WDQK Chapter 254~

Chapter 254

Here is another chapter to make up for yesterday.


10 thoughts on “WDQK Chapter 254~” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    But damn I’m really lucky, started this 2 days ago and finished reading it today!
    Seems like I barely ecaped a big cliffhanger 😀

    While I was reading I have seen quite a few weird and mean comments about the author having no originality and taking to much inspiration from other authors 😛 What I found funny about that is that they pointed out BTTH as one of the novels. Sigh, when will they notice that it is the same author that has written BTTH and TGR? And it is pointed out that they all have a shared universe 😛

    Anyways I’m enjoying this alot and I cant wait for more of it to be translated 😀

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