~WDQK Chapter 631~

~Chapter 631~

5th regular chapter of the week!

TLed by Arron
Edited and TLCed by Law & Yeow

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5 thoughts on “~WDQK Chapter 631~” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter, Yellow Law!
    I logged in just to tell you that after binge reading all the translated chapters, there seems to be a lot of grammar mistakes. As I read the comments, I have somehow concluded that you’re not a native in English.

    Thus, although my English is not perfect and I’m not a native in this language either, I WOULD LIKE TO APPLY AS AN EDITOR or I could just help in editing.
    Please reply if you are interested in accepting me.
    Seriously, this novel is good but it needs some cleaning.

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