WDQK Chapter 326~

Chapter 326

A little later than usual but enjoy 🙂

Hope this chapter satisfies some of the comments from the last few chapters~

Btw, just started reading Xian Ni again ^.^ and boy am I loving it

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  1. I also read Xian Ni. it would be good if WW would be the one hosting the translation. cuz here is much more user-friendly than those sites.

    1. Hmmm, about that I’m pretty sure it’s hosted here already, I haven’t started again (waiting for the new translation to catch up with void’s before I go binge on it) I think on WW it’s registered as Renegade Immortal

    2. Yeap, xian ni is at wuxia world but it’s now called renegade immortal 🙂
      i love how short stories of various other characters are woven into the MC’s tale, something that’s different from Tian Can Tu Dou’s style

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