WDQK Chapter 473~

Chapter 473

Sponsored by Eirik, Phattapol, William and Isa

Translated by Law
Edited and TLCed by Yeow~

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  1. This Lin Dong guy!! Wow, what a total coat-riding wastrel!! He’s constantly stealing the limelight from the MC and sidekick, he takes the Corvette out for a spin any time he likes, and he talks down to everyone like he’s someone worthy of notice… It’s crazy, he’s not even the titular “Little Fatty” that goes around stirring up trouble for the MC to solve!!! Seriously, he doesn’t even do maintenance on the ride to keep it running right!! Haven’t you noticed the engine is making funny noises now when it goes into gear… must be the pistons (or maybe the transmission – $$$)!!! Man, what a jerk, the Corvette is out there making strange booming and roaring noises when it goes into gear, and Lin Dong can’t even put in a quart of oil!!!

    Insufferable leech!!!

    It’s no wonder the MC has to be so hard working and responsible!!! Now, this is absolutely a Main Character I can get behind – sober, dignified, having a noble air, and obviously talented beyond all peers. Graceful, intelligent, and with outstandingly impeccable timing – the MC behaves in an enlightened fashion, obviously placing friendship above any short term benefits. The MC has sheltered Grandpa Marten, provided reliable transportation in a racy vehicle (Little Flame), spread largess to the MC’s posse (Lin Dong) by providing cultivation resources and forging Lin Dong’s Mental prowess, negotiated with dangerous market vendors (Manifestation Martial Tablet) for the MC’s minions, spent massive amounts of time tutoring the minions (taught innumerable “corrected” martial arts and the restricted “Nine Destruction Purple Shadow” to Lin Dong), successfully befriended and counseled the obviously tortured and PTSD-ridden Blood puppet to a healthier state of mind, and now has had to step up once again and save this pathetic stooge (Lin Dong) once again by co-operating with this sad, and obviously malnourished, Great Symbol!!

    (Fie! Fie on you Lin Dong!! Can’t you at least feed the poor prisoner you keep? It’s obvious that poor Symbol chained in your NiWan Palace is starving from lack of nourishment – every time it comes out it wants to devour anything it can touch!! Have you never had the brain power to keep it satiated?!?!? Well, true, you’re an obviously lackluster foil to the MC – how sad – but the author can take some small pride in Grandpa Marten, who at least has some character, skill, and resplendence – even if most of his effort is spent dragging you out of one mess after another!!)

    Oh, what magnanimous nature and overwhelming gentility!! This MC is one of the most talented out there, but sadly, he’s obviously been hoodwinked by the author’s crush on this Lin Dong fellow.

  2. …?

    … eh? !!!!


    But!! Aren’t MC’s supposed to be – like – awesome… or something???

    1. **We should ALL really get together and call PETAS ( “People for the Ethical Treatment of Ancestral Symbols” ) on this Lin Dong guy, it’s obvious he has absolutely nothing in his head to keep that poor Ancestral Symbol from starving all the time!! With the lack of anything useful (even tasty thoughts) in his NiWan Palace, it’s obviously a case of cruelty.

      With this many witnesses, we can save it and get it to a good home!! I’m sure the Mysterious Stone Talisman would open it’s heart to yet another stray..

      (sniff, sniff) That Talisman is just a helluva guy!!!

  3. PS – If anyone needs it, the number for PETAS is 1-900-CUL-TIVA …option T, option E at the prompt!!
    **Thank you for your support – Remember, if we stand together, we CAN prevent cruelty to Ancestral Symbols.

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