WDQK Chapter 242~

Chapter 242

When a short break from studying turns into an entire chapter xS

Took me about 2-3 reads to guess what the *** means in the raws :p (and even then I might be wrong)

Also, my mum has just finished reading all 1307 chapters too O.O


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    1. I believe the sequel is The Great Ruler, although its not exactly the sequel its kinda connected if im right.

      It goes like BTTH > WDQK > TGR. All end up in the same universe.

      Go Mom i wish i could read Chinese like her *~*

  1. Thx 4 the chp…

    Still I can’t wrap my head about what *** could mean. I thought about a few possible meanings, all sex related obviously, but if someone could just give me some suggestions, I would very much appreciate it.

  2. I remember that I read your mum start reading WDQK, but I can’t seem to find the post anymore. Wanted to look up how long it took her to read through all the chapters …

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