~WDQK Chapter 562~

~Chapter 562~

TLed by YZ
Edited by Law

Better late than never I hope

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  1. Posted this twice so maybe you could find it instead of scrolling through all the comments in the chapter.

    ??? Why is little marten named Lin Diao in this chapter? I even went back and checked in chapter 554, it says his name is Lin He. Quote: “I’m Lin Dong. These are my two brothers, Lin Yan and…. Lin He.” Now I don’t know what to think. :/

    1. Lin He is a mistake we made, thanks for pointing that out~

      All of this can be easily explained in with the Chinese characters.

      the pinyin for ‘Little Marten’ is ‘Xiao Diao’ which is an unofficial nickname,
      for example if you’re someone who likes to wear red, I would call you ‘Xiao Hong’ or translated ‘Little Red’
      while when Lin Dong gave ‘Little Marten’ his so-called official name, Lin Dong combined used his own surname (a great way of saying that we’re family since families share the same surname), ‘Lin’ and ‘Little Marten’ ‘s nickname ‘Marten’ or ‘Diao’
      Hence the end result, ‘Lin Diao’

      This is a case where we ‘overly’ translated things in the first few chapters, causing confusion in the latter ones

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