~WDQK Chapter 986~

~Chapter 986~

Translated by Arron
Edited & TLCed by Law

Chapter 1/11 for the week

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  1. Rules

    Guess what item/creature/object the poem is referring to (e.g. Santa Clause)
    Then, type it into the address bar above (For eg, if you guess that the answer is Santa Clause, key in: http://www.wuxiaworld.com/wdqk-index/santa-clause/)

    Found in books, movies and games
    Tough to spot, but rewards you shall gain
    Hopping around in a bunny’s arms
    There are leprachuans dancing around

    I typed “www.wuxiaworld.com/wdqk-index/gold” and took me to a cap of a novel I do not know, someone explain the logic to me please? Like … I expected another chapter of wdqk to make my joy

    ps. Google Translate in Action hahahahaaa

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