~WDQK Chapter 733~

~Chapter 733~

6th chapter of the week~

Translated by Arron
Edited by Law & Yeow~

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  1. hello, i see you patron page, and if you guys dont mind me saying this, i think your objectives are to far away from each other, for example with 5000 you guys do 10 chapers a week (and personaly when i see others patron pages translators here, this is really few chappers for this 5000, only 10 a week is to few) and them to do 15 chapper a week is 10000, and i think this diference, with 5000 without improve more chapper is to much, i think is not fair you guys do the amount of chappers if you do from 5000 to 9999, i know you translators have a life, have to study, etc, but at last i think you guys should put a goal at 7500 to translate more chappers…

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