          MGA doesn’t warrant the title of one of the best.

          It’s not trash but it’s an insulting read in my opinion… that the author kept on using these repeating plot elements non-stop and only changed its name and place.

          When compared to the true “one of the best” stories out there like ISSTH and ATG, it doesn’t have the right to stand toe to toe with these guys.

          The only good thing about MGA is that it has a lot of ultra short chapters but those chapters have the same elements so it’s boring and dull.

          1. Your rant is true, but irrelevant for this comment because that guy posted that over a year ago and MGA didn’t really start to become terrible till around 1k+ chapters and thats when you look at the start of when it started to cycle it probably isnt around till 1300+ that you really start to notice it imo, but I guess this comment is also irrelevant just wanted to let some people realize that this guy claimed MGA to be the best of the best when there was still the possibility of it being one xD

          2. Irony is, ISSTH does the same thing, kind of. All of the cultivation hoopla in that story is totally irrelevant. Meng Hao’s power is never really greater than anyone (at least it was that way up till I quit, over 400 chapters in). He can beat up kids his own age and get rekt by everyone older. Author masturbates constantly all through the story about how he’s cultivating against the heavens, defying the natural order, surviving tribulations, etc etc. but he is still a weak ant versus literally anyone who is just a bit older than him. It’s a big joke. So is the other 50% of the words in the story dedicated to him finding and using treasures/legacies. All of that is crap that gets forgotten and sealed away in his endless storage device to be never mentioned again. Maybe 5-10% of the words in the story are dedicated to plot progression and moving the story forward.

          3. I reaaaaally like ATG. BUT, if we are talking about reapiting plots, come on!!!! ATG does THE SAME THING as MGA, god!

            Even the “I’m dead but not dead” plot repeated several times. I like yun che more than I like chu feng. Yun che do the “ruthless but caring” bit waaaay better then chu feng, since chu feng doesn’t really care that much about anyone other than himself. This is really evident at some times, which make his character decisions a lot more confusing. But I digress.

            In the end, what I was trying to say is, even though ATG is great, it also repeat storylines. And as vire70 mentioned, ISSTH also repeat storylines. I’m still new to the genre, read up to 5 novels(TDG, ATG, MGA, Re:monster, BEM), dropped 2 ( CD at 32 and ISSTH at 112 maybe I come back to them someday), but even though I’m new I think every wuxia novel repeats arcs someway or another. Some just do a better job of hiding it

  2. a question? Does someone know where you can read the chapters of Wu zu and the ice smart race. Please do not say something that you have to register on a chinese site. If it is on qidian then omg^^

  3. i am trying to contact a TL about picking up a series. I only ask for a update once every two weeks. it has a fan base already but the translator doing it consistently misses the schedule he has set(games, military, illness, lack of a f*ck). I am willing to donate for the first few chapters to get it started so that people move over and see that they do have a chance at reading more than 5 chapters a year. The translator has stated that he doesnt mind someone taking over but doesnt think anyone will. i am here to find what he doesnt think is out there. contact me for information at my email: [email protected]

    it’s japanese and the chapters are of low-moderate length. it is not on lnmtl

  4. Wow..loved reading it as my first novel..read it from chapter 1 to 476 within 3-4 days….many thanks to the translators..Can some one give me suggestions about what to do after this..i really wanna know how the story unfolds. Should i just wait for chapter updates or continue on with raw translations or what to do. Please tellllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  5. from ch 155 in novel they talk about old tomb which i think in managa the nirvana tomb.

    but there are few more chapters and few changes from manga to novel.

    hope this helps whoever wanna follow up in LN from manga

      1. It should be fine, though. I read the manga instead of the first part, and I don’t feel like I missed anything important (that’s probably because I’ve given up on keeping track of everything that happens in these novels, but whatever). This series is what got me addicted to wuxiaworld in the first place…

  6. L yellow Law can you please stop using “the latter the former” thing?
    It is quite annoying to read.
    I like the stories but when i always read that words over and over again every chapter with many repetition, it is like BUG in front of me.
    It is been 400+ chapters since you started use that terms. Your reader also not stupid for not understand who refers to whom in the dialogue.
    Even it is shorter the space usage in translation sheet, still it is annoying….feels like i read the kid story back in the past elementary..
    YKWIM right?

    1. Translators own style and interpretation of the novel I guess. It is similar to people telling you to stop saying “hey” or “like” . Since it is considered a translation out of free will, there should not be much to complain, I reckon 🙂

  7. Hey guys there is an Chinese drama of this novel named Martial Universe. First episode will be airing sometime in late 2017 I think. So keep an eye out if you are interested.

  8. Hey I was wondering is the raw of this novel finished or if it’s still active at which chapter and how often does come out because ı realy love this series and I would really hate it if it turns out like Tales of Demons and Gods and from every week to monthly publishing, if you know something please let me know, thx

      1. Thank you, I was really anxious about this series if it was over or not, now I can patiently wait for it’s ending without worrying about it. Thank you again for letting me know

  9. Hello

    I stopped reading this novel in lnmtl and waited until the chapter when the cockroach died is translated to continue the reading, can someone tell me the chapter N° when the MC arrived at the main family? Thanks !

  10. Anyone interested in the Wu Dong Qian Kun TV series?

    It has been shot for 4 months and will be on in late 2017 or early 2018. The director Zhang Li has directed two TV series which have higher rating than any other Chinese TV series on Douban (Chinese Rotten Tomatoes). Lin Dong is played by Yang Yang, one of the best young actors in China. Ying Huanhuan is played by Zhang Tian’ai and Ling Qingzhu is played by Wang Likun. They are also famous actresses. The TV series will be around 60 episodes (Chinese TV series usually release 2 episodes/day). The content will be modified to make it more feasible for shooting but the director promises to keep the spirit.

    The TV series is produced by Dark Blue Picutures. Many Chinese production companies upload their TV series on internet recently but very few of them make English subtitles. Though there may be fansub but that’s not certain and it is still better to have an official one. If anyone is interested in the Eng sub, perhaps you can write to Hou Jingshan, [email protected], the president of DBP, to ask for it. I didn’t find the email of the company so that is Hou’s work email published on his Weibo.

  11. Hi guys, im new to this place. If I want to join the translation of this novel, can I still do that in English? Or does it have to be some other languages?

  12. WTF is with this novel and manga?…shit, It’s completely different. Same with CD specialy mentioning xui wu dao…… i regret having read the manhua first.

  13. Why is it taking too long nowdays for new chapters? Is the translator well? Is there something to know? Hope everything is fine and its just a bussy week for the translator.

  14. I just read it until chapter 145 but damn thats talisman was from stellar transformation, that rat from coiling dragon,that symbol master tower and guild was from martial god asura

  15. hello all, I’m here from manhua, it’s already chapter 62 in readmanga.
    Can anyone tell me it’s equal with witch chapter in this light novel?
    thank you..

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