~WDQK Chapter 830~

~Chapter 830~

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TLed by Arron
Edited & TLCed by Yeow~

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  1. I’d say thanks for the chapter, but once again, the link is not working… I really appreciate the work you do as a translator, but please check the link before you post it

  2. It was a fun ride up till here. In fact I’d recommend WDKQ up until the fight Lin Dong vs Lin Langtian. But now the MC has become the kind of character I dislike; too full of himself, too petty and bloodthirsty and proud; As a matter of fact you could say he became Lin Langtian haha! Grandpa Marten running his mouth is like: “so what if I kill people, you can’t do shit about it…” that’s exactly what the bad guys say, and for some reason it’s alright coming from them 3 brothers? We keep reading “all he sacrificed to get there” to explain Lin Dong OP strenght but you have to explain to me what it was he sacrificed, because mostly the powerfull items he got were given to him or stolen from others or bought at auctions. I’d rather stick with SOTR’s Jiang Chen from now on.

    1. Little Martin has ALWAYS been that arrogant.

      As for Lin Dong, you’re forgetting something- the Yuan Gate are tremendously overbearing. They would have reacted this way even if he had ONLY killed their strongest Little King and cowed the rest into submission. Either they would respect the rules of the competition regardless, or they would seek to crush him regardless. With that in mind, Lin Dong did the best he could to improve the future of the Dao Sect and the Eastern Xuan Region at large.

      With all of the best and brightest of their younger generation destroyed, I can guarantee that the Yuan Gate won’t be murdering Dao Sect youth in this competition in the future.

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