~WDQK Chapter 759~

~Chapter 759~

Chapter 6/11

TLed by Frozenfirez
Edited by Law & Yeow~

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8 thoughts on “~WDQK Chapter 759~” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. if they’re releasing less its because the patreon is below 2000 at this point which only counts for 6 releases a week. it seems like people would rather have half as many releases rather than support the series even though they can’t post early chapters any more due to qidian’s legal threats…

      QI is probably laughing their asses off because all they had to do was shake the tree a little bit and the fans all abandoned the translator. you should probably expect this to hit more series in the future….

  1. You’re wrong person2, before they made changes to their release system, they had a 7k monthly.
    Plus the moment you sign a monthly patron for example on the 29th of may it will take money from that day plus 3days later at the first of june if you’re still signed up as a patron and havn’t withdrawn your support. Which would mean you would have paid full price for only 3-4days.
    Even if you sign a patron monthly and go and withdraw it, it will charge at least the moment you first signed.
    Otherwise people may as well go sign redraw, sign redraw and won’t get charged which would be a major abuse.
    Meaning the goal was given to them for this month of I think at least “10” chapters per week every other would have been a bonus.
    The thing which annoys me only a bit more is the inconsitency in time of releases.
    For example starting monday was [0/11] and normaly there have been a constant upload like 2chapters per day from monday to friday and weekends given bonus chapter.
    Now it feels like let us give them 2(monday), 1(thuesday), 1(wednesday), 2(thirsday), None(friday) <– now when I post my comment and 5chapters if their promise stands of 11chapter this week the next two days.

    And my biggest dissapointment so far removing negative comments.
    I support Wuxia full, I like them more than Qidan, but in my opinion if people feel like posting a comment which might be negative and not a "thanks for chapter post" dont f* remove it.
    Where light is, there is also darkness.
    If you dont wish to have negative comments then remove the whole comment system people are gratefull anyway for you guys giving us those chapters but to remove comments where people express their negative feeling about given releases etc just let them stay its their point of view.
    Others read it and have their own point of view anyway, but by starting to remove them it gets realy irritating.
    I understand if comments are removed of racism or attacking others but not a normal negative comment.

    1. can you blame them? they just got news of potentially losing their novel to legal bullshit, and how do their fans react? unanimously bailing out, cutting financial support by over 70%. if it were me i would have said f*ck it and sold the whole thing off to QI for pennies to let you guys go pay per chapter for it

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