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    1. As far as I know at this point, Qidian has moved and copy&pasted most or all of the Qidian novels that on here. They called it “dual-hosting”, but no one has received RWX or Wuxiaworld’s response yet.

      1. Wow so it’s blatant stealing now lol

        Wonder if you could hit qidian with a c&d over that lol. Would be funny as hell to see the original publisher getting c&d for stealing someone’s translations hehhe

        1. Yeah, they took the translations as their own without the translators’ consent. It’s pretty much stealing, but they insist that the translation are their’s because they “own” the novels.

  1. Is YellowLaw back with its patreon?
    I checked patreon a few days ago and saw advanced chapters again.
    If it is back, hopefully we can get it back up to speed of 11 chapters a week again..
    That would be the good old days.

        1. Hey guys, I asked them on patreon, and well… I asked about the milestones or goals, and if they were doing it again. The only answer I got was regarding how the milestones or goals should be on the left. However.. I only see the amount of the pledge and support they’re getting and not the milestones or goals itself. Can you help me clarify?

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