WDQK Chapter 218~

Chapter 218

3rd Regular Chapter of the week 🙂


I’m excited and proud to announce that I’ve finally read the whole WDQK ^.^

look forward to bringing this addicting story to everyone heh heh

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      1. Then stop reading, man. No need to whine about it on the announcement post. Keep the negativity to yourself as everyone else is still enjoying the novel even if some are losing interest.

        1. we need some negative comment to keep our feet to the ground and i know you know what i mean if you don’t understand it don’t comment at all.
          and just like you said keep your comment to your self also.
          i should be one of your sponsor to be so keep your feet on the ground

          1. It’s only natural I don’t understand your comment apart from that I know that it’s basically you whining. If you wanted to give ‘negative’ feedback, you might as well state your reason why and be constructive about it. Not just straight out,”I’m losing interest in this translation.” THAT IS JUST WHINING. Even the greatest published novels have bad reviews and it isn’t because they’re bad but because everyone has different interests. If you don’t like this because of something trivial like for example–it clashes with your ideals / moral standards / not up to your taste–then you best zip it. That’s not a valid reason to give a novel a bad review. If you want to give a bad review then you should look at other aspects (flow of the story, prose, style of writing, world building, characterization, creativity, etc) that could help the author improve his/her work. As I said before, if you don’t have anything substantial to say, then don’t say anything at all.

            PS Negativity is good if you have a valid reason. Unreasonable negativity on the other hand…. *Facepalm*

          2. Wow he’s just translating existing works, how is it his problem that the translation bores you? Go translate other works yourself, or write your own stories. I am shitposting user, but wow… I don’t diss other works

          3. Ya darkx069 just stfu. No need to waste words on you.
            Btw take some grammar classes while your at it

  1. Troll link. Haha! Even going through chapter 217 wouldn’t lead to the this new chapter. I also tried changing the URL of chapter 217 to 218 but it also redirects to this post.

  2. It’s nice to hear that you’ve finally read through all of it. So I’m guessing that it ended well enough for you to want to continue translating given the fact that you didn’t say you are quitting. 😀 This means I can expect a good ending, yay!

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