WDQK Chapter 241~

Chapter 241

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  1. Thanks for the chapter bros!
    found a mistake

    “Heh, we can go to that place. However, before that, I feel that it would be better for you to upgrade your Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high grade Soul Treasure.” When it heard his words, Little Marten nodded its head before it promptly said.

    should be Lin Dong who nodded from the way the sentence reads.

    1. We try to follow the style of the Chinese raws as much as possible, and this is how it should read due to the structure of the Chinese sentence,
      will consider changing if it gets too confusing though

    2. It was the marten nodding his head nodding when it listened to Lin Dong’s plan to go to the Ancient Tablet. Like what YellowLaw said, I suppose the dialogue tag could be switched around, but it wasn’t how the author wrote it.

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