WDQK Chapter 145~

Chapter 145

Sponsored by Andrea Kesterke and Brent Taylor~

TLed by Law

Edited and TLCed by chiaossu~

*yawns* here’s a morning chapter, enjoy~

11 thoughts on “WDQK Chapter 145~” - NO SPOILERS

  1. havent found the time to say this until now, but goddamn ur amazing. at first ur translation pace was fairly normal and even though it started to increase, i didnt think ull seriously reach this level. u and deathblade are currently releasing at the fastest pace in wuxiaworld n u basically replaced atg in the rankings lol. it really is quite the pleasant surprise.

    1. What’s truly amazing is that Deathblade is translating a story written by Er Gun
      I’ve it tried before and the language structure is so beautiful but complex that each sentence took me quite a few read throughs to understand >.<

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