WDQK Chapter 211~

Chapter 211

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  1. Thanks Yellow Law. Penny for your thoughts.

    After re-reading this arc, I seriously have concluded that Lin Dong cannot help but habitually steal from evil bad guys. Unlike the hero of BTH, Lin Dong is like some kind of heroic kleptomaniac. However, more like Kaito Kid then Robin Hood. Think about the last 3-6 main villains in this series. He has taken something from all of them. Even the slightly nice ones in the Mental Tower arc, he bluntly robbed or bluntly pillaged.

    What do you think?

    1. It’s neither stealing or jacking it is simply paying a price for your actions or attempt. In were might is right, there are always cowards that try to bully the weak or perceived weak. Taking something of value reduces that behavior, while rewarding for the constant hassle with life and death battles.

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