WDQK Chapter 269~

Chapter 269

Addicted to Royale Clash… Anyone else playing?


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  1. Haha, i was just playing it before coming here… My main account Is at lvl 8 (2200 trophies) while my 2nd account (just reached lvl 5) is at 1500 trophies.. I haven’t bought any gems :P.. and yes I am addicted…

  2. I play Clash Royale too! It’s one hell of an addictive game… xD
    My ID is REKT_Gamer(in both CR and CoC) My lvl is 6, and i only got 800 Trophies. XD I kind of like to collect all cards and level them really high before going to the next Arena……. Which is a bit of a bad habit…. :v

  3. When i frist started playing clash royale i was like wtf is this ? looks hella stupid 😀
    now i am addicted too 🙁 1.5k throphies started like 10 days ago i think 😀
    but it would be better if there was some merit to playing it continously instead of every 3 hours for the chest :/
    same name add me if u want

  4. Yup yup but for whatever reason, my cards all suck. LOL I’ve never gotten the witch and keep getting the same basic common cards. Boohoo so I prefer clash of clans more :p

    Thanks for the chapter!

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