WDQK Chapter 175~

Chapter 175

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TLed by chiaossu~

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapter and for translating the series as a whole. May I propose a translation change? I know very little about languages other than English, but surely the word being translated into elixir has a different meaning. Elixir is another term for a potion so all I can picture is him finding bottles of potions growing everywhere, which is a little silly. Maybe some kind of plant would be more appropriate.

    Thanks again,

    1. Yes, I agree, but we’ve yet to come up with a more appropriate name >.<

      The chinese raws translate directly as Soul Medicine which is also not very helpful :p

      1. Soul Medicine is a little better, but at least to me, medicine has a connotation of being processed or refined when these are plants that are just in the ground. Maybe something like Soul Herb would be more appropriate.

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